Thursday, December 4, 2008

What To Do...

After a two week period of having only 3 hours of overtime... we are feeling the pinch. We have been praying continually for God's blessing in providing work and Dear Ham has had his 40 hour work week. All of a sudden, his contractors don't want any overtime... and his company has said no overtime for planned maintenance jobs. That takes a big bite out of the budget. This week has been better, with 2 days with over 2 hours OT each and 1 night call of 2 hours Double time. That has been a real blessing.

I have been pondering what I am going to do... I don't want to go back to work. But I really need to do it... and I could go back to work for VZW in the store. It would mean that I would have shift work, no set days off and work anywhere from 9am to 9pm. (I've done my years in retail and I don't really want to do it anymore.) There just isn't any thing out there that will pay the wage that I am used, except VZW. All I can do is keep putting it out there and praying that God will show me what and where. I know that if I apply... that it will happen quickly.

I also went shopping today... I wasn't going to spend a lot... and I ended up spending more than I had planned. How does that happen??? I picked up a few items for gifts, items for making some gifts, and a couple of things we needed to finish decorating. I managed to spend over $100! I hate spending that kind of money right now... but I know that God will provide and he will bless us for giving what we have given. (I also think that what ever I don't use, I will return anyway.) I guess I need to better plan what I am shopping for... I forget that I am trying to do budget stuff and let the matter of my champagne test take over. I am so guilty of that! I hope that Ham will forgive me for my overspending today.

Now, on to the ornament of the day:

This little birdhouse is made from cardboard and hand painted by me when I first started out. It has fake snow on the roof and a decorated gift bundle under the opening and a glittered heart above it.

Thanks for reading, be blessed!

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