Friday, December 5, 2008


Is it me or has this been a really LOOOOOONG week! I just can't seem to get it together. I think both Dear Ham and I are coming down with a cold. He felt bad last night and woke up congested. Poor guy, went to work anyway. He had a local job in the industrial park here, which is a good thing! He called me at noon and said he was heading up north. I told him to stop by and get some medicine... I had a good Sudafed concoction that I had picked up at the drugstore. He came by and took 2. He called like 15 minutes later to tell me about snow he had run into... he already sounded better. He didn't sound congested at all. Me... I've just got a little case of sniffles and a bit of a hacky cough.

I made Dutch Babies for dinner last night... DH had not ever had them. He loved it! I will move that one up to my quick file for dinner... I decided to run to do grocery shopping early today, it started snowing... really hard. So I headed into town, but by the time I made back out of the store... the squall had stopped. We may have some accumulation this weekend... and they say it's not going to warm up past freezing this next week. I guess our little heatwave this past week is finally over. (It was in the low 40's during the day all week!) Time to go and get busy in the kitchen, I've got sandwich stuff to make (using left over smoked turkey) and beverage containers to fill.(tea, lemonade, powerade). Still need to get all the stuff I bought yesterday put away and start on my holiday projects.

Thanks for reading. be blessed!

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