Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Late Saturday Post

No... I don't think it will be the Saturday Evening Post. (I'm not up to that caliber!) It's been a funky kind of day around here. Someone didn't close the living room drapes last night, and when I woke up at 7-ish... it was too light for me to sleep in. I got up, did some reading and puttering, ate a little breakfast and decided that I had a rippin' headache and went back to bed. I did walk the dog first.

I don't know when DH got up... he was very quiet about it as he knew I didn't have a great night last night and knew my head hurt. I slept until almost 1~ something I don't often do. DH had a great time while I slept. He raided all the goodie drawers. When he told me what he ate for breakfast, all I could do was laugh and be glad it's not my middle it's going to go to. He ate almost a whole box of Mallomars and some chips, and he finished off all the salted peanuts in the shell. And he drank orange juice so it qualifies for breakfast. (*burp!*)

I had planned on getting some specific things done today... Nope! Didn't happen. But I did go down to the garage and work with DH on going through some of the boxes of (big pile of crap) stuff he brought from storage when we moved here. It was a good thing too... as we have discovered a water leak (not certain how or where it's getting in) and he had some tools and work supplies that got pretty wet. We unearthed tons of stuff from his ex-girlfriend that she did not ever bother to claim. I have a ton of stuff to put in the planet earth boxes now! Anyway... while we were working... it was not too bad down there. But as soon as the sun started to set, both Nolli-dog and I got cold. I sent him upstairs around 5 and I stayed down there working until 6. then I cried "Uncle" as it was too cold to do anymore. (It was only a mere 23 degrees~)

So, we cleaned up because it was too late for me to make what I had planned on doing for dinner. We went out for some good chinese food at our favorite place. We had cashew chicken and pork lo-mein. It was so good... can't wait for the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. That, my friends, has been my day. I did score some great stuff to put on e-bay as I was going through the ex-g/f stuff that will put a very small dent in the amount of money she owes DH. But we're not going there!

Thanks for reading... I need to go and get some more stuff done so I can go to bed at a decent hour and maybe go to church tomorrow. Be Blessed!



Stephanie said...

Mallomars and chips? Sounds like my kind of breakfast.

Pearl said...

aww i hope you feel better than you did the previous night! and your DH is so sweet to let you sleep longer :)

Essemia said...

I just found your blog and it really is nice. I will return for sure.
Hope you have a nice Sunday.
Love Elzie