Sunday, December 7, 2008

All About Me Scattagories

Scattagories... Tag, You're it!

Who do you look the most like in your family? That would be my brother and my nephew Brandon... and just recently (2 years ago), I discovered that we look like our birth mother!

Do you like your handwriting? I did... but the more I keyboard, the worse it gets. I need to practice!
Do you prefer pants or skirts? At home, I wear jeans. At work, it would be skirts
Smooth jazz or rock? Rock...
Do you have kids? 2 step kids and 1 in heaven
What is your favorite lunchmeat? That would Ham off the bone... yummy and good
If you were someone else, would you be friends with you? Heck yeah!
Are you sarcastic? I can be when I'm trying to be funny
Are you good at telling jokes? I can be if I don't rush it or get too tickled by the punchline!
Do you cry easily? Yeah... went to the living nativity and cried all the way through
Do you have your tonsils? well... had em out when I was 4, but the left one grew back!
Would you bungee jump? Yes... I have!
Who has been your favorite President in your lifetime? President Reagan
What is your favorite ice cream? That would be chocolate moose tracks
What's the first thing you notice about people? Their eyes and smile
What is the last movie you went to the theatre to see? Sex and the City... right before we moved and I needed some sanity in all the chaos
What book are you currently reading? Something by Debbie Macomber
Who do you miss the most? Being able to talk to my Mom on the phone
Shoes or barefoot? barefoot
What color do you prefer, red or blue? Blue or Sage Green
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Hubs
What was the last thing you ate? Homemade mac and cheese with ham
What is your least favorite feature? my feet
What do you listen to? Mostly Christian Contemporary
Favorite scents? Roses, vanilla, peony
Hair color? Eye color? Blonde these days/ green
Favorite sports to watch? Don't really watch any sports these days
Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings!
Movies that make you laugh or movies that make you think? BOTH
Who is your newest favorite singer? Michael Buble, esp. "Sway" and "Everything"
Do you have a special talent? I can cook and bake

If you want to play along... leave me a tag so I can see!
Thanks for reading, and be blessed!

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