Sunday, November 29, 2009

M.I.A.--- Yep, That's Been Me!

It's been two weeks since I last posted... I have been missing in action... well, because... I felt like all I had to write about was my knee surgery, physical therapy and how I am feeling. I figured y'all had to have had enough of that!

My knee is finally doing much better and my kick is starting to come back. Physical Therapy is working... and it's a lot of work that kicks my butt! It pretty much can wipe me out for 2 days after, depending on the "Pain and Torture" inflicted upon me. I still have a ways to go as my vmo is still very weak, my hamstrings are super are my lateral ligaments. That is cause an issue with my knee cap... it's not tracking in the groove as it is suppose to. I spent 48 hours of this week having my knee cap taped down and to the side. It was uncomfortable, to say the least! I will likely have it done twice a week for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

In other happenings... we are finishing up a nice 4 day weekend. I was quite busy trying to "procure" all the fixings for "The Big Dinner"... but when it came to pulling it all off... I couldn't quite do it and had to have help from DH to get it all going and on the table. He did very well at fixing dinner for us. (I seem to be having symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure again... but haven't reached the drowning stage yet!) I have been tiring very easily, and it feels like all the trips up and down the stairs never seem to end for me lately, with all the trips to the store, walking the dogs, having the roofing guys come last week on Tuesday... and just keeping up with everything.

I think I mentioned on an earlier post, that DH was going out of town for week... that was about 2 weeks ago, so I was literally stretched to my limits by Friday when he came home. I survived, but it did take a toll on me.

Nolli and Punky are doing well... we just did a "debred" session on Nolli's tummy tonight. He still has a wound that won't heal and if we don't keep it clean, it can stink and smell awful! We finished with antiseptic cleaner with a pain reliever in it and then his tye-die t-shirt to keep it dry and clean. Of course that's followed by a "big" favorite treat.

Punky is still working on house training... she does good for the most part. Mostly it's me not getting the "right" idea that she needs out instead of wanting up. (She would rather be up on the bed with me or in my arms than any other thing in life.) We still keep her crated at night, mainly because we are afraid we might hurt her in our sleep if she was on the bed with us. She is also gaining weight and her coat is coming in nicely. She's gotten very round and cute and when she does go out with me... she gets lots of attention because of her charm and cuteness.

So... there you have it... that is what life around here has been about. I also did have a birthday during the weekend, and DH baked me a cake (while I was taking a nap) and took me to see the movie "The Blind Side." We loved it! He also took me to dinner the next evening as well... he did his best to spoil me over the weekend.

I did have a tough day on Thursday... I discovered that my sisters were NOT going to get my Mom for their gathering. I understand that she is becoming fragile and that she is becoming more and more "withdrawn" but, I breaks my heart to know that no one went to see her or had her join them... I have said many times in the past that I wished I could have her with me so that I could take care of her. (I know that it's not even feasible for me to do that now... but still I wish I could.) Needless to say, I was in tears often through out the day.

Ok... I need to sign off for now... and get things done for DH...he's got a long day tomorrow working down in Philly. ... sigh....

Thanks for reading... be blessed... I hope that your Thanksgiving Weekend was wonderful!

Monday, November 16, 2009

FOR TODAY (November 16. 2009)...

Outside my window... it's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the temperature is pleasant.

I am thinking... of how much I am going to miss my Husband this week!

I am thankful for... how hard he works... and how good he takes care of us!
From the kitchen... there is no pressure to make anything good for dinner tonite!

I am wearing... denim shorts, a white t-shirt, white socks and my brown birki clogs and my light blue cardigan.
I am creating... organized stacks of paperwork and medical statements to file.

I am going... to physical therapy twice this week.

I am reading... the book Mrs. Kimble.

I am hoping... to have the time pass quickly this week.

I am hearing... traffic coming back into town... the school bus just dropped kids off.

Around the house... Nolli is sleeping under the table and Punky is sleeping on the couch... I still need to empty the dishwasher and vacuum the floor.

One of my favorite things... is leftover pizza for dinner tonite! (I don't have to cook!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: to tackle the paperwork on the table... shred what needs to be shredded, and recycle lots of paper!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Thanks for reading.... be blessed!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

About a Year Ago...

I wrote about going to the Amish Farm Market... and even took a few pics of what we bought! DH and I have been back there a few times this past spring and summer. Today, we decided that I was in need of a little diversion from always going to the doctor or physical therapy and we set off to find some adventure. (Unfortunately we forgot the camera.)

We have a church dinner coming up in a couple of weeks... and we were not familiar with where the event site was... so we set off through the valley to find it. We did... it only took us a few minutes to figure out where the place was... so we were left with the rest of the afternoon... and off to the Poconos we went! We took all state highways, because it's more fun that way. We got to the Market and found lots of good stuff. We bought potatoes, radishes, (DH's favorite) butter, homemade breakfast bread, and some of the best sweet onions ever! Oh... and some whoppie pies, too! It was so good to get some of the last of the season's good stuff. They are only going to be there one more week and then they are done until April. Last year they were open until Christmas, but they said they're done for this year!

We also went to another Flea Market in Blakeslee... but it was a little depressing and quite run down. We just didn't like the 'vibe' around there. I was also getting tired. So... we decided to head to get some grub to eat and we ended up at Dunkin Donuts across the street! We ate lunch in the car and then headed up Rt. 940 east and then cut north. We ended up going across state park lands, passing an army depot along the way. We ended up so high up in elevation, that we were in thick, heavy fog for many miles. It was actually a fun drive. We ended up about 20 miles north of Scranton before hitting an Interstate Freeway to come home. We ended up driving around 120 miles today... munching on donut munch-kins and having a good time looking at the lay of the land as we drove.

Tonite... we are safely home... we've had a good dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. Everyone is comfy and warm. DH is getting most of his gear together to travel this next week for work. He's headed to New York... and I'm facing my first week alone at home. I'm more than a little nervous that I won't be able to keep up with everything... but I know that if I pace myself and just stick to the basics and keep the dogs happy... I will survive without DH. I only have 2 appointments for the week... so that's a good thing. I just have to remember to get the trash out to the curb on Wednesday and space the dog walking so that I don't get too worn out.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just My Luck!

On Wednesday, being Veteran's Day... and that *Applebee's* was doing a free meal for Veterans and DH is a Vet... (Air Force!) we decided that it would be fun to go and partake of such a great offer! DH got home at 3:45... he briefed me on his day and then took a shower. We made it out of the house by 4:45! We knew there would be a crowd... and we weren't disappointed at all... it was a packed house!

We got signed in for a table and were told it would be about an hour wait. Everyone was is good spirits and very friendly. DH... being the sweet and wonderful husband that he is... found me a place to sit in the waiting area. We people watched, we ate fresh chicken tenders that were being passed around by the management, and we were genuinely happy as names were called for tables as each group called meant we were that much closer to getting a table. I was sitting next to a WWII Vet... he was there with his wife. He was a rather tall and strong boned man... and he used a walker... when it was their time to go to be seated... we all, DH, his wife, the hostess, all helped him get up on his feet. When they moved on, another lady came and sat by me.

More people came in and placed their names on the list... and would move back out to the foyer or go outside. All of a sudden, the door opened and in came a woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair. I was sitting near the right end of the bench... and the door to the foyer was off to the left. There were many people standing around.. Instead of going up the middle... she chose to go to her right... where we were sitting... and she didn't seem to take in consideration the full width of the wheelchair... and proceeded to push right into my my left knee!!!!

All I could do in the panic that swept across me was to say... "Stop! Stop.... I can't move my leg that way... my feet are down there.... I just had my knee replaced... please... don't push!" She maneuvered out of the way... with just a little "sorry" and kept right on going. The lady sitting next to me asked how I was... and I said, "ok." She asked about the procedure and I told her who my surgeon is and how good he is and that I am barely 6 weeks post-op and just using a cane and have been for almost 3 weeks. She told me that she needs to have her knees done, I told her not wait and don't be afraid!

Needless to say... I am very glad that I had taken a pain pill right before we left... so it wasn't too bad. I did have issues during dinner in trying to get comfortable and had to sit with my leg propped up during the meal. During the night... I had a tough time getting to sleep... and the left side of my knee was in burning pain. I took all the pain meds I could "healthily" take... and still had a tough time.

I woke up yesterday... feeling very stiff and sore and had more of a painful limp than I've ever had. Needless to say... when I went to physical therapy, we all got a good laugh out of what happened. Later when I went to see my surgeon... I had to have x-rays first, and the technician could hardly believe the story, when I told her! And Dr. Williams and his nurse also laughed! (How do you really put that down on the insurance forms for "progress"? ) Last night was another rough night for me... I was swelled, and black and blue... and in pain! I took 2 naps during the evening because I was tired and hurting and I again, took my maximum dosage to be able to sleep during the night.

Today... I am taking it easy. I am not as swelled, but still black and blue. I have some pain... but not like I did last night. I am so glad that it's the weekend... and that DH should be home early today! (We have packing to do... he's working out of town all next week. I'm not ready for him to be gone, and I'm not looking forward to being alone.)

Work wise for DH... this week has been a really turning point... God has answered our prayers about whether to stay or look for something else... that door remains closed for now. I am grateful for God's faithfulness to us.

Thanks for reading... and be blessed!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The past few weeks have been a real trial for me. I have been working on my physical therapy and it's been REALLY HARD to do it... it causes me alot of muscle pain in the evening, along with making me really tired. Along with all of that... of course, is DH's job. We know that I have had great issues with his boss, and that I have spent many hours over the past year in prayer about DH's job and his relationship with his boss.

Last night, it was heavy on my heart to pray for DH... which I did as I fell asleep. I woke up this morning and also prayed for DH and his day ahead. (In fact, last night... I told DH to be sure to get to his job site plenty early enough this morning... I just had a feeling that his boss would be showing up.) And in fact... his boss did show up today... along with the company service manager. They had an unscheduled 2 hour meeting with DH today... and he finally got a new replacement phone that he asked for almost a year ago! And they discussed many issues... part of which was the issue with "Big Brown" delivery company and that in fact the issue was never DH's work, but a personal vendetta by the on-site plant engineer that didn't like DH and wanted to get a job for his buddy instead. DH was told that his job is safe... that his boss doesn't have the power to fire him... and that he will be getting a raise in January!

I have prayed and prayed that God would show the company the truth about what happened at "Big Brown". And I've also prayed that God would enlarge our "territory"... and the Company service manager is planning on coming to this area to find new contracts for DH. All I can say... is Thank You, Heavenly Father for answered prayers.

From a Grateful Heart...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time Gets Away...

I can't believe that I have had TKR over a month ago! I started put patient physical therapy yesterday. It totally kicked my butt! Of course it also didn't help that I decided that I needed to cook some really good food for dinner... and spent almost 3 hours in the kitchen before it was over. No wonder I was tired!

Today... it's taken me quite awhile to get up and moving. I took a shower this morning, which wears me out. I was also still in a lot of pain... and finally gave in and took a pain pill around noon. I was able to fall sleep for an hour... and when I woke up and made some lunch, I felt as though I had turned the corner on the pain.

I guess having 3 days in a row of tons of activity really does a number on me. Saturday, DH and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and grocery shopped. I also fixed some yummy cheese burgers for dinner and baked pumpkin bars that night. Sunday... we went to church... we cleaned house... I cleaned up my baking mess... and then took a 2nd shower to go to small group bible study that night. So... add to that my p/t on Monday... yeah... it's no small wonder that I am feeling wrung out and exhausted. Oh... and we gave both Punky and Nolli dog baths on Sunday as well.

I am slowly trying to get back into the swing of things... it is just taking longer because of my thyroid issue (fatigue) and blood sugar... (trying to keep it regulated.) It's a battle to feel good... but I know that I have to keep trying! I am also very glad that we adopted Punky... she's been such a good bed buddy for me! She is learning to be more comfortable as a companion pet rather than always being in a cage. She still has issues with taking treats from our hands... especially if it's in a close area like the hallway near her cage. I gave noticed that she has gained a little weight... you can no longer feel her ribs and her little face is actually a little fuller now! When she lies down on top of me and turns her head and puts her front paw up, she reminds me of a teddy bear... she's so cute!

Nolli dog has become an even sweeter dog... if that's even possible! He is more loving and attached to DH... and last night he did something that I've never seen him do... he actually asked for seconds on his food! DH gave it to him and he ate it all. So funny! He is also trying even harder to get Punky to play with him... and even tried to get her to play while they were both on the bed last night! That was funny... but I had to tell him that play time was for the floor, not the bed while we are all in it!

That's all I've got for now.... I will try and post a little more often as this healing process continues.
Thanks for reading... be blessed!