Friday, December 12, 2008

The Follow up from last night...

Well... last night was a little exciting and fun. We really had fun going out to investigate all the water and noise. It was definitely a moment to remember of making a memory together.

We were suppose to wake up to snow this morning. Because we live in a valley... what weather happens in the valley can be very different than just 3 miles away. Within just 30 minutes of getting my darling Ham out the door to work... the snow began to fall. I went out to take a look around at 10-ish. The river from last night is now back in it's banks and the mud really isn't there.

The picture on left is the north side and the picture on the right is the south side by the road. In the left picture, you can see the stream. Last night the water was up past the shrubbery. Now, you'd have no idea that it ever happened.

Along with everyone else... I have do have a pic of my tree to share.

And some pics of a few of my snowmen... they are scattered all through the house, but I have a grouping on my old steamer trunk that I love:

I love the face of the little lady on the right side~ she is just adorable!

And here is a little Victorian rabbit caroler that sits on my hutch~ she was made by a coworker from when I worked at the college. She's been around awhile now.

And here are our stockings.... hung in the dining room area because I liked the way I could look at them every time I walked by... one for each of us... mine is needlepoint, DH was added this year, and Nolli's had his all of his 5 Christmases with me.

I'd love to post more pics tonight... but Ham came home early from work today and he is starving to death. So I am off to the kitchen to find some grub for him.... I actually have no idea what we are having, I really thought he'd be out on the road or be really late. I am glad to have him home safe and sound on a night like this. (Btw... it's a full moon and is suppose to be spectacular! I might have to go out later and see if I can see it!)
Thanks for reading! Be Blessed!


This Little Hen said...

I am glad your yeard wasn't one big mud pit! Keep Warm!

Suzanne said...

Oh! Me too! I was dreading the ice rink more than anything... but we didn't get that either! Thanks for stopping by again!

We are THAT Family said...

Oh, your tree and decor are so pretty. Thanks for sharing them!

Pearl said...

oh i LOVE your tree!

Nancy M. said...

Your tree is so beautiful! I love the snowmen too!