Monday, March 29, 2010

35 Questions...

1. How far away is the last person you kissed?
Just down the hall.
2. Has someone ever told you they would be with you forever?
Yes, my husband
3. Last person you were in a car with?
My husband
4. Any plans for tomorrow?
My follow up doctor appointment from being in the hospital.
5. How long does it take for you to take a shower?
About 15 minutes in the water, about another 15 in the bathroom.
6. Best friend or close friends?
7. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
I sure hope so.
8. Did you kiss anyone Friday?
Yep... I kiss someone everyday! =)
9. Ever thrown up in public?
Can you say flu and road trip together?
10. What's on your mind RIGHT NOW?
Weather and how many inches of rain we're suppose to have... Yikes!
11. Who was the last person you talked to?
My husband
12. What is the WORST subject they teach at school?
Algebra... I may never pass it!
13. Have you seen anyone lately that you don't get along with?
not lately... and don't plan to.
14. What is your favorite color top to wear?
15. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Only one... we were rear-ended... and it totalled our Jetta.
16. What's the closest thing to you that's green?
Either a cute bunny on the top of the desk or the drapes.
17. Where would you like to be right now?
Someplace warm and sunny
18. Write down some lyrics to the song you're listening to?
It's quiet in here... no music playing this morning.
19. How many dogs do you have?
Two... one sweetie-pie I've had most all his life... and one orange little clown who cracks me up everyday since we got her.
20. Is anything bugging you right now?
just my tummy... (still!)
21. Is life going right for you now?
Pretty much good except for being sick
22. Is there someone you care about more than yourself?
My family
23. What made you laugh today?
Punky dancing in the kitchen while her breakfast was being made.
24. What was the last movie you watched?
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
25. Whats the last conversation you had about?
The dentist
26. What were you doing at 7:00 this morning?
Still sleeping... or trying to~
27. Do you like your hair long or short?
28. Do you want to see somebody right now?
29. Do you like the rain?
I grew up in WA state... so, yeah, I like rain.
30. Did you have a valentine this year?
My husband... altho we don't celebrate a made up holiday~
31. The last person you kissed needs you at 3 am, would you go?
32. Would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?
Of course.
33. Honestly, if you could go back 1 month and change something, would you?
I don't really know... maybe, yes.
34. How do you feel about boys smoking?
We don't smoke, we'd rather breathe clean air.
35. Could you see yourself with someone forever?
Why, yes... I do. I like my husband as well as love him.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Wow... here it is, Friday. An entire week and 3 days since I started to feel so yucky. Tomorrow will a week since my DH took me (read that as dragged) to the ER. Where we spent that day with me having an X-ray and a CT scan. (And trying to hold iodine contrast down, no... it didn't stay down, that's why we went.) They were trying to figure out why I had a raging fever and continuous nausea and vomiting. (Sorry!)

Even the Good Doctor on call came into see me. (The nurses on the floor were impressed that he came to see me twice in the ER and then in my room, once admitted.) Needless to say, he thought I had acute diverticulitis... not a happy thought, that one. The next day, I also had a full belly ultrasound. My gall bladder is just fine... normal in every way. I remained NPO since getting sick on Thursday... and stayed NPO through most of Monday. (That's a long time to go with out anything to drink... and I had "zero" appetite anyway.)

On a quick side note... I found it more than a little annoying that I was in the hospital while they were passing Healthcare reform. I had to listen to more than a few hours of CNN as the guy in the next room had his tv on "HIGH" volumne and no one would keep his door or my door shut, no matter how many times I asked. It's not great fun when you have a migraine!

They sent me home on Monday night. I then slept for 3 more days... again being almost virtually NPO. I got on the scale last night and I was down 15 pounds. Through this entire time, I've been freezing cold, and I have had a Migraine headache. It finally decided to ease up yesterday... and I finally had my first real food in over a week. My diagnosis... a really horrendous, nasty flu bug.

That's where I've been since I last shared how I was feeling. (You just can't make this stuff up!) So... we started a new medical calendar year at the beginning of the month, we've now met our deductible! I haven't payed all of last years off yet... but all in due time!

Oh... and DH? He was busy too... he went to the dentist for a check up! He had to go back on Tuesday to have a tooth pulled. It ended up being an oral surgery! What a pair we are!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Down and Out

This day started with so much promise. I got up with DH and got him off to work. I did a few little things around the house... and then I got freezing cold. So... I did what any smart woman with an electric mattress cover would do, I cranked it up to 7 and climbed back into bed. I slept about an hour.

I then got up and got busy with some house work. I think I am allergic to it... because while I was doing fun stuff, I again got very freezing cold. And then a headache began. I figured it was because I needed to eat and have some caffeine. So... I took care of my blood sugar and ate lunch and took care of my diet caffeinated soda fix. I still had the headache and was still freezing cold. So... back to bed I went, having an Excedrine Migrane as dessert for my lunch. I've slept or rested in the dark for most of the afternoon. Finally, I am starting to feel like myself again.

I don't know what this is... but I don't like it... and I have a feeling it has to do with my thyroid levels. I guess it's time for the full body scan again. I am going to try a new doctor in Wilkes-Barre... and hopefully he will be able to give me "thyrogene injections" instead of making me do a stupid low-iodine diet. (I hate that and don't really want to do that. The side affects are terrible!) I don't think I'm out of remission... but my numbers could be off from see-sawing weight. I've cut back on eating this week and have lost 2 pounds. (That's because I've gained 10 pounds from all the stress of the last 6 weeks.)

Thanks for reading... (I hope to be back to my regular self tomorrow!) Be blessed!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not Working Out...

My great plans for yesterday about cleaning closets didn't really work out the I planned. Some of the organizing items I bought won't work. I really need to have DH here when I start this project as he needs to move a heavy wire shelf from one closet to another. (Oh well... is all I can say! It was at least a good thought!) I do have a nice box of stuff that I am getting rid of... so that was some progress!

I ended up not feeling well last night, spiking a temp around 7 pm. I ended up taking tylenol and going to bed but not falling asleep. I didn't actually fall asleep until after midnight. I ended up sleeping late and missing my therapy appointment this morning. At least they love me there... and rescheduled me for 3pm this afternoon. I am hoping to move on to the next set of exercises to get my back to where it should be. I can't wait to let my therapist know that I've added a few things that have really helped my hip cradle and that I am starting to notice that I don't have "catch" on the left side of my hip when I walk. Things are starting to line up a little better!

It's sunny and gorgeous here today. We should reach the 70's by the end of the week. If only it were warm enough in the mornings to be able to put out flowers. Maybe a few "winter-hardy" pansies in a barrel will get my "jones" for flowers satisfied. I can hardly wait for the frost and freeze line to come up and get some flowers out in the yard! I'm hoping that Spring arrives a little early this year!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost in the Closet

I am starting a new project today... and it's one I've put off long enough. I am going through my closets. I am going through shoes and handbags. I am going through all my clothes. I am getting rid of all the old stuff that doesn't fit me. (I have been carrying around a wardrobe of clothes for the last 10 years of various sizes.) I am coming to terms with the fact that I may never get down to the size I was 15 years ago. I have to realize that thyroid cancer and it's craziness will never let me do all that I want nor will it let me drop weight for any amount of time.

I have decided that it all must go... and that I need a new way to approach how I am currently storing my clothes. I am going to do more of a "edited version" of a California closet. (That means there will space for folded clothes like t-shirts and jeans.) I need to also store my winter wool jackets and make room for all my summer shorts. I checked the forecast... it seems that we may have turned the corner to spring after all! That means in the next few weeks, we are going to start deep spring cleaning... (If I can wrap my head around that.) and take down the winter stuff. I have never lived in a house such as this... it's the dustiest house ever. We can never keep it down... it just comes up out of the heating ducts... which go completely around the perimeter of this old house!

I'm even thinking that we could start doing the spring clean-up in the yard... but I don't want to jump the gun too soon. We still have some windy times to get through. It's a nice thought that soon I will be going to the nursery and flea markets to shop for flowers for the yard! (That makes me soooo happy!)

Well... look at me... I've gone from cleaning out the closets to shopping for flowers! I am looking forward to spring. I guess before I can do any of the other things I've just written about... I must go and get busy in my closet. (Hopefully, there's nothing bad lurking in the back of it, waiting to get me!) I will pace myself, because I know my back can only take so much. I did have quite a bit of pain last night as I tried to fall asleep... I had to do isolating exercises, which helped quite a bit. Time to go and slay the mess in my closet. =)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Thoughts

It's a dreary, cold Monday morning... and I am still in bed. We had a fairly good weekend, with me only struggling to feel good in the evenings. My back seems to catch up to my activity level by around 5-ish, and goes down hill from there. We did manage to have a little fun on Saturday... going out for breakfast, driving south in the midst of the storm that blew through the area.

I am still pondering the whole "invitation only" idea for this blog. I am not certain that I want to go that route... in the words of Sandy, (a faithful reader!) I just need to be a duck and let stuff roll off my back. I am pondering whether to share the more than one page comment that made me want to go "private." (If I did that, it would be more in the form of a slice and dice rebuttal...maybe.) I don't know if I have the energy for it. (Be a duck, be a duck, be a duck!) On second thought... I am going to take the high road on this one, because the person writing that comment has, A) only met me once for about 3 minutes, B) spent a total of 10 minutes scanning 11 pages of my blog, and C)also thought that by being spiteful that they could hurt me with making very broad statements pertaining to my life. To that end, remember that this a blog, where I express my thoughts and opinions like everyone else who has a blog, hence, that's why it is what it is!
DH is working locally this week. We will actually have much more time together then we normally do... so looking forward to that! We have a few projects that we want to work on this week... re-doing a closet is 1 project, hanging an antique plate rack another. I am in "pare-down" mode and have someone who wants to take all my "cast-offs for her church rummage sale. I could help fund many of their projects all by myself with all the things I am wanting to get rid of, not wanting to do e-bay right now.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Weigh in with your thoughts about going invitation only!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Invitation Only

My blog will be going to "Invitation Only" status next week. If you would like to be able to still read my blog, please leave your email address in comments so it may be placed in queue when it's time. Thank you everyone who has supported me!

"When people you don't even know hate you, that's when you know you're doing something right."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday was stitch removal day... and DH was my hero on this one! We took Nolli in together to the Vet's office. But that was as far as I went. When it came time to go to the exam room, I couldn't do it. I was doing okay in the waiting room until I heard Nolli cry... all the way down the hall in room 4. I turned white and got light headed... I had to go outside and get some air as I started to cry. I went and sat in the car. And it wasn't more than 3 minutes when DH and Nolli came bounding out of the back exit... all done!

DH told me that Nolli was very anxious as soon as he got in the exam room. DH put him up on the table, gently. Both Vets were there... and had no trouble with getting his stitches out on his chest. (He had 2 incisions there.) The real trouble was doing the stitch removal on his dew claws. It's always been a tender area for Nolli... and this was no exception. Given how sensitive my knee is... I can only imagine how it must have felt for Nolli. Wire stitches must be as bad a staples.

DH and the Nolli came across the parking lot and I was worried as Nolli was bleeding a little bit. But Nolli hopped up in the back of the car... ready to go on home. The vet said not to worry, that he was fine and the bleeding would stop on it's own. (Blankets down on the back seat!)We stopped and got him his favorite thing... Chicken nuggets! After that, all seemed right with the world for him. He even rolled over so that he could get belly rubs last night. I'm so glad that it's over. DH told me that it took him, the tech and both vets to hold on to Nolli... that I wouldn't have been able to really do it and not hurt myself in the process. (Or faint... that would be bad!) So... today, I'm going to continue to spoil my Nolli-dog, give him peanut butter-yogurt drops and let him sleep on the sofa with a pillow under his head. That sounds like good medicine to me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Morning.

Well... our new bed was delivered yesterday... not entirely without incident. Seems that one of the springs was poking through the bottom. We both were a little unsettled by that... and they will be bringing us a new mattress tomorrow.

We got our bed made up with nice fresh linens and got ready to sleep... it's higher than our last bed. I have to almost jump to get into it. But once I'm there... it's heaven! I talked to DH this morning... he too, had an amazing night's sleep. I woke up with aches in different places, but nothing that was screaming at me, and my back? Well... it loves the new bed! I actually slept on my back for awhile during the night... and I didn't have any nerve ending pain that I usually get! Could it be that I don't really need physical therapy after all? That all I really needed was a decent mattress? I feel good this morning, and ready to get to errands and the rest of the laundry.

It's going to be another glorious day here in the Poconos. Yesterday we were at 56 degrees and today will be the same, if not warmer. I do have some projects for this week... like tackling my closet and getting my shoes organized. (Not that I really wear too many of them anymore, Birkenstocks are now my favorites.) I also plan on really weeding through my clothes and giving heavily to Goodwill. I don't have the energy or desire to do a yard sale... it's so tedious to get ready for it, and the pricing and then all the people and the bargain hunting. I'd rather do the hunting than be hunted! (I'm actually a private person and it makes me nervous that people are checking things out to see what they can steal when we're not home. A trait I inherited from my grandparents.)

That's all for today... Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whirlwind Busy...

Yesterday was one of those rare March days where it was a gorgeous sunny day of 45 degrees. We were up early to enjoy as much of it as we could. We went off to Wilkes-Barre to have breakfast... at Cracker Barrel, our favorite place! Then we stopped over to Sams Club to have the tires rotated on the car. (No Lie... our life is so exciting!)

While we were in Sams... DH tried to dissuade me from buying everything under the sun. There seemed like there was just so much to chose from in there this week. We did try out new office chairs... and just my luck, the one I liked was sold out. We did come home with a new nifty wheel barrow, so we'll be ready for Spring Clean-up when the day arrives. (OH... I've got plans for the yard this year! I just hope I can get it all worked out and get DH to agree!) I didn't do too bad on our shopping jaunt, only spending about $145!

Our next stop of the day... was to America's Best... to take back DH's new glasses. They talked him into doing transition lenses and he hated them. He can't see using his peripheral vision with them... which won't do for work. Plus his "non-work" pair were plastic frames, and they bent the heck out of them when they put the new lenses in... short of super glue, they won't stay on his face.

After that, we went to Sleepy's to shop for a bed. We've been bed shopping for a couple of months now... not really decided on what we want. We knew we wanted something in a certain price range, we knew we didn't want "memory foam" and we knew we didn't think we wanted a pillow top mattress. We did find a Simmons Beauty Rest that was a plush mattress, had inner coils, and was about our price range. The store manager worked with us on finding the right bed... and then gave us a deal that we couldn't turn down. So... today, we are whirlwind busy, because they will be delivering our new bed to us in about an hour! We are going to have such a good nights sleep! I can't wait!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!
Oh... btw, litle red dog is on restriction... she had 2 accidents last night. So she's back to being crate trained.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Late!

I must apologize for my late posting... it's been one of those days! Not that anything bad happened, not at all! It was just that it was warm and sunny and I felt GOOD! So... I got myself put together to head west on I-80. I haven't ventured that direction in quite awhile... at least not by myself. I drove over to Williamsport... about 65 miles away. There is a TJ Maxx and More... (HomeGoods!) and I always find such great stuff there. I was not disappointed at all today!

I picked up stuff for the house... and a couple of great little jackets to wear to church for Spring! I also stopped at my favorite little Primative shop... but came out of there empty handed. There were a few things that I liked, but couldn't mentally find a place for them in the kitchen, so I didn't buy anything.

DH has worked a long day... and he just got home. My back has been hurting me since I came home from my adventure. We were planning on going out to dinner because my back hurt... but I managed to make some Parmesan crusted chicken and pasta and a salad with lemon basil vinaigrette. I'm officially "beat" now... but wanted to post really quick while DH is getting cleaned up for dinner. We're all home, we're all relatively healthy and we're all really happy! The weekend is here... and it's suppose to be warm and sunny! It's so nice to not have to wear a heavy coat!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well...physical therapy kicked my tush yesterday! My back totally rebelled last night and I wasn't able to do all that I wanted. Poor DH got rerouted on his way home and worked late... dinner wasn't exactly a culinary feast and I'm glad he was too tired to care! I actually went to bed early because it was the easiest thing to do for my back. I stretched as much as I was able and then went prone. I woke up a little groggy and I'm taking it slow today to let myself recover.

We had the cable company come today, for the second Monday in a row. They discovered that my DSL filter was too old to work on the phone line, so it was replaced. I'm not certain if we will be charged for that or not. We'll see when the bill comes next month. And again, I wasn't ready before they called... I had less than 5 minutes to get some clothes on... and my hair was a wreck... but the guy had never seen me before... so he wouldn't know the difference!

Last week, we bought a new keyboard to replace the one that slide off the shelf on the desk. It's wireless... and I liked it until this afternoon when it started skipping letters as I typed! I guess it's a battery eater... so we may have to go back to a regular keyboard... and just when I was getting used to the new mouse! DH should be home soon, we are heading up to Wilkes-Barre as his new glasses are in! We are both so excited about that... and my turn to go is coming up on Monday!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Words on Wednesday...

Lots of blogs have "Wordless Wednesday"... but this is not one of them! Today, I went to my second physical therapy appointment for my s/i joint and lower discs issues. I wasn't able to follow therapy protocol as much as I'd like, but apparently I did enough to be effective. I have new exercises to do and more stretching, but I just may be on my way to healing my back.

Last night, I was an irritable wench... and after doing grocery shopping, hauling it in and then making dinner... my back was screaming at me. My darling husband had projects to do and I wasn't too patient while he moved furniture and drilled holes and made a mess. But we now have phone jacks installed so the cable company can come and trouble shoot our digital phone modem so that our fax machine will work correctly. (I had a feeling when the guy came out 18 months ago, that he really didn't know what he was doing!) Anyway... my back bothered me so much, that I had to lay out prone for quite awhile. I took tramadol close to bedtime, and ended up having to try falling asleep out in the living room laying in the recliner. I slept there until 3:35.

I have the urge to venture out today... but I think I am going to fight it and stay home... maybe take a nap, do a little cleaning up from last night... and maybe even take a look at my sewing machine and see if I can figure out the issue it has with the tension settings. (If I don't figure it out... I'm going to buy a new one!) I'd better get busy... sitting and typing has a way of getting my back muscles tight! Time to go and stretch!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today is brought to you...

by the letters W, T and F!

I don't normally swear... but after yesterday and all the editing I did... I still stand by my call of a certain someone... (who will remain nameless and title less) that the title of Asshat remains. That certain someone proved yesterday that they do indeed deserve said title! (Don't go looking for that post... it's been taken down... not deleted, and stored safely away.)(By the way... I know when you are reading this too!)

That being said... my back is killing me... and I don't feel like doing much of anything. Stress does that! I haven't been very good about following physical therapy protocol. I've always been very good about doing so... but that was before I had 2 dogs, one of which is recovering from some surgical procedures that I find pretty grueling. (Momma can relate, Nolli-dog, Momma can relate!) I am still doing some of the basics... like trips up and down the stairs, get myself ready for the day, and doing dishes and cooking "easy meals." Last night was one of my easy favorites, Hawaiian Meatballs. I cheat and use frozen meatballs... dump them in a casserole dish, add a small can of drained pineapple chunks, pour over a good dose of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and throw it in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes. I serve it with rice... done in the microwave in a rice cooker! And then I do frozen broccoli as a side dish. Good easy meal!

I am still trying to decide if I am going to migrate this blog over to WordPress or struggle on here at Blogger. I am not liking the fact that some of the easy features on the edit bar are gone and it's gotten much more difficult to add pictures or graphics. (Graphics are much harder because of the coding.) Still pondering!

Oh... did I tell you that after searching for almost 7 months, that I finally found a new sofa that I liked? I had it delivered last Wednesday... and it didn't fit! It was positively perfect in every way... but they couldn't make the turn into the hall way coming into the living room! Darned old house! So... we've had to custom order a piece that can come apart. It will take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before it arrives... and as long as 8 weeks! Drats! (Story of my life... I always have to wait, unless it has to do with surgery, then I'm right in!)

That's what's new and boring in my life today! Oh... except that I got a call from the school yesterday... the next start date for my course work starts April 16th. We are talking it over... it's a huge time commitment, but also a great opportunity!
Thanks for reading... and thank you for your kind words about yesterday. Sorry that I had to block everyone, but it was best while I went through the editing process!
Be blessed!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Different Post...

I had something else posted for today... but upon advise of counsel, I've taken it down for now. All I can say about it is... This is my blog and I am the sole author of it. All opinions and views given on this blog are solely mine. I believe in First Amendment Rights... but given attitudes of others, I have gone ahead and edited my content and archives.

In other news... Nolli is making good progress and is healing fine. He is such a good dog that he is not even licking or chewing at his stitches on his paws. He even rolled over on his back this morning so I could check his 2 incisions on his chest. They are healing quite well.

The UPS man also came to my house this morning. Again, he caught me still not dressed in "day clothes!" He came earlier than I thought he would. It was just after 9am and he was about 2 hours earlier than normal. Oh well! I like what he brought and I can't wait for my husband to get home tonight to help me get it unpacked and set up! (Hint... it's purple, it fits on my lap, and it's really fast!)

That's it for now! Thanks for reading...(inspite of having to heavily edit), be blessed!