Saturday, December 20, 2008

On Ice

The stream behind the house is starting to ice over!

Thursday night... we went out for dinner and then on to work on getting supplies for the winter storm and Christmas gifts. It was a pretty good haul. We got everything we needed to complete the Christmas Box for the west coast part of the family. DH helped me get what we needed for his Dad and Grandma. I got Nolli's gifts, too! It was very cold but clear... you could tell by the air that a storm was coming.

Once we got home and put all of the stuff away... DH went to get warm and relax in front of TV and watch our favorite show... CSI. Nolli, on the other hand, decided that he needed another little walk. So... off we went. I got as far as the front door. As I stepped out on the little snowman doormat, it has gotten repositioned over the main doormat and I stepped on the very edge. It was enough of an edge to roll my right ankle right over and pull my lateral ligament. It hurt pretty bad. I walked Nolli as far as the front yard, leaned against the garage entry door and waited for him to get done.

The storage shed across the stream.

I managed to hobble upstairs and put myself into bed after that. I tried to stay off of it yesterday. I didn't do too well at that at all. Between trying to get the Christmas box done, get DH out the door on his call, answer the phone a bajillion times, and make dinner... I was hurting pretty bad last night. This morning... my ankle is purple and red and swollen. I have been trying to keep it on ice as much as possible. I had such great hopes for today. I was going to bake a ton of goodies. I wanted to do cinnamon rolls and chocolate cookies. I wanted to do some homemade almond roca candy... yeah... well, what I want and what I get are always two different things!

It's okay... I have DH home all weekend to help me and maybe... we will attempt to try it tomorrow. Right now DH has decided to bake some toll house cookie dough that is in the fridge.

As far as weather... it's very pretty outside. We have another storm coming in tonight and will add another 5 inches of snow on top of what we have now. DH worked down in the garage today... moving his stuff down to the basement so that I can park in the garage now. That's exciting to me... to park in the garage. (I'm trying to remember when the last time I could park in a garage was.... when I lived on Silver St... back in 94-98! oh my!)

It's time for me to get back on the ice and elevate my ankle. Let's hope that I can get some good things accomplished tomorrow and remember to take some pics in the process!

That's Nolli running over the ice covered snow to investigate a pine cone that fell.

Pictures were provided by DH! Thanks, Babe, for your help and support in all that I do!
Thanks for reading... Be Blessed!

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aww suzanne the pictures are SO pretty!