Monday, December 8, 2008

Soooo Cold!

I am still fighting off the nasty little sore throat and cold bug. The temps today don't help it any. It was 15 degrees at noon today. I took my own temp to see what was going on.... and I had a sub-temp of 97.1. Yep... that means I've got some good crud going on. Way back in high school, when I would get sick with a sore throat and strep... or when I had mono, I would have a sub-temperature. I've been drinking as much as I can... but it's not easy. Glands are slightly enlarged and tender... but we will see if it cycles on it's own or if I will need to take antibiotics.

Hubs had local work today... and was ahead on his counts and go to come home about 45 minutes early. That was nice, but he also didn't eat lunch today... which meant he was starving. So, I climbed outta bed and thru something from the freezer into the oven, made instant mashed potatoes (which I doctored up pretty good - bacon bits, sour cream, cheese and diced red onion) made some homemade ranch dressing and had DH cut up some fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery. That was as close to a dinner that he was going to get from me. It wasn't too bad.

DH has to go back out to work tonite... traveling about 40 minutes north and the job will take about 3 1/2 hours minimum. Tis the holiday season, and the big two delivery companies need their belt systems to run properly so that everyone can get their packages on time. Yep... that's what my husband does... he keeps it all working so that Big Brown and FE air, ground, and hd can get it all loaded on the truck.

I'm headed back to bed... I may get me some ice cream a little later on... and check to see if anything is happening out there! Leave me some comments, 'kay?

Thanks for reading, and be blessed!

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