Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next On Deck!

I am "on deck" at the hospital at 8:30 tomorrow morning... I had a pre-op appointment this afternoon with the "gas-passer." Plan A is to have a spinal block with "twilight sleep" and plan B is a general anesthesia. I'm pretty much "packed" for the hospital... and DH will have to bring me clothes for rehab. The fridge and the freezer are stocked, the house is relatively clean, all the errands that I can think of or remember have been done, I am officially ready to get my new knee!

Thank you to both Sandy's for your thoughts, prayers, and comments. DH has promised that he will update using facebook and that does appear on the left side of the page on here. I am looking forward to coming through this with being able to become more active and participate in life instead of having to watch from the sidelines this past summer. I can't wait to be able to walk at the mall with my i-pod and my bottle of water... without any pain!!!!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

So Busy!

My life has been a blur since Thursday morning! With only 6 days to get ready for a Total Knee Replacement (TKR), I had a lot to do. I had to get grocery shopping done... and I zipped into Wal-mart... getting a snazzy electric cart, and got as much as I could get into one of those things. I got it all out to the car, loaded it and then had to unload it at home... by myself. That part did me in... I couldn't do too much after that. I do remember fixing something for dinner, but DH went to Men's Fraternity at church. He was going to skip it, but I told him it's too important to miss right now.

On Friday... DH came home from work early. We were setting down to plan out what we were going to do to start out the weekend.... and he got a call for a repair job, just overtime, not double because it was still before 4pm. That took care of what we were planning, that's for sure! I spent part of the day at the doctors office doing my medical history and my pre-op lab work. There was a discussion on my cardiac clearance... that took a few phone calls back and forth with my doctors office... but today the surgical center office has it!

Saturday... we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then we went to Sams Club for new tires for the car. We put new ones on the front 2 weeks ago, now it was time for the back ones. This time, I again used an electric cart... DH also had a shopping cart. We actually took our time as the wait time for the car was 2 hours. We partook of some of the demo items... and had a nice little snack going on. We spent a good amount of money on stuff... yoga pants and hoodies... cami's for the hospital... along with some yummy frozen stuff for DH while I am gone. (The man isn't going to starve at all!)

We came home and cleaned... and we put stuff away... and I had to rest as I was just BEAT!

Sunday... we went to church... and then headed back to Sam's as I didn't really like most of the stuff I had picked up once I got it home. (I think it has to do with no dressing room or mirror, the stuff just didn't look good!) We ate lunch while we were there, to satisfy my craving for a hotdog and pizza since it will be awhile before I get that again. Again... we came home and cleaned up another area... and took the shower doors down. We put up a regular shower curtain and took the rails off the side of the tub so that I can sit down on the edge and swing my legs over. (That is a good thing!)

Today... DH left for work very early... I went to have the car inspected. They didn't tell me when I called for the appointment that I would need my registration (which was in the car...) but that I would need my proof of insurance... (I am always forgetting to put the new one in!) So... along with walking back to the car and bringing in what I had... it was all for naut! I was not happy. I don't like the place where DH likes to go... last year they tried to sell me a set of tires during my inspection because they had some "feathering" at 10% wear. (I didn't need new tires! They passed the inspection just fine!)

So... along with errand for nothing... I also had to go to the pharmacy. I had to find another inspection place (tomorrow at 10:30) play phone tag with the guy who wants to bring me my knee machine for physical therapy, play phone tag with the doctors office about cardiac clearance and if I needed to be there by 11:30, and play phone tag with the surgery office about my anesthesia consult... I have that tomorrow after the car! I also stopped at our local market for milk and dog biscuits and some cans of soup... and the discount market for snacks for DH. I also went to the post office and mailed my sisters birthday gift... she'll get it a day late. (Sorry!) That was my day... I'm beat!

Speaking for beat... DH was down in Philly today... and he got called to a job in NJ... for a computer lab that had a real issue with a conveyor. He is just now walking in the door from work... and it's 10:55! I guess that covers the time he's taking off on Wednesday to be with me.
I also need to stop by the rehab hospital tomorrow and talk to them about what I need to have DH bring me when it's time to transfer to there. I want to get that packed so that he doesn't have to guess at what I want... and it helps keep me sane! Time to get DH's lunch stuff cleaned out of his lunch cooler and ready to repack early in the morning.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Big Date!

I saw the Orthopaedic surgeon this morning... I really liked him and his nurse Wendy. He looked at my chart... hung up my x-rays... talked about maybe doing some steroid injections... OR... doing total knee replacement. Then, he asked me how soon I wanted to do it... I answered, "soon" and he asked me what I was doing on Wednesday!!!!!

This Wednesday... I am having my left knee replaced. I am scared... but excited to have it done so soon. (His Uncle was going to have a TKR, but his aunt became very ill, so his uncle canceled on him this morning.) So... I get to take Uncle Sonny's place! I will be having a titanium prosthesis implanted, made in France... and it has a 30 year life expectancy or better! He says it's the best thing out there... wow... do I feel lucky. It's also a good thing to get it done quickly... because the next open day was Oct. 21st... and I would fret and stew until then.

So... I am off... to do some grocery shopping and get some stuff done up ahead for DH. I'm going to first start with making ahead a couple weeks worth of sandwiches for his lunch... and figure out what I can throw in the freezer for his dinner that won't kill me to make ahead. I also have to have enough dog food and dog treats on hand as well. I need to have DH stow a bunch of stuff on the porch and we need to clear out all the extra stuff in the bedroom to make it easier for when I come home. I will be in a rehab facility for at least 10 days before I come home though. (That's gonna drive both Nolli and Punky nuts!)

Well... I off in slow cloud to get some stuff done... Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pensive and Curious...

My Orthopaedic appointment is tomorrow... I'm a bit pensive about going... there are so many questions and thoughts I have about having knee replacement surgery. I'm pretty sure it won't be "right away"... but there are many things to be done to get ready for something that is so huge in my life. (I didn't even have this much anxiety over any of my cancer surgeries... all 3 of them, or my first knee surgery!) I'm certain I will be sent for an MRI... just not sure if it will be done on site... (they seem to have everything at their facility) or if I will have to have it scheduled for the hospital.

On the curious side... DH called me this morning... and said that his father called him this morning. His father tried calling him yesterday as well, but DH was so busy with work calls and paperwork, that he never got back to him. It seems that DH's first wife has been calling all of his family... trying to get his phone number to call him. It seems that DH's son is having an issue... and of course we don't know what it is. (I could speculate... I'm thinking it has to do with child support ending and the kid wants to go to school... and support was ended by the state as the kid was 18 and not enrolled in school. I don't think we will be giving any more support, even if he is in school.... we've been back home twice and the kid didn't want to see his Dad or meet me. ) Anyway... tonite, when he finally makes it back home... he will call from our landline (which we will block the number on) and find out why she's been calling everyone in DH's family. Should be an interesting conversation... and I don't know that DH will be kind.

Punky and Nolli are still adjusting... Nolli is still deferring to her... and I am doing my best to teach Punky that she cannot get in his face when I am trying to love him or give him treats... she's kinda getting the idea... but it's slow. Punky does get some time out of her crate... and lately, she likes to hang out on the sofa if I am at the computer. It's actually quite funny and cute! I will try and get a picture of her little head peeking over the back of the couch.

That's all I have for today... Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday Excitement!

We were taking it easy on Saturday... we'd had a nice breakfast of french toast and bacon and eggs. Then the phone rang... it was Miss J. from next door. She wanted to tell me that one of the neighbors across the street was having a garage sale... lots and lots of cars had already stopped. So... we got things cleaned up and headed over. We cut across Miss J.'s yard to cross the street. As we got to the edge of the road... a lady was crossing back over to our side, and she told us that she had seen a very tiny kitten go running across our yard. She said she was going to go find it... and with that, she was off.

We went to the garage sale... and DH found a Dell Computer System... (it had the hard drive removed) but it had a 17 inch flat screen monitor, sound card and speakers, keyboard, mouse and an all in one printer... for $30. (The monitor alone is worth $30!) I found a cute little white soup tureen... I've always wanted one... for $1.25. With that... we came home and DH brought all of our treasures into the house. Since it was such a nice day... we were in and out with the dogs, enjoying the sunshine and the yard... doing some laundry in between. As the day wore on, I got tired and went inside to read and rest.

Later... I came out to walk the dogs... (I'm still working with Punky... and I take her out after she's been in her crate to avoid any accidents) and as we came back down the driveway... she found half of an eaten mouse. (Yuck!) I called DH... but he was nowhere around. I even tried his phone... but no answer. So, I put the dogs into the stairwell... just as I saw DH climbing the stairs to the deck next door at Miss J.'s. He was wearing gloves... and had the little kitten in his hands.

He told me that as he was outside working, Miss J. came over to ask him to help her... she could hear the kitten crying under her windows on the North side of the house and had put food and water out... but the kitten wouldn't stop crying. He donned his gloves and went to help her... and as they set out to get the kitten... the kitten ran toward Miss J., who picked her up... and the kitten proceeded to scratch and bite her hand. (oooowwww!) DH took the kitten and held on to it until Miss J could get her cat carrier. We then encouraged Miss J to go to the ER for a tetanus shot. She called her sister who is an ICU nurse and her sister told her that yes, she did need a shot and antibiotics.

We took over care of the kitten while she went to the ER. This little, tiny, cute kitten is about 4 weeks old. But she is wild... and she hisses and spits and wales a pretty good punch for a little kitty. We ended up lending out Punky's crate, it's bigger than Miss J's cat carrier... and we fashioned a disposable litter box out of something DH had in the garage. Miss J is keeping her in one of the rooms in her cellar, off the garage. We thought we had things under control when Miss J called around 8:30 that night, and the little kitty managed to escape the crate from the bottom. DH went back over to catch her and put her back in... and they fashioned a cover from some insulation board to go around the bottom 2/3's of the crate.

Punky is using an old dog crate that is much smaller than she's used to... she doesn't like it one bit! Today... Miss J called to say that she is going to have to keep the kitten for the 10-day observation for rabies... the county animal shelters won't do it. (I've never heard of that... I figured if an animal bit you... it was surrendered and observed by the county.) She's hoping that the shelter would lend her a large cage so that Punky could have her crate back. Punky is currently on a leash and sleeping near by... it could work out to be a good training experience for her and help her get used to be a member of the family!

We aren't sure where this kitten came from... and it also looks like she was attacked at some point because she had dried blood on her side. Miss J says that the kitty hasn't groomed herself at all... which is probably because she's so young. Yesterday... I discovered the other half of the dead mouse... we do have a couple of hawks and some owls that live near by... and our big tree is a favorite roost while they feed. When DH picked up the first part of the mouse on Saturday, a hawk flew out of the tree... screeching the entire time... upset that we threw dinner away, I'm sure. Miss J told us that before we moved in, they would often see bones and fur lying in the driveway under the tree.

We also saw the deer up in the clearing late on Saturday. They have changed color... gotten much darker for Fall and Winter. We haven't decided if we are going to do deer crunch this year. Once you start to feed them, you can't stop during the Winter. It's a rather good expense... I think we'll just put out mineral salt licks for them. I know there are other people that live up the hill in the village that do put out feed... it's probably more than enough.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Workin' It!

I've been trying to do my physical therapy at home... I've been given resistance bands... and I am working my shoulders to stabilize my thoracic spine. It's hard work, and I am sore doing it. DH has to help me do one of them, doing a pull and slowly putting my arms back behind my back. That one wears me out.

I received my paperwork for my Orthopaedic appointment next week. I filled out all the paperwork... 4 different forms and took it along with my X-rays up to the doctor's office today. I'm glad I went up there today... it's not a huge facility... but it is spread out. They have their own on-site surgical center, their own rehab facility, and other doctors offices there. They also have their own on-site daycare center... not too shabby! Everyone seems really nice, when I go next week, all I will have to do is check in and pay my co-pay and then be sent to patient registration. Then the process will begin... it still scares me that I will have to have my knee joint replaced... and the pain of going through that process and recovery scares me as well. I hurt now... and I am trying to mentally balance out going through intense pain to regain mobility to the level of pain I currently have. (The problem with that is that I have a very high pain tolerance and it's tough to gauge it all!)

Work wise... DH is still going through issues with his supervisor... and we are still not certain what is going to happen. We are starting to consider moving back to Maryland even though it's not what we want. If it's what God wants... we have to be obedient and allow him to do the work and take care of the details. We both have trust issues with the supervisor... I wouldn't trust him to do anything he says... I have a gut feeling about a few things... but there isn't much more I can do other than pray, pray, pray and pray some more!

We are planning an easy weekend... not doing much more than cleaning house, doing a little yard work and maybe going out to Berger's Farm for an Antique Farm Equipment show. (That sounds like fun... eh?) I hope to get Nolli a bath tomorrow while it is nice... Punky needs one as well... but I'm going to wait as her ears are giving her some trouble. (I cleaned her ears yesterday... yucky... poor little dog! I don't think they've ever been done!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's been awhile...

I haven't posted... because I feel that all I am going to talk about is my knee.... and it's true this time. I went to the doctor again on Monday... and he cannot decide what exactly is going on with my knee being all hot and swelled. It's still hot but the swelling has gone down a lot. The office called today... and the doctor requested that I come in for lab work. So... I trucked on over to Bloomsburg and got it done.

I have tried to stay off of it... it's not easy to do. I had errands to do yesterday... and then make dinner and clean. DH is now working in Philly again... so I needed to get extra things made for his lunch because it's such a long day for him. One new development is that I now cannot get into the shower by myself. We have a 20" deep soaker tub... and it also has a 2 inch lip for the shower door glides. Using my step stool (as I have since we've moved in) I could not clear the glide, and could not get my leg over it by myself. DH had to help me over.

We are going to have to modify the bathtub and take off the doors, remove the glide bar and put up a regular shower curtain. We will also have to add a grab bar for me... I am not liking this new development, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. DH wants to modify the entire tub, but I don't know if we (I) want to spend the money to do that. We shall see what happens in the near future. For now... I will become an "evening shower" person... and I guess I will start getting more used to the "bed head" look again... Good thing I stocked up Bed Head "Modifier" hair product. I think I need to at least go in and have the back of my hair cut a little shorter to get it to do what I want. I'm also starting to develop plantar facisitis in both feet... yuck! I am doing physical therapy at home for it. (It just never seems to get better for me!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Night Adventure

So.. yesterday... I went to the doctor... got the great news that we've done what we could for my knee... and it's time for a Total Knee Replacement. With that news... I quietly came back home... stopping at the store to get a few things for dinner. (It was pouring down rain, and cold... so homemade chili was in order!)

I got everything into the house... walked the dogs... attempted to do some things around the house that resembled some housework. I got really tired. So I took myself a little nap... (soon to be interrupted by the phone ringing... and it went to the answering machine) I got up and got to working on making the chili for dinner. DH ended up being re-routed for the rest of his day... which put him 4 hours over on a Friday night. (Again!!!) By the time he came home, I wasn't moving very well. My left knee was the most swollen I've ever seen it, and it was also the "hottest" part of my body. I wasn't worried until the chills hit me.

I called my doctors service... but he had signed out for the weekend. His weekend cover sent me directly to the ER. We got there a little before 10 pm. We had to go through triage... and then wait for the ER Attending to come in. I think he thought I was a "doctor hopper" looking for pain meds. I am not one of those... at all. I told him that if he wanted to see my x-rays of what my knees looked like, I would send DH to the car to retrieve them. Finally, he realized that yes, I had seen my doctor today... and yes, my doctor did tell me that I have water on my knee... but that, no, my knee was not in it's current condition during that visit and only became that way that evening.

Long story short--- my blood pressure was sky-high ( duh! ) and I was starting to get an infection in the joint. That's a serious thing, considering all of my various medical situations. At one point, I looked straight at him and asked him... "Are you gonna treat me or not? Cause I'm getting a vibe that feels like you don't want to!" He did do a white blood cell count, which came back normal... and he gave me a broad spectrum antibiotic and a really good shot in the hip of Toradol to relieve my pain. We were outta of there by midnight and back on the road to home! Needless to say... I was quite "loopy" and we laughed a lot on the way home. I think I managed to get DH up out of bed a minimum of 4 times before we could settle in for the night.

Today... we took easy in the morning... and then did the whole pharmacy thing ... stopping at CVS, and also getting DH a haircut while we were at that shopping center... and on to Walmart to get my other script. We managed to grab an electric cart that worked... and the Walmart Greeter actually yelled and snarled at us as DH went to get the cart... I had been standing there waiting while she was off talking to someone else, so we helped ourselves. She did not make me feel welcome at all... I snarled back at her that IF she had the knee that I had... she'd help herself to a frikken cart too! Oh my!

We are now safely home... we've eaten, snacked... and relaxed. We've had Punky out of her crate for most of the day... she likes to lay on the bed with me. Nolli has also gotten up on the bed with us... it's been a cozy family afternoon. I am starting to feel better... the chills have stopped and although my knee is still hot, it's not nearly as warm as it was. I actually can feel a difference on the inside edge of my knee... like there's actually just enough room in there, instead of not enough! I'm getting a little woozy as I am keying... so I think I've written all that I can and have it make sense. I am hoping to be able to go to church tomorrow!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Now Official...

I went to see my primary care doctor today... and he has determined and recommended that I have my left knee replaced. Total Knee Replacement! Yikes... that has got me a Little Freaked Out! But... after examining my knee today... I have quite a bit of water on my knee.. my meniscus is torn (again!) and with the bone spurs that I have... he feels that I have little to no cartilage left and am walking bone on bone. (I have been that way for awhile!) But... now that I have jumped through the physical therapy hoops and done Hyalgan injections... it's very evident that it didn't work for that knee. (My right knee has a little pain... but nothing like it is with my left knee.)

Altho I have a very high pain tolerance, it's become an issue of mobility, even using the electric shopping carts, getting up and down is quite painful, even with having my knee braced and using my cane. It's enough to make me hold my breath as I get up! He's recommended a good surgeon in Bloomsburg, and that I can have Dr. Pyles, my general surgeon, to assist in the procedure so that I will have someone I know and trust there as well. (I really like Dr. Pyles... he's a real crack up!) Dr. Seidenberg said that he would let Dr. Williams cut on his own knee... that means something as Dr. Seidenberg did his sport medicine practice with the St. Louis Cardinals. (It's always fun to go to his office and see his signed sports memorabilia and pictures with the players... he knows people!) So... my first orthopaedic appointment is Sept 24th... just 2 weeks away... and then we will know more after that!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


I am remembering those who sacrificed and gave all... those who were innocent victims of terror, and the loss of innocence in America... that it "would never happen here."

I am grateful for those who serve in our military so that we retain the rights and freedoms we have in this Dear Nation of Ours. I am honored to say that I have many family members who have served, or are serving now in the military, or work in the hard jobs of police officer or fire fighter or first responder.

We all remember... and will never forget!

God Bless America!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Released... for the time being!

I have just returned from physical therapy... they've discharged me for my back and shoulder! I have a whole regimen of therapy exercises to do at home. I have bands to do resistance... and the goal is strengthen and stabilize my thoracic spine. For the most part... as long I don't turn funny or lift anything... I have zero pain in my back. (Lifting Punky sideways can give me a twinge... so I have to be careful.)

I see my primary care doctor on Friday... DH has additional testing to do tomorrow... so you can see how the rest of my week is gonna play out. I'm gonna be running... and I'm gonna be tired. Bear with me, okay? Today... my therapist and I talked about my knee... and what is in my best interest to do next... we both feel that I should ask to see my x-rays of my knee, and then push to have my left knee replacement done. It will be tough and grueling... as I don't have any real support system here to help me. (Gone are the days of having my Mom fly out and stay with me as I recuperate... those were true "diamond times.") I also have decided that it's time for a handicap placard for my car as well... I have the form filled out and ready to go for the doctor.

We are beginning to see the signs of Fall come to our yard. We have an ornamental cherry tree in our front yard... DH went out to the garage and quickly came back up to tell me that the entire herd of deer were feeding in our front yard! We only got a quick glimpse before someone driving down the street, yelled from their car and scared them all off. There are also a few trees beginning to change colors and I've seen a few smaller maples leaves on the ground already. Pumpkins are being harvested now as well... there is a large grower on the other side of the mountain... they have a few large crates already picked! It's hard to believe that soon we will be putting away all of our chairs and dismantling the trellis and all the flower pots and stowing them for winter... I've enjoyed our outside living area so much this year.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, September 7, 2009

FOR TODAY (September 7, 2009)...

Outside my window... it's cool and cloudy. It's very quiet outside today.

I am thinking... of all the projects that need to be finished before the snow flies this year.

I am thankful for... a hard working and very talented husband, our cozy home, and our fur babies... and for good health insurance.

I am wearing... denim shorts and my old (very old) navy v-neck sweater... and of course I'm inside, so my feet are bare right now!

I am creating... my Christmas shopping list in my head... and also looking for a birthday gift or two...

I am going... to physical therapy this week, and also to the doctor this week.

I am reading... nothing... I just finished reading The Shack. A former co-worker has tried to "taint" my views on this book... but I won't be deterred... I liked it!

I am hoping... and praying continually that DH's bosses will be convicted to do the right thing.

I am hearing... DH working on projects down in the basement. He's fixed a broken chair seat, and now is fixing some wiring for a couple of things that we got garage sailing..

Around the house... it still needs to be picked up, dusted and vacuumed from the last couple of days. There is a roast in the fridge that will soon go into the oven for dinner. Yummmm!

One of my favorite things... is that DH likes to help me in the kitchen... he baked cookies for me last night and made breakfast this morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Doctors appointments for both of us... physical therapy for me... getting bills paid this week, getting tires on the car and car maintenance... and remembering to order contact lenses for me!

Thanks for reading... I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day! Be blessed!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Heart... Soul.... Love

I love the skit guys... and often view thier videos on You-tube. Today I came across this... not the skit guys... but it reminds me of what is most important. This touched my heart today and I am sharing it with you....


Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trying to Be Good...

My back issue is not going away quietly... everytime I think I get a handle on it... "Boom!" It reminds me that it's still there and controlling just about everything I do. You add my bum knees to the mix... and it's a pretty clear picture that looks like I am falling apart before our very eyes. I am trying to stay on task with my physical therapy and do my exercises. I forget sometimes!

The other day... DH came home from work... and he was not a happy camper. He uses a quite large air compressor in his daily duties. Before we got married, he went and bought a very nice, shiny blue one from a big box retailer. It had lots of bells and whistles with it... his buddy T. (who is now his supervisor) wanted the company to buy it for DH... (so that he could later pull it and put it in his truck...) DH decided that he wanted to buy it himself so that he could have what he needed in certain situations. Anyway... a few months back, it had issues, and we discovered that the warranty that it had was no longer any good because the manufacturer went out of business. (It's a good thing that he didn't buy the extended warranty... it would have been of no use.) Now... back to DH not being happy... his compressor died! Gave up the ghost... and he came home and took it apart to discover that a belt drive had shredded.

We ended up taking a drive to Pennsberg to Supervisor T's house and borrowing his air compressor. We had a nice drive... and went to a new little chinese buffett before heading back out of town. We had a lovely dinner and an enjoyable car ride. We were gone most of the evening... getting home at 9:30. We were quite tired and poor DH because of my knees and my back... has had to pick up most of the slack for me. I can't really lift, can't carry laundry down, shouldn't be leaning over to load and unload the dishwasher. I do what I can... until I hit the wall... and then DH has to continue on. I am so blessed to have such a great man.

Things with Punky and Nolli are progressing. He still feels a little jealous from time to time. She's a very exuberant personality... full of energy and quite willlful. He's so laid back and sweet... just needed a little love and interaction from time to time. While I was laying on the bed with my knee encased in ice last night... I had DH let her out of her cage... she was up on the bed with me for snuggle time. She jumped right off and went to get water... and I called to DH to let him know she was out and about... he came down the hall to get her, but not before she jumped back up on the bed... all by herself! She's tiny... and Nolli has trouble jumping up on the bed. But not her... she hops right up there like a pro! Who knew!!!!

This month is going to be interesting... I see the doctor next Friday... I don't know if he will send me to an orthopaedic surgeon or if I will have to see one on my own. I've been doing some research, it's scary and I don't know that I will be able to come home right away without having some help or going to a rehab facility. There's also the stair issue and the fact that most everything in this home is not handicapped accessible... like the bathtub... it's deep, and I have to use a step stool to even get in!

Also this month, we have to have the car inspected... and it needs new tires. (I am hoping that the brakes are still good.) It's also cooling down, so we will need to buy heating oil. We are hoping that we won't have to move... I would hate to have to buy oil and then move! There's a lot on the plate... and of course, as always... we do covet your prayers.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!