Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nolli ~ Sweet Puppy Love!

Today was just a regular Tuesday. We got DH off to work and then we just chilled out... doing our regular stuff around the house. It seemed like a mild day... the wind had settled down and there weren't any huge gust's blowing the roof off. If I didn't know what day of the year it was... I'd swear we were in early spring... except for no leaves on the trees.

There is no real trace of snow on the grass... and just the big piles from when the snow plow came by.

Since it was such a nice day... I brought Nolli out to play in the sunshine and go to the post office with me. There weren't that many spaces open to park when we went... but I found a place to park with an empty space next to us. I left Nolli in the car... he was sitting in the front seat on top of my Aigner bag. I ran into the Post Office... and when I came out, someone had parked next to us and I could hear her telling the crew in her SUV to look at the dog.

As I walked across the parking lot... the lady who owned the SUV came walking toward me... I told her, "His name is Canolli." Her whole face lit up... and she exclaimed, "What a cute name for such a cute dog!" When I got to the car... there he sat, on my bag... with his tail wagging to beat the band. He was so happy to be recognized!

Tonight, he was so sweet and charming. He waited in the hallway until after we ate our dinner to see if there were any good things that we had saved for him. I made a simple supper of chili style hot dogs and Georgia Cracker salad. I swear that little guy knows the difference between a simple dinner and when I really cook something good. DH had worked outside today... and where he was, he had a good wind. He was weary from being cold all day. He put on his pj's and curled up on the bed right after dinner to get his legs warm and relaxed. Sweet little Nolli jumped up with his Dad and snuggled up to his legs. So sweet!

It touches my my heart so deeply, as Hubs has never been one to have an indoor pet, let alone one that can get up on the bed. He adores that Nolli has bonded to him... and they are so cute together.

He's such a sweet little guy... look at that face!

I got very lucky when I found this little guy at the animal shelter. He was only a 7 month old pup at the time. He is very loving... and his only trick is that he can shake for a treat. He does walk pretty well on a leash and understands sit, stay, and heel. I don't know that he would pass obedience training to be a therapy dog.... altho he would make an excellent therapy dog.

When he gets tickled, he sticks his tongue out... there is just a hint in this photo. And if you look on the right side of his nose... he has a little spot that is heart shaped. It's one of my favorite places to kiss him. (I am so crazy about this dog!)

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