Monday, December 29, 2008

Mundane Monday

It is a mundane Monday, for sure! DH has gone back to work after 4 glorious days at home. We celebrated the Christmas Holiday with food, gifts, fun and friends. I am so wanting to take down the tree... but I am waiting for 3 Kings day, or 12th night.... and it's already trying my patience. With DH gone to work... I am feeling bored and lonely today. I miss talking to DH and laughing about silly things.

Altho... since he has gone back to work... I'm not constantly in the kitchen. When he's home... all I do is cook and wash dishes. I get tired very easily of doing that... I can handle doing 2 meals a day... but when it becomes 3 meals and a few snacks... that's just way too much! I do try to keep several things made up to make it easier. I always have lunch meats and cheeses on hand. I almost always have hard boiled eggs and egg salad made up as well. I have a couple of home made cheese balls done up too. I haven't done very much in sweets, as we both have a huge sweet tooth and don't need to constantly feed it.

On other topics... I had someone become a follower today... and then tonight as I came back on line to welcome them... they had vanished! (Hmmmm... was it something I didn't say or do?) I did check my visitor log and see that someone from Mossyrock was reading! Hey! How are you!?! I know that y'all have a ton of snow! Haven't been up your way in several years.

I'm figuring out what I need to make for New Years Eve. I think I will do mexican food... maybe just my homemade tacos and chili cheese dip for later. And of course on New Years Day, I will make some black eyed peas for wealth and prosperity. I saved my ham bone from Christmas just for that! (I may even make some cornbread!)

Poor DH... has to cover the entire region this week... lots of hours and not any overtime! Booooo! He hasn't even taken a shower yet, in case he gets called out before bedtime. Nolli dog was a bed-muffin again all day today. He is not acting entirely right at all... I hope it's just a phase. On a facebook note... Jules~ the wedding pics are beautiful and Jessie looks so happy! It was good to see pics of Jake being happy too!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


King of New York Hacks said...

I think one day , I will pack up and move to your make believe town...too good to be true !!

Suzanne said...

Actually, it really is like this... we only lock the door at night. The town police drive by once a day to see that all is well. And it's quiet... no noise, no deep base rumbling to rattle the windows... no sirens except for when the rescue squad gets called... and I rarely hear them.
We moved from Baltimore City... I couldn't make this up!!!