Friday, December 19, 2008

Done and Gone!

The snow is done and gone for today... (they say we'll get hammered again on Sunday.) We got around 8 inches of snow and then freezing rain on top! My Christmas Box for my family was sent off today as well! That's a story all of it's own... but here's what happened first!

DH was going to take a snow day today. The storm was to begin between 6-9 am... and to last about 12 hours. Even the weather maps on TV showed that this was gonna be a doozy! We talked about it and figured that if he had to take vacation time, he would lose his overtime, but his life and safety is worth more than any money we would lose. Well... a snow day for him was not to be!

We were busy this morning... DH was tracking his hours and his counts and doing paperwork while I was busy getting all the gifts for my family taken care of and wrapped. I got everything done and placed in the box. DH went to the basement and got the bubble wrap and plastic air bag padding... he got it all wrapped up and we taped it up. I got it addressed... and then his phone went off. Yep! He got an emergency call for U*P*S and had to change to get on the road.

Now... this is happening in the middle of a REALLY BAD snow storm... And the site he had to go to was at a higher elavation and it was 50+ miles north... right in the heart of how the storm was tracking.

He called me from the road several times on the way up... there were sooo many accidents... and many big rigs that were jack knifed all along the way. He finally got there after an 1 1/2. He did his repair work... it took about 5 minutes to fix the problem and he was back out the door.

His trip home was fraught with problems. For one thing... he had to go up hill to get back out of the industrial park he was in... and he couldn't get enough traction because he had to slow down for some kids who were walking in the middle of the road and refused to move. Once he stopped, he couldn't get going again.

As I helped him get ready to leave this morning... I packed him a lunch with extra beverages. I also had him take the snow shovel and a container of salt melt with him. God works it all out for us... because if he hadn't had the shovel and salt... he'd still be trying to get off that hill.

His trip home took him almost 4 hours. He was exhausted from having to literally shovel his way up the hill to get back to the interstate. His trip back down the interstate was again fraught with too many accidents to count. But on the bright side... he did manage to get my package sent while he was in the U*P*S facility. It cost us an arm and a leg to send... and it's going fricken ground! It will definitely not make it for Christmas... and more likely it will be New Years!

Once he got back home... he needed a good 45 minutes to de-stress... and then it was out to the driveway to finish shoveling what didn't get plowed out. I had parked my car to the side and they plowed around it. DH took Nolli out with him and they played and romped while DH shoveled. Nolli just loves the snow and he can run forever in it if you don't slow him down.

We had left over French Onion soup tonight... it was just perfect after all the cold and worry and frustration. I am hoping for a good night's sleep... I managed to trip last night while taking Nolli out and rolled my right ankle and pulled my lateral ligament. I am mobile, but hobbling around and need to use my cane again. ( I so didn't need to injure that knee right now... it's the one they want to replace... and I'm not ready for that.)

Tomorrow, I hope to do some baking... I hope to make some dinner rolls, a loaf of bread and a couple pans of cinnamon rolls. I also want to make a couple of batches of Christmas cookies too! Sounds like a lot of baking... I really do need sleep to do all of that!

Thanks for reading... Be Blessed!


Pearl said...

oh pretty girl, i am SO glad that your hubby is home safe. how absolutely scary it must've been for you (and for him) to have to go out and be separated from eachother during such treacherous weather conditions. i'm sorry to hear about your leg, too :( i hope it feels better soon!
have a great day baking tomorrow! can't wait to see pictures :)

Suzanne said...

It was worse for him, believe me! He had to stop and shovel for a quarter of a mile... 10 feet at a time. I don't know if there will be any baking today... my ankle is purple and swollen. I think I need to stay off of it!

What cool things are you going to be up this weekend? ;)