Thursday, December 11, 2008

Current Weather Report-grab your swim fins!

We have had a nice cozy evening here. DH made it home from all of his travels by a little after 5pm. I was a little concerned because he ventured north this morning in the midst of an ice storm. He went up to Scranton and afterwards, came back to work in Humboldt, just down the road. After that, he traveled down the PA turnpike, which is at a higher elevation, so he was in the wintery mix of rain and sleet.

After dinner... we kicked back and just watched tv and did work... hearing the rain outside. DH even took Nolli-dog out twice during the evening. About 10:45... I had gotten into bed and DH came in to finish the tv show he was watching... and I commented on the rain, asking if what I was hearing was rain and ice mixed. He raised the window blind and looked out... to see our little stream had become a huge raging river!

We donned our rain gear and I grabbed my umbrella and we headed out the door... to be greeted by another raging river coming down our driveway and right across our front door! He ran to his truck and pulled out his big powerful flashlight so we could really see what was going on. Yep... the stream is a good 10 feet out of it's banks just north of the house. We can't even get to the bridge. We walked around to the back... it was deep and flowing fast past our feet. We walked up the driveway to the road and went to check out the bridge at the street level... we have 3 different drains that come together at the base of the street bridge... It's no wonder there is so much water in the yard.

We came back inside, glad to know what the noise is... glad to know that the garage is okay. Glad to know that even with water in the basement, we don't have anything down on the floor to worry about. As we came back upstairs, DH said, "Who says you can't have fun walking in the rain at night!" He was right... we did have fun splashing around and investigating all the water run-off. I will say that I am more than a little worried about having a skating rink out there in the morning, we are due for snow tonight as the temperature drops. It's funny... as I sit here and listen, it's gotten quieter, the rain must be passing. I guess it's time for me to go and get warm again and let Nolli-dog know that Mom and Dad really aren't all that crazy, no matter what he thinks! Also need to make sure our coats are hung right to get dry by morning.

Thanks for reading! Be Blessed.


This Little Hen said...

WOW... sounds like wether you have ice or not it is going to be a muddy day at your house! Hope you stay warm and dont get any ice skating rinks in your front yard!

Suzanne said...

Hi! It's amazing that this morning, the stream is back in it's banks and we don't really have any mud! It's was actually 36 degrees... so, No Ice! But by the time I got DH out the door, made myself some breakfast... it had started snowing. It's just a trace amount, but it's beautiful to see!