Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nothing much today....

We don't really have all that much going on today at Sugarloaf Cottage. We both managed to stay up way too late last night. We both spent time cooking and cleaning for various meals. We both spent time on the internet. And we both watched a couple of old movies. Needless to say... I still woke up at 5am... the storm hadn't started here yet, so I tried to go back to sleep and gave up at 8:30. The snow had started by then, but we only got a dusting of 2 inches this time.

We have gone back out for groceries... (DH seems to eat a lot more when he's home.) And we have moved some furniture upstairs. My ankle is throbbing and swollen as a result and I am thinking it needs to be immobilized with my Bledsoe boot. I know that if I do that... it will eventually heal and I will be able to do more.

So... no baking for today. I will attempt it tomorrow. This afternoon, the storm has cleared, the sun is out and it's actually quite pleasant out. I was out in just a heavy winter sweater on with jeans... and I didn't really get cold if I was out in the sun. They say the winds are going to be coming in soon... 40-50 mph winds! I'm ready to just stay in and be quiet for now.

Thanks for reading... sorry I don't have more today! Be Blessed!

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