Monday, December 22, 2008

Ohhhh... It's so cold!!!

The whole nation is in the deep freeze right now... but I had no idea of just how cold it can get here in our little valley! We woke up to 1* degree and a wind blowing briskly... making it feel like -20*. What's worse.... was that we were due for our heating oil delivery this morning... and I turned the thermostat down to 50* to conserve what little bit of oil we had left. It gets cold in this house really quickly... and I am wondering what they used for insulation. (I ordered oil last week, but the soonest they could come was today.) DH said that we had burned through the last 1/8th of a tank like it was nothing! If it keeps up like this... we will burn through the oil we just got very quickly.

Needless to say... I can't be at the computer too long... it's too close to the south window and when the wind blows... I can feel the breeze! We will be putting plastic up on the windows when DH gets home. I do have both sets of drapes pulled to try and keep the warmth in... but it's like a small bandaid on a cut that needs stitches. I just checked on the outside temp... we're up to 17* degrees and with the windchill... it feels like it's 1* degree. Brrrrr!

Lucky for DH... he's working in a heated building today. And Nolli-dog is a total bed-muffin... he hasn't moved since he came back in from DH letting him out this morning. (Smart dog!)
That's all I've got for now... I'm going to crawl into bed for a little bit and warm up til DH gets home.

PS: DH did a quick check of the windows tonight and discovered that the storm windows in the living room had not been pulled down! Yikes... we wasted a lot of heat! But NOW we are set for the winter and should see a lot less heat wasted. We still have a couple of other things to do and we should be a lot warmer!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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