Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Did at Work Yesterday!

Yesterday at work... it was spirit day. Since I'm a new employee, I really didn't know what it entailed. We are also doing a fundraiser for the Light the Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma... our site has a team and we're all walking...(remember that!) Anyway, we were treated to one of the best catered Italian lunches... with penne pasta in a rich tomato sauce and lots of yummy cheese and some of the best meatballs ever. There was salad and fresh italian rolls. And a very yummy dessert spread, with pies, cheesecake and a sheetcake to celebrate birthdays. It was lovely and good and everyone enjoyed it, so much so that there were NO forks or plates left in the lunchroom today!

We all went back to work after... but only for a few minutes... because it was "Toss the Boss" time! We all went outside to the back loading area where all the supervisors were sitting in chairs... in shorts and t-shirts. And we all got to purchase water balloons with the money going to the cancer walk for our team. There were more than a few hundred water balloons sitting on a portable work cart... and anyone who wanted could partake in throwing a water balloon at the bosses. There were more than a few who took great joy in throwing balloon after balloon at their supervisors. Sometimes the sups would catch the balloon and throw it back. It was great fun... to go outside and have a water balloon fight after lunch. Some of the guys who service the fire extinguishers got in on the action by having some of the large tanks filled with water and hosing off their supervisor with the hose... from behind all the action. So much fun and so much laughter!

What a great concept to get paid to have fun and throw water balloons while being on the clock~ I don't know who was answering the phones... but it was fun to let 'em ring! It was so much fun to come home and say... "Honey, you won't believe what I did at work today!" It was also fun to share with customers on the phone about what we did and hear... "I wanna work where you work!"

Thanks for reading.. be blessed!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paying For It... Still!

We went to the Bloomsburg fair yesterday. It was opening day. We braved the crowds... and yet took our time seeing all the FFA, 4-H, Grange and Homemaker and Garden Club entries and exhibits. We watched timed fence jumping by the 4-H kids. We ate all sorts of good junk food... and had some of the best onion rings ever!

It was warm and sunny! And I forgot to wear sun screen... didn't even think about it until it was too late. I fried my face... I look a bit like Rudolph today. DH did really well... managing to avoid anyone bumping into him. He fried his face too!

We walked and walked... probably around 2 miles yesterday. We did stop and rest... and I did take a couple of anti-inflammatories. But with my new knee... things don't exactly measure up straight anymore. My left leg is actually straighter and longer than my right, which is crooked and turns in. I really felt it in my hips and lower back as well... and today, I can barely move. I am really paying for that trip to the fair today!

DH discovered something on this trip around the fairgrounds that we ladies can relate to... he discovered that with his arm in a sling close to his body, his weight is more forward, and it causes his back and shoulder to hurt! But he only has straps that dig in on one side!

It's time for me to go get ready for work tomorrow. It's going to be a busy start to the week... and I am hoping to be able to keep up.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Managed...

I did it! I managed to make it through this week. I managed to get my "speed" up at work. It seems as though I hit it hard, but because leaving voice mails don't count, I took a hard hit on my work today. I had "8" calls that were voicemail contacts. Those don't count against the end of the day count... so I only managed 54 contacts today. I also managed a huge amount of email contacts and faxmail contacts too.
It's tough to bring in the money... and I am going to have a huge amount roll over into the 60 day bucket, but I have a lot of payments coming in after it rolls over. Such is life. I hope it puts me in a great place at the end of October.

I am also excited to be going to the 'Bloomsburg fair this year. Last year I missed it because I was busy having my knee replaced. DH has told me recently that he finally understands what I meant when I couldn't get my leg and knee to do what I wanted after surgery. Your muscles are in shock from the trauma and go to sleep... and it takes awhile for the nerve path to regenerate and wake those muscles up. He's trying to get his arm and shoulder to work together and raise his arm up. It's a process, for certain. Between the 2 of us, we only have 3 good arms and 3 good legs to get things done!

I'm still tired at night... I have to remember to stay hydrated and to eat enough during the day. It's hard to have a bowl of cereal a 7:00am and eat breakfast at 12:30. I only eat half my lunch because it's so late. We can eat at our desks, but I'm too busy to take the time... I gotta keep it rolling!

Thanks for reading/// be blessed!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I did try!

I tried to post last night... but I just couldn't get it all together. I had a post almost done and I deleted most of it. My laptop mousepad is set too sensitive. (Or at least it was until after DH fixed the settings.)

My workweek is going by in a blur. I stay so busy all day long, I don't have time to even remember to take a break or get something cold to drink. Yesterday was also physical therapy day for DH... it was a long session and by the time we stopped for dinner and gas and for an ATM run... I was more than ready to get home. (Which was at 8:00 pm last night.) I vaguely remember falling into bed close to 10:00 and I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in.... that's tired!

I did manage to watch GLEE last night. I am always surprised by what they manage to pull off and I love the music! We also managed to watch Two and a Half Men... that show makes me down right belly laugh. Tonight is Survivor... and speaking of Surviving, I came home in a horrid thunder storm that had high winds, hail and rain drops as big as your fist. It was pretty bad... and our patio flooded like crazy. The stream went up over it's banks too... and we took a little water in our basement, but it wasn't too bad down there. Our new neighbor has put in new downspouts and splash guards. One is right near her basement door... and I've tried to tell her that it was only going to fill up her basement door area faster, but she doesn't want to listen. Something tells me she's going to be a real trial to live with... and I already miss how cordial and easy it was to live with our old neighbor.

Time for Survivor! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where Did It Go????

Oh Wow... did this weekend ever go by in a blur! Where did the time go? I think I last relaxed on Friday evening and the rest is a sheer blur. We ran errands, got DH's phone reprogrammed with features he used to have, shopped for Punky, DH has his hair cut, we picked up prescriptions and I think we went to the Wal*Marts at least twice on Saturday and once today. Oh... and I forgot, we went to Target too... got a new blue tooth there.

And today... DH did laundry, I cleaned in our bedroom and got things straightened up. Then I tackled something I have been wanting to do since we moved here. I went through all of my jewelry and organized it, cleaned it, and DH has a nice pile of things that need to be repaired. At least now, when I get ready for work, I can pick things out without having to search and dig for what I want.

We did grill out for dinner tonight. It was good... thick steaks, grilled corn, fresh cauliflower with cheese sauce. DH went to take Punky out after dinner... and it was rainy like crazy! We managed to get dinner done in just the nick of time! So, here I sit, contemplating what I am going to wear to work tomorrow, watching the movie "The Family Stone" and trying to cool off after running my legs off this weekend. Really, seriously... where did the time go???

Sitting here wondering... Thanks for reading, be blessed!

Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Days Ago?

Was that the last time I sat down to really look at my computer and blog? Alot has happened in 3 days... trips up and down the freeway, trips downtown to physical therapy, trips to buy groceries and work supplies, and work and a little bit of sleeping in between. I did read in my comments that I won an award from Maranda over at Happiness 101! That's really cool!

Thank you, Maranda for giving me such a wonderful award! It makes me very happy to recognized.

We woke up this morning to sick puppy dogs. DH decided to give them some leftover hotdogs... that didn't sit well with them... poor babies. I had Nolli dog pacing and racing to the door to go outside. Because I had to get ready for work, that left DH to clean up the messes that were made during the night. (Ear plugs and Ambien keep me out for most of the night... I really don't hear much at all!)

DH had done 2 sessions of physical therapy. He's weaning himself out of his immobilizer, doing some exercises and stretching. He's been ahead of the game by using his hand to do small tasks and his therapist is pleased with his progress. He has a very long way to go before he'll be able to raise his arm up, let alone up over his head. But it is progress and we are glad for that.

I've finished an entire week of work... and it's been a little tough for me. I am feeling it in my back and my right arm and hand... all that typing I do and dialing a phone... it does take it's toll. But I like the people I work with... and yes, there is stress with the job, but I remind my supervisor that I am on a steep learning curve and it will come with a little more time. I actually did quite well today, much to her surprise, I covered quite a bit of ground along with phone calls and email, given the mess I inherited from the person who left. She didn't too good of a job with notes, and left alot of old stuff on the books that should have been addressed a long time ago. I get my first shot of getting it taken care of on Monday morning with my first conference call to the location and managers and service reps that I cover. It's a little daunting that it's my meeting and I get to run the show... but I think I can do it.

Well... I've rambled on long enough! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Whine and Snivel!

Well... today is Tuesday. It has been a very long day for me. I rolled out of bed at about 5:45 or 5:50 to start getting ready for work. I hit the road about 7:15 after having a bowl of cereal. I did the work thing all day, taking only half my lunch break today to help a new coworker sign into our online hr department to set up her profile for benefits and payroll.

I flew back home after 5:00, stopped in the driveway long enough for DH to climb in the car and we headed downtown for his first physical therapy appointment. That's what my Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be like until after the first week of October. We did stop to get a bite to eat for dinner... and then I came into the house to get dogs fed and walked, figure out what I am wearing tomorrow, pack a lunch, cook up fresh green beans that DH snapped for me and get the dishwasher loaded. I finally sat down with slippers on my feet and jammies about 8:30. If I had kids... I think I'd be dead by now!

Honestly... I don't know how working Moms do it... and homework? I don't even think I could even begin to have to help with homework. It's now 10 pm and all I want to do is fall into bed and sleep. I do have to say that it was very sweet and cute to see Punky dance and leap when she realizes that I am home. She is always so thrilled to see me... and I have started making sure that she realizes that I am leaving each morning. I tell her good-bye and DH says that she spends all her day in her bed now that I am working. Poor little dear... she has started sleeping on the bed with me as well... (she woke me up around 4am this morning because she wanted to snuggle and play...)

I'm so done tonight... my contact lenses are having a hard time staying on my eyes. Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Oops!

My poor husband has not had the best weekend... yesterday while we were at the Wal*Marts, (picking up more pain meds for him) I also needed to get a few things for home. Dog food was one of those items. It can be rather close in that aisle for some reason. And some (rude) lady ran right into him, hitting his injured shoulder. She didn't even blink, let along apologize or ask him if he was alright. He was in pain... and remained that way for most of the weekend.

Today, he tried to do a few things for himself... and it seemed as though most everything he did was a struggle. He made me a glass of diet pepsi and missed the glass, pouring soda on to the dishwasher top and the floor.  Later, he tried to pour himself a glass of ginger ale. He managed the pour, but as he tried to put the cap back on the bottle, he knocked over the glass he had just poured and it went all over the freshly washed kitchen floor...and his pants and his new sneakers. Tonight at dinner, he had issues again... this time it was with his burger... he couldn't hold on it.

The kicker for his whole weekend.... was that he dropped his cell phone out of his pocket... it was two feet from the floor and broke the screw type key that holds the battery to the phone. He has the G'zone phone... the expensive, Army rated device that is shock proof, dust proof, water resistant and does a bunch of other stuff... and it broke... from hitting our kitchen floor. It's not hard wood and there is no cement.. it's a floor that is done from douglas fir and has a 40 year old piece of linoleum on top of it. It should have been just fine. So... I just hung up from our wireless provider... and also with the insurance company. It will be $50 to replace it... (and I already know that it's going to be a refurbished device.) And after he gets all of his pictures off the phone, I will be activating his old phone.

I'm heading to bed now... my ambien has kicked in... and I don't type so well when I'm woozy.
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well... that was fun!

Things have gone by in a blur the last couple of days. Work went fairly smooth on Friday... and I am sure that what I did will be reviewed and scrutinized on Monday. The best of the day was going out with a few of the girls to a little neighborhood bar for a few libations and noshes... don't worry, I had diet Pepsi. It was fun to laugh and be silly and get to know some of the ladies that I work with... they are all hard working and have overcome some of the same stuff I have... so I feel that I am in good company!

DH and  I decided to go up to the Amish Farm Market again. We always find such good produce and this week was no exception. We finally were there early enough to purchase some of the best looking cauliflower I've ever seen. I can't wait to cook it and eat it! We also bought more fresh green beans, oatmeal whoopie pies (so divine!) and smoked sausage sticks. I just love getting goodies from there!

We also met our new neighbor this afternoon. We had a good visit with her, getting to know her and learning about what had brought her to our small town. We were able yo give her feedback and suggestions about what she needed to set up and what utilities she was going to have to have. Since we are familiar with the house she's moving into, DH was able to help her figure out if she had the correct electrical hook ups for her washer and dryer. After they had gone down to the basement... I figured I'd go down to the basement as well and then go outside. I didn't have what I would call a successful trip down the steps. They are old, wooden, and worn. I got half way down and my foot slipped on the worn part and ended up stopping 2 steps down with my left foot on the step and my right knee being bent straight back. It hurt... alot! I've been up the stairs twice now and it feels as though things in my right knee are loose and want to separate. Not the best feeling... and I am now parked on the sofa with ice packs and tylenol. (That part was not fun!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changing It Up

I've been blogging lately about going  back to work... it's time to write about something else.

I haven't mentioned him much lately, but I need to write about Cannoli. That's his name... Cannoli Etore~  his first name is because he's as sweet as the dessert he's named for and his middle name is italian for loyal, which he certainly is...his my good old dog... also known as Nolli-dog. He's been my baby for over 7 1/2 years, a pound puppy that had been 2 little boys Christmas puppy. They became too busy with baseball to take care of a pup. I found him at the shelter, in the midst of blaring music, wet concrete and 80 other barking dogs. Most dogs, as you go through a shelter, will come to the kennel gate and jump and bark to get your attention. Not Nolli... he was the only dog that was calmly sitting in the center of his cage. I knew instantly that he was a well adjusted dog... and he proved me right when we entered his kennel to get to know him. He came right up and sat in my then boyfriends lap and nuzzled up, inspite of the noise and chaos going on.

Nolli has been with me through a huge break up, moving into roommate situations 3 times. He's endured having to share his toys and have his dish invaded by other dogs. He's always been able to make the transition, no matter what I have done to make our lives better. He's my trooper. He was in a kennel for 12 days as we prepared to move and find a new house. He became quite ill while in the kennel and I made him a promise that I'd try to never do that to him again. He's just too sweet to leave behind anyway!

When I met DH and brought him to meet Nolli, it was rather late in the evening. Nolli barked at having someone unknown enter the house with me. But once I reassured Nolli that it was ok, he calmed right down. It was so fun to see the relationship grow between Nolli and DH... and Nolli loves his Daddy very much. They are now so bonded that most of the time, Mommy isn't all that important anymore.

Last year when I was in the hospital for my knee replacement, DH brought Nolli to visit me as he was very depressed and missed me. Once he was able to see me and licked my outstretched hand, he was his happy self once again.

It's been interesting with the new transition in our lives of Mommy going back to work. It might have had him wondering the first day as I got dressed, but not anymore. He's once again adjusted and he does not seem fazed in the least about my leaving each morning.

I have noticed in the past week that he has been asking for belly rubs more often. And I have relented about having him on the sofa... he loves to come up between us and to have a little snuggle time between Mom and Dad. He loves his evening snack and will ask us to have one after he's had dinner. DH hasn't been able to give him as much love attention as he usually does with his arm in the immobilizer. so he's been coming to me a little more than usual for attention. Tonight, as I am writing this, he's sleeping at the end of the coffee table, with his outstretched paw resting on his dog treat, guarding it from a little red dog who likes to steal them and bury them in her dog crate in the living room.

He's got such good manners... we've had a great deal of activity in our yard and driveway in the past week or so... lots of visitors... and even though he may bark at noise, he listens when reassured that it's okay. He enjoys meeting new people. And he loves when our neighbor is in her yard... he goes to the edge of the patio and waits to be greeted and to be told it's ok to go and greet her. It's sweet and touches my heart that he appreciates being recognized and greeted. Even our landlord likes to greet him and pet him. He's my sweet old boy... and I am so glad to have such a wonderful dog like him!

Thanks for reading about my special boy! Be blessed!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Working Girl

That's what I am... I seemed to have made it through 4 days of work... and they seem to like me! I still don't have my own computer and have to share with someone after they have left for the day. I managed to spend 1/2 the day on the phones all by myself. I can't wait until I can do this job at my own desk.

We are still slowly working on the mouse issue. DH has put traps out and today he caught one very big mouse. It was an adult... at least 2 years of age according to DH. (He used to have mice for pets. Shuddddderrrrrrrrrr!)  I still have a couple of things to put away... but I didn't seem to get to it tonight by the time I got home, did a couple of things and then headed back out for dinner. After dinner, we came home to get a few other things done, like watering flowers and such. I am very tired... but I will eventually get use to a full time schedule.

Keep me in your prayers as I adjust to working again and learn the ins and outs of this particular job. It's a little more aggressive than my last 2 jobs... but I'll get there! Everyone else seems to have gotten "there"... there are a lot on the team that have been there for less than a year... but to listen to them on the phones, you'd think they had been there forever. I hope to sound that good soon!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Unexpected Visitors

Today started as a quiet and peaceful day. We had a simple breakfast... and made plans to go to a local dog park. We drove over the hill, but a new batch of gnats hatched over night... it was way tooooo bad to go for a walk. We all would have ingested more than our daily quota for such things like bugs! It really was bad.

We came home and on our way, stopped at one of the local farms to buy some sweet corn for our dinner. We decided that we would grab our laptops, a cool drink and chill out on the patio under our umbrella. I made more than one trip up and down the stairs during the time we were outside starting at around 11:30. The longest stretch we were out at any one point was about an hour.

We came back inside at 2:00... I was going to make a sandwich for each of us. I had the under cabinet lights on, and to my surprise... there were mice droppings on my counter. Wha???????? It was cold last night... and apparently they came up into the kitchen~ and I went into "freak-out mode." (Mind you, there was nothing on the counters all day until between 1 and 2!) We have spent the rest of our day carefully cleaning our entire kitchen area. DH has discovered their mode of entry and we have obtained traps. He made a customized piece of 1/4 inch plastic to cover the hole that the mice have been using. I think we have seen the last of them up here. (I prayerfully hope so!)

We have boxed up all of our food that is in cardboard or cellophane or anything that a mouse could chew through... and placed all of it in huge rubbermaid tubs that we use for moving. Everything in the entire kitchen has been washed, bleached, dried and put away on clean shelf liner. I am so terribly tired at this point, I can't even begin to tell you. I don't know how I will be able to go in and make a lunch for tomorrow... I think I will probably do take-out tomorrow.

DH is working on putting things back in proper form... even with his one arm! He's an amazing man and I cannot thank him enough for helping me with such a huge job. I am totally "yucked out" by this whole entire thing. I once had baby mice invade a desk drawer at work, about the time it started to get cold. It was a horrid mess and I had to throw some treasured things away because they ruined them. I still get so skieved out! Traps are going out... tonight. It will give DH something to do tomorrow while I am at work.

Sorry to share such horrid news. Thanks for coming by.... be blessed!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall... and Life in Town

Wow... it seems as if the weather here has turned to Fall already. We went up to the Pocono Amish Market yesterday... on the way, there were so many trees that have started to turn red, orange and brown. It's much colder and windy... I needed a jacket this morning.

We did enjoy the market yesterday... it was busy as all get out with lots of people from New York. You can always tell... because they cut in line, don't read signs and are pushy. It's a holiday weekend, so there were lots of them. Anyway, we did buy eggs and butter, green beans, zucchini and squash, cookies and whoppie pies and of course we bought sausage from our favorite Amish guy Mr. B. It's fun to go up and then be able to chat with him for a brief moment... I know that he appreciates that we take the time.

I came down with a cold yesterday. It's my own fault as I went to lunch with some of the girls in the office and they smoke. It's no wonder I am sick... stupid, stupid, stupid! So I am taking sudafed to dry up the fluid in my ears. I am certain that I will be asleep soon.

We had a huge 3 alarm fire down on Main Street this morning. The building is almost behind us but half a block straight down and 2 lots over. It gutted the entire building and when I walked down at 8:30, they were still doing clean up and check work. There were 4 businesses downstairs and 4 apartments upstairs. There are 2 elderly ladies that live up there, and 1 had to be rescued. Poor dear. Everyone got ok but 1 of the firemen fell and broke an ankle. Ouch! That was probably the 4th or 5th ambulance (siren) round that came through. Poor DH was trying to sleep in the recliner and heard the entire thing... he said he couldn't see flames because the smoke was so thick and black. I talked to Miss Millie that lives on Main Street  across the way and 2 doors down... she woke up to see the orange flames on her walls and first thought her house was on fire... scared her to death!

I'm going to be working on laundry today... as much as my stuffy head and my achy back will allow me. Yeah... my back... I turned wrong trying to get comfortable to go to sleep and it's been achy ever since! I probably need to see the chiropractor... but it's going to have to wait now! So... I'm off to sort clothes, and try to keep my head clear from all this stuffiness!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whoa... I'm tired!

This has been a very long day! I woke up at 4am and after trying to get warm, going to the bathroom, and having to Punky back to bed, I managed to just doze and I was finally sleeping well when the alarm went off. My saving grace was that I knew what I was going to wear to work today.

Work today was training... sitting side by side with top collectors and learning the computer system. It's really not that hard, but I get going to fast and hit keys in the wrong sequence and have to back track. The first trainer was not too patient with me... but it's okay.

I came home with very little traffic or slow downs and even stopped at the post office. I was livid at the envelope I received from the local Social Security office. I went in on Tuesday to get a new card, didn't have the correct document but the agent gave me a mailing envelope and told me that since she had seen me in the office, that all I would have to do is copy the document and mail it back to her. I got it all back in the mail today with a note that said I would need to come in with the original documents... and she sent me back the copy that she made on her scanner! Grrrrrrrrrrr.... I hate stuff like that. I don't know when or how I will ever get back there.

Anyway... I quickly made dinner and got it in the oven, did a few things around here and then served up what I made. As soon as I was done eating... I picked up my keys and headed back out the door. I headed up the hill to the pharmacy, to the gas station and then to Wal*Mart to get a couple things I need for work. I did it all in an hour and ten minutes. I came home... loaded the dishwasher... and then said I was done!

We have dress down tomorrow... but I need to hem my jeans, and I am too tired to do it. I cannot wear my regular jeans... they are just not "casual Friday jeans" anymore. I will probably just wear something casual with out too much fuss... I am still thinking about it.

I'm tired and headed for bed after Project Runway... if I can stay awake that long!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working! And Other Stuff...

My first day of work went well... the day was actually short as I reported a 1/2 hour later than normal and I was in training for the day.I was sweating bullets as I drove to work this morning as I left about 8 minutes later than I planned... and as I got near the freeway construction 5 miles from my exit... I got stuck in a rolling slow-down! I thought for certain I was going to be late on my first day... but I made it with 2 minutes to spare. Yikes! Anyway... when my last training session was done, I was introduced to the person that I will be sitting with tomorrow... and then I was free to go. It was nice to come home early... an easy way to break myself in to going back to work!

In coming home early... I was greeted by a big surprise. My healing and handicapped husband was finished defrosting our "old" freezer. (This freezer was a Craigslist find, it's a very old model and is not frost-free.) I accidentally didn't get the door closed after removing veggies for dinner last night... and I melted all the ice cream... because there was ice build-up. We were going to defrost it over the weekend. but DH did it for me. I can't believe he was able to do it with one hand and arm. He is amazing. I was able to help him got through old stuff and replace the keepable stuff into the clean freezer. Awesome.

Oh... last night the deer were present in the area. Before I made it outside, the fawns were playing in the stream and splashing each other. I missed it, but Miss J was out on her deck and got to see the whole thing. I love stuff like that.

We decided to head to our favorite pizza place... and just our luck, our favorite waitress was working! We haven't seen her for a long time. She only works 2 days a week now and then works at an Alzheimer's unit over in Weatherly. She is going back to school to finish getting her LPN. She's a smart girl and we love spending time with her. It's always great fun to see her!

Speaking of fun and seeing someone... I think I am finally getting Punky to spend time with us in the living room in the evening. For several months, she has been spending time in her crate in our bedroom. She will come out when we call her to the living room, but will go back to her crate right away. Tonite... I got her to sit on the sofa with me and we played and snuggled for over 45 minutes. That is huge in bonding for her. We are starting to really change her memories... and she even took a snack from me earlier... something that is very difficult for her to do. She is making great strides lately. She has been so happy since I gave her a bath on Sunday... and she does smell so deliciously good!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!