Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I think I remember saying that I was going to post more pics of my decorations on here... and that seems like it was about a week ago. (my poor brain can't even remember a week ago... waahhh!)

So... let's see what I can dig up!

This little angel is sitting out on the porch coming into our little cottage.

And this little trio on the right was added to my collection of snowmen this year by DH!

This little angel has had the honor of being a tree topper in her past. Not this year, she has a place of honor sitting in my antique wicker chair, right next to the tree. The pillow she is next to has the word "Winter" embroidered on it with the "i" being a snowman.

These 2 guys are sitting in a bookcase... I placed them together for the picture. The snowman face is actually mache` and has a smaller snowman face that nests inside. (They got a little warped when we had our furnace go out this summer... hot steam everywhere, mold and mildew, aghh! It was bad.)

Here's the face of one of my favorite snowmen... his name is "Snowy" and it's embroidered down his scarf... he holds a snowball in one branchy hand and a bird in a nest in the other.

Here's a group shot of the group I have in the north window... (sorry about the candle still on in the window! sheesh!)

That, my friends is the end of pictures for today. I need to stop procrastinating and really do some Christmas stuff.... like cards, and sewing! And figure out what I am going to be serving DH for dinner tonight... I know that he is working some overtime today.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

ahhh your hubby is lucky to have found you - you are so sweet and i can tell from your writing that you're just such an appreciative, down to earth girl :). lucky hubby!

and those decorations are AH-DOR-AH-BUHL!