Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's on it's way...

Hmmm... Christmas cards are on their way. And SNOW is on it's way. But my gifts... are still waiting to be finished wrapping and boxed before they will be on their way. I am s-l-o-w at this Christmas stuff this year. Mainly because I cannot decide what I want to do and what I am giving to my siblings this year. And let's not talk about John's side of the family... I am really struggling with that!

So, tonight... it's off to finish getting what I need to wrap gifts. And pick up a few supplies, not that we really need anything. (It's just a tradition to run out and get milk and bread and toilet paper!) I hope that I can keep up the pace I need to get all of this done. And just think... I will have to brave the snow tomorrow to get to the post office! That should be fun.... I may have to walk to it though!

Btw... I have done all of this wonderful stuff on less than 4 hours of sleep... the sleepless monster has found me and I cannot seem to stay asleep! Arrrrgghhh! I, so want to put on my jammies and just crawl in and stay there. Soon... very soon.... I am going to take a day... and sleep. Turn off the phone, ignore the computer, put in the ear plugs and done the sleep mask and Sleep!!!

I did go to the flower shop today. While I was up, not sleeping, I decided to make some lemon bread. It turned out quite well... I added lemon yogurt to the batter and it made the bread very tender. I took a few slices over to the girls so they could enjoy some while they had tea on their virtually non-existent afternoon break. They never stop and they NEVER sit down. (That just makes my back and my feet hurt just thinking about it.) I took Nolli over for a visit... he ate lemon bread during tea time as well... perfect little gentleman.

Oh.... must go.... can't finish this post, cuz it's time to go! DH is outta the shower and dressed!
See ya all later!

Thanks for reading, Be Blessed!

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Pearl said...

oh lemon bread sounds absolutely divine! what a great idea!