Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Last 2 Days

Yesterday... I spent my morning at the doctors office. It was an 8:45 appointment, his first of the day. My complaint was that I have been ill for a week... cannot sleep on my right side without becoming ill and being in pain. I had like 90% of all the gall bladder symptoms. Or... maybe it was my appendix.

So... he decided to send me to the hospital for labs and a "stat" CT scan. We sailed through the labs, that was no problem for me. Then we hit radiology. And we were there for eons! First, the doctor's order sent by one of his nurses, was wrong. So... we had to wait for over an hour to get the correct order. Then, because it was a CT scan with contrast... it was going to take me 2 hours to drink the nasty contrast stuff. And the tech brought me out "ice tea" flavored contrast... which I despise! I was a "pain in the neck" and asked for a different flavor, because I knew that the one she brought me wasn't going to go down. I soon received lemon-lime flavored contrast drink. It was still hard to get it down!

Once my test time arrived... no one came. And no one said anything. While we were sitting in the waiting room... I heard the front desk receptionist mention, "Did the lights just dim or am I going crazy?" Nope... the lights did indeed dim... and caused the CT machine to have to be reset, making all scheduled exams to be pushed back.

I finally went back around 2:30 ish... was put in a dressing room to wait for another 10-15 minutes. I walked out of there at 3:00 but not before having to argue with the tech that my exam was "stat" and that I was to wait for the results to be read. She said the order didn't say that... I told her that the first one had it on it... and that order still stood. Long story short... we had to wait until 4:30 for the results to be read, faxed to the doctor and then have him decide if I was to be admitted or get to go home. All the while... I have not eaten anything all day, and it's friggin freezing in that place. We are held captive in a waiting room with a tv set on 1 channel that has nothing but soap operas on. I was not a happy camper! Not one bit. DH was my hero and got me a blanket so that I could at least try and stay partially warm. (I was wearing my birkenstocks... my feet were frozen!)

Anyway... we were quite anxious to get the test result since it was going on 4:45 on Friday afternoon... and we were certain that the doctors office was going to close and we'd have no information. DH came to the rescue again, and got into the receptionist face... and prodded her to actually look up what was happening. He also called the doctors office not just once, but 3 times trying to get information. We finally found out just before 5 o'clock that all my labs are normal, my CT shows that my gall bladder and appendix are still fine and that I am quite healthy. (In spite of the radiology tech that told DH that they had found something and the doctor would be calling us.)

I came home last night, still having the same ache in my side. It's still there today. I can only eat small amounts, and nothing on the "rich" side. The doctor seems to think that I have another bout of "flu"... but I think that my gall bladder is not working and they just don't see it in the CT scan.

Today... we slept in, ate a light breakfast and then headed to the Pocono Amish Farm Market. We got up to Highway 115 and realized it was also Race Weekend for the Pocono 400. There were people and tents set up everywhere. It was a banner weekend for the farm market, I've never seen the parking lot so full. There weren't any eggs left to be bought! We did come home with some good stuff... fresh green and yellow string beans, donut peaches, fresh corn, Amish butter and sausages and fresh colby cheese. We are having a farm stand dinner tonight... I can hardly wait! I just hope I can eat some of the stuff we bought... and keep it down or not be sick. Sorry to end on a note like that!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What A Day It's Been!

When I last posted, (only yesterday) DH was on his way home from Philly so that I could take him to the ER. He made it home, took a shower, and out the door we went. We arrived to a fairly quiet hospital waiting room and it wasn't long before we were taken back to the triage room. Once vitals and history were taken, we were put into Exam room 1. The doctor was very quick in coming into the room. That's where I end most of my "nice comments" about him.

Anyway... when DH told him of his aggravated rotator cuff issue and that he really needed a cortisone injection, the doctor was quite adamant that he would not be injecting DH with anything! (Then why were we wasting our time and money here?) He did take x-rays, but did not offer for us to take them with us even though we told him that DH would be seeing our family doctor the next day... (I had made the appointment while I was waiting for DH to return from x-ray.) The only thing the doctor did was write a prescription for tramadol... a pain medication that I already have from my knee surgery.
He gave us the impression that he thought we were only there for pain meds... ummmm... if I said that I still had lots of pain meds left over from my knee replacement, wouldn't that tell you that we aren't out to just get pain pills? Anyway, we realized that this was the same good for nothing doctor that sent DH away with " just a scratch across his eye" when infact he had metal stuck in it back in December!

Anyway... we went to the doctor today... the girl that I spoke with yesterday, entered the appointment in for "yesterday" and it showed DH as being a "no-show" appointment in the system. We were able to see the P.A. today... and lucky for us, she finally understood what DH has been telling her. She consulted with our doctor and he came in and gave DH the injection that he so needed at least 3 weeks ago!

(No comments will be made regarding how his company is dealing with this!)

I haven't had the best of times with all of this. I haven't felt well for most of the week, ever since I made those yummy seafood enchiladas. It seems that my gall bladder is not working correctly... and my last tests in March showed that I had no gall stones. I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow morning and I am certain that I will be sent for testing. (Oh joy!) The best thing about this day is that even though the humidity level was off the charts, the wind has blown through some nicer temperatures and it's once again pleasant outside. (I'm not bragging... just grateful... it was tough to get dressed this morning.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Poor Husband

I went out to do errands around 10 o'clock this morning. I went to get the oil changed in my car. I had a really great coupon to have it done for $19.99. We have all the stuff to do it as DH bought all the stuff for it back in May. My computer in the dash finally said it was time.

(Content removed from prying and sneaky eyes... sorry! Ahem!)

I did go over and see Miss A. at the flower shop today. She was over there doing the last of the cleaning and sweeping up. There is nothing left inside. The phones are turned off... she's done as of today. It's sad... and I am going to miss my visits with her... and Punky will miss her as well. Time continues to march on!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

PS... Sandy, I didn't mean to sound like I am bragging... it's more than I am overjoyed to have cooler breezes blowing. After all... I live at the end of the Poconos! We're not suppose to have those nasty temps and humidity. (Today is turning out to be hot and HUMID though!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once Again... Random Bits!

I hope that this won't be my regular format... I wouldn't want you all to get bored with me! It's just that it's Summer... and I am getting to sit outside in the afternoon at my covered patio table and enjoy the breeze, my flowers, and not be inside the house. I can hear great jazz music being played by my neighbor as he works at packing up his household belongings to move up to town. My other neighbor is out weeding her flower beds. And
I've been working on my cookbook. Some of my recipes are not written down... and it can be a little taxing to my brain as I recall ingredients and think out the preparation order. I will be including the recipes that I have shared here... and that means I have pictures to upload as well. I am going to have to get busy in the kitchen and make a few things and get my little camera out and take some pictures of finished products. There goes my diet! (Not that I've been trying too hard on that!)
(Content removed from snoopy and prying eyes... ahem!)
I treated myself this morning... I went and got a pedicure. It was fun to walk in 2 minutes after they opened and get right in. They got really busy about 30 minutes after I got there... and they were waiting for 2 employees to come in... they hadn't made it to the salon by the time I left. It's so nice to have my toes looking pretty in the middle of Summer! Feels so good as my feet slide into my sandals!

I haven't heard from anyone at all lately. My phone has barely rung. My family has abandoned me and my friends seem to be too busy. Oh... and my face book page got hacked last night! That was embarrassing! I have reported it and changed my password yet again! DH made sure that I scanned my laptop for viruses and I came up clean! I just despise hackers and the havoc that they wreak on us! (It makes me angry... and what's the point, Really?)

Tonite, I have to come up with dinner using left over roast beef... not sure what I will be putting together. And today is my best friend Cheryl's birthday! Happy Birthday, Hollywood! Hope your day is filled with tons of good times!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Afternoon Enjoyment!

Ahhhhhhh.... this is the life. (At least for today!) We've finally had a break in the weather and it's quite enjoyable outside today. It's around 84 degrees with a nice breeze... a few clouds are coming through, making it perfect to sit outside at my umbrella covered patio table and play on my laptop. To make it even more perfect... DH worked out to the west today and he was home by 1:30. He's busy cleaning out the cab of his work truck to use up his time for the day.

I stopped over at what is left of the flower shop today. Poor Miss A. was there, working away in the warm morning air... no fan, no a/c. Most of the shop has been cleared out. Today will be her last day. The new leasers will be coming tonite with their decorator to begin on plans to set up their new shop. It should be exciting to see when they are all done. It's sad to see the flower shop go, but I think it will be a nice addition to the area with the new store going in. It will be updated and from what I know about these ladies... they do everything with taste and great class.

I have still been dealing with my tummy (gall bladder) issue and was feeling very ill last night. It seems to get worse when I lay on my right side. I have tried to take it easy today, but I had to get things tidied up from the weekend. Now that the house is in order... I can relax. So... for the rest of the afternoon, you'll find me sitting outside, enjoying the breeze and chatting with DH (Content removed from snoopy and prying eyes! Ahem! Sorry!)
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking the Day Off

That's sort of what I did yesterday... I had made shrimp enchiladas for dinner on Friday... there were fabulous, but it didn't sit well with me. I ended up being deathly ill around midnight. DH was quite worried about me and wanted to take me to the ER. I declined to go... and once I felt "stable", I was able to sleep. (They tell me that I don't have gall stones, so my gall bladder must be "very touchy"!)

When I woke up, I felt much better. We made it a "slow" morning and then decided to take a ride over to Kingston so that I could get some quilting supplies. We came home and tried to cool off, as the humidity level was well into the 70's and was very oppressive. I really felt it and I was very uncomfortable. It was so hot in the center of the house, there was no way I was going to cook anything in there. We went out for dinner and came back to hear that we were under tornado warnings until 1am.
We got busy and battened down the hatches so to speak... and endured quite a lightening show.

I am feeling much better today... and we ran out to the hardware store when we realized that our kitchen faucet sprang a leak along the underside of the actual faucet. We had a torrential downpour while we were out... it was another spectacular storm and we both got drenched getting to and from the car. DH is currently being plumber and installing the fixture. While we were out, we also purchased new equipment for his work, new knee pads that are super padded and also elbow pads to protect his arms as he climbs under all that conveyor equipment. Gotta protect his joints as much as possible these days!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Time Marches On...

I intended to write a whole different post... but I just deleted it with my bracelet.

DH and I stopped into the flower shop yesterday when he got home from work... they had ripped out the coolers already. It was quite shocking to see the glass doors gone and just the back wall of cedar. Today, Miss A. is busy with packing up all the glass and crystal vases, all the different silk arrangements and such. She's still taking orders for delivery. We discussed that there won't be a flower shop in the valley anymore... there's been one down here for almost 100 years. Miss A. doesn't know what she'll be doing after next week. (Sigh...)

I also discovered that one of my former co-workers from VZW was killed last night in a car accident. She was a single mom, and leaves behind a young son who is 12. Today, I know that there are many people who are in shock and hurting over the loss of a good friend and co-worker.

Yesterday... I went outside with my laptop to sit at my patio table. I took Punky with me... she usually sits at my feet. Nope... not this time. She wandered off, nowhere to be found. After calling her for a couple of minutes... she came running up the driveway, looking so happy to have been called back to the house! (I nearly had a heart attack!)

I went to a quilt shop yesterday... I've decided to work on a quilting project to help fill my afternoons now that I won't be going to the flower shop. It's a pin wheel pattern called Iced Mocha... but I will be doing it in sages, dark purples, and ivories.
If I can figure it out, it should be fun to do!

So looking forward to this weekend. We aren't really going to do anything... and I want DH to rest his shoulder. He's still doing physical therapy and is going to see the doctor next Friday afternoon... hopefully for a cortisone shot.

I'm still on my mexican food bender... we're doing shrimp enchiladas for dinner tonite.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Bender...

I've mentioned this before... I have a real weakness for Mexican food. Those wonderful trips to Chipotle Mexican Grill... are some of my favorite days. Those trips don't happen often, but I love them when they happen.

It seems as tho I have been on a mexican food bender this week. Twice this week, I've made Cilantro-Lime Rice. The first time I served it with Hawaiian style meatballs and then again with Taquitos on Tuesday... along with some jalapeno poppers. Last night, because it was storming and pouring down rain, we went to Wendy's where I ordered the Baja Salad and a side of chili with cheese and onion. See a trend, here?

Last week, I had lunch at Taco Bell twice... and had Chalupa's both times. Everytime I go to the store... I bring home a small container of pico-de-gallo... I love it with chips or nacho's for lunch.

As I mentioned this "trend" to DH... he laughed and said, "Well, we know you can't be pregnant." Then he said, laughingly, "Maybe it's your Thyroid?" We both laughed at those ideas... because we know I can't have kids and I don't have a thyroid! lol
I told him that I must be missing my Mom... she loved mexican food as much as I did. I guess it's just my way of grieving for her. Ole`!

Time to get my shopping list done and figure out what's for dinner tonite.
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Heavy Heart...

Have you ever known someone, that no matter what the circumstance, they end up smelling like a rose? Someone who could have a pile of smelly crap fall on top of them and they walk out of it with a grand piano? I have such a person in my life. I'm not naming any names... but he owns lots of stuff like a couple of flower shops and rental properties, just to name a few things. I swear that he's made a deal with the devil for things... and now someone I deeply care about is going to be out of work very soon. This makes me very sad. I cried yesterday and I cried today... and I don't like to cry... it messes up my contacts!

My favorite little gathering spot is going away... and now I won't be able to sit and visit and take Punky to the flower shop anymore. I won 't be able to get fresh flowers without having to drive into town. And my dear friend is going to be without a job... she's worked in that place for over 40 years. She tried to retire, but she kept on working. And to make matters worse for her... her husband has decided that he wants to move to North Carolina... without her. My heart is breaking for her... but I have to continue to pray that God has it all under control and my dear friend will be ok. It makes my heart hurt.

To top it off... my front neighbor has been out of work for months. He really hasn't worked in almost 18 months except for a job that he only held for 4 weeks. He's moving out at the end of the month. I'm sure that Mr. Smells-like-roses will have no problem getting a new tenant. He won't have to even advertise, he'll just put it out there, by word of mouth... and he'll get it rented. I only hope it goes to someone who is quiet and clean. (We like no hassles around these parts!)

*** We will be having new neighbors... I forgot to add that part! The flower shop is already leased... and new proprietors are a very old family that has a prestigious jewelry store and they are going to open a gift shop here. *** (Here's hoping our rent doesn't go up because of it!) All it took was one of them to ask Mr. Smells-like-roses if he knew of any place down in the valley, and he stepped right into that opportunity!

My heart is heavy... and I am very tearful these last few days. They say change is good... but sometimes, I just don't know!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Simple Womans Daybook...

FOR TODAY (July 20th, 2010)...
Outside my window... it goes between partly sunny to completely overcast
I am thinking... about changes coming to the neighborhood and how it will affect people that I care about.
I am thankful for... always, my loving, hardworking Husband.
From the kitchen... there is fresh fruit ripening in the baskets on the counter, fresh corn on the cob to be purchased from the farm soon!
I am wearing... jean shorts and a colorful summer top and sandals, of course.
I am creating... 2 new sundresses... as soon as I figure out the tension settings on my sewing machine.
I am going... outside and sit at my patio table if it doesn't start raining.
I am reading... lots of blogs... catching up!
I am hoping... to catch up with friends this evening... both in person and on the phone.
I am hearing... the sounds of fans blowing in the windows (cool enough not to have air conditioning!)
Around the house... Nolli-dog is sleeping behind me, Punky is sleeping in her crate. Dishes need to be put away... but the house is quite clean and straightened!
One of my favorite things... I ordered new pink striped birkenstocks... they arrived this morning... I think I may be in love with a new pair of shoes!
A few plans for the rest of the week: it's really still up in the air... if it doesn't storm, we may take a little road trip out to Amish country west of us.

I haven't done this format in awhile... it's nice to catch up like this!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Monday Weather

It started to be a beautiful day... the weather was nice and cool and DH left the fans running in the living room windows and the porch. It felt really good when I woke up. Then around 11:00... it turned hot and humid again. I shut everything in the living room and got the a/c running to keep cool today.

I went into to town to pick up a few things for DH... it's so hot and humid down in the city where he's working, that the perspiration just pours off his face. He finally took my advice and did a make-shift headband to help keep his face dry. So... I went in search of a few things to help him out.

Once I got home, I sat outside and ate my lunch and went through the pile of mail that I picked up on my way home... (lots and lots of doctor bills and insurance paperwork.) I came inside... grabbed up Punky and headed to the flower shop for a visit since they have new hours (shorter). We had only been there for about 20 minutes when the sky went dark all of a sudden and one of the worst thunderstorms let loose on us. Lightening strikes were all around us... and then the rains came. Hard, fast and sideways! So hard, that you couldn't really see outside... it was all a blur, like being inside the car wash. Needless to say... we were stuck inside until it was over... but it really only lasted about 20 minutes. And within 20 minutes after it was done... the streets were dry again.

Punky and I headed for home once it seemed safe to go again. It's getting ready to let loose yet once again. The skies are very dark.... I won't need to water the flowers tonight. But it had better clear up or my dinner plans will be foiled, as I plan on grilling a pork loin for dinner! DH is on his way home from work and should be pulling into the driveway soon, if the storm doesn't stop him.... Yikes, the rains just let loose again!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tickled Pink!

I am doing something that I have wanted to do since the beginning of Spring... and that is to sit outside at my patio table and blog! DH had bought me a laptop back in February and I have struggled to use it anywhere except sitting in the living room within 6 feet of the router. Today, that is history because we bought a wireless network adapter thingy that gets me online outside!I have 4 times the signal strength in this adapter than I had with my original built-in antenna. I really am thrilled to be sitting outside, in the heat, (really it's only 87... with a strong breeze, rather nice!) and be able to write to the sounds of traffic and lawn mowers! As I sit here... DH has brought me a nice cool drink and has brought his laptop outside to join me. Ahhhhhhhh! Life is Good!

It's amazing how something so small can make such a difference in my life...

Oh, yesterday... I was a total Domestic Goddess and got so much accomplished in the house. Together, DH and I tackled almost all of the chores and laundry, I managed to get several bags ready for Good Will (if I'm repeating myself, I apologize) and I fixed an awesome dinner, making some fabulous Lime Rice to go with Hawaiian Meatballs and a crisp green salad. To say that I was wiped out is an understatement... when I finally made it to bed... I conked out!

We are trying to take it a little easy today after doing so much. We did go to Olive Garden for a lunch date today... still more than a little full from that, so supper will be fairly light and much later on! It's been a wonderful weekend with lots accomplished and lots of laughter along the way as well.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Purging Domestic Goddess

I woke up this morning with more energy than I've had for awhile. It was also much cooler than it has been for many days. I have had a long list of things to get done this week... with rarely getting the most mundane chores crossed off the list because it is just too hot.

Today... DH and I needed to do laundry... it's been put off for 2 weeks now, other than doing his things for work. So... he decided that I needed to sort the laundry and while I was at it... I went to work in the closet too. I have 3 big bags of clothes, shoes and handbags that are headed to either Good Will or the Salvation Army. I could drop it in one of the Planet Aid boxes, but I heard that people take that stuff and sell it for their own profit and not for charity. It shouldn't matter... only that I am finally getting rid of some old clothes that I really don't need and have been hanging on to because to the memories or dreaming that I will ever be that small again.

So... I am being a Domestic Goddess today... getting every thing cleaned and shined and sparkling and getting the house smelling good again. (It's amazing how bad dirt can smell and you don't notice it... until you start to clean... ----> telling on myself! I hate cleaning... and the dogs can be soooo piggy!) So, as I go... things are getting pitched in to the trash, thrown in a bag for donation... and a few things like my little pine bench, my wood plant stand and my wicker antique rocker are getting put up in the loft of the basement. I need room and I need organization... and NO CLUTTER!

Here's to a clean and happy house and that I have the energy to keep going until I'm done! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just This and That...

I can't believe that we are half way through July already. I guess time flies much faster than I remember! Yesterday was another very warm day... and I thought I was "Superwoman!" I did shopping and then carried all of it into the house and put all of it away. Then I figured I'd go ahead and roll up the garage door and pull out the hose and water all my flowers. I'm feeling it today!

And to make matters worse... it's wicked hot and even more wicked humid! Thankfully, there is a strong breeze blowing this afternoon that is suppose to bring thunderstorms (and rain?) so that I won't have to do much watering. It's too hot for me... and my poor flowers. (I know... whine and snivel!)

I went to the flower shop this afternoon... things are so slow that the owner is cutting the shop hours to 11:00 to 3:00. (I personally think that's ridiculous... he could try and advertise and do something to perk things up outside... but what do I know?) I need to win the lottery so that I can buy the place and put it back on the map! (It won't happen any other way!)

Well... I took a sneak peak at my electric bill online... it's only going to DOUBLE this next month! Yikes... it's expensive to try and stay cool.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yay For Thursday!

It's Thursday morning... and even though I didn't sleep exceptionally well... I still woke up feeling good and in a very happy mood. I hope I can maintain my energy level because there is so much that I need and want to do today. I need get my house dusted and picked up so that DH can vacuum for me. I also need to get my grocery shopping done... although I don't have all that much to purchase this week.

I also want to take Pumpkin to get her nails done... she's overdue for a trim. And I want to give her a bath... and I should buy dog conditioner so she doesn't end up using all of my hair conditioner. (It does make her fur feel sooooo silky and she smells so good!) So I guess my day should start with a trip to PetSmart with Punky. That's always fun since she's so little, everyone just melts when they see her.

DH has a physical therapy appointment tonight. His shoulder is still hurting and burning. In fact, both shoulders are beginning to hurt him. He is working as carefully as he can and takes ice packs to use during his lunch break.

This morning is cool and overcast... but they are telling us that it's going to be scorching hot today. I have the fans blowing in... and soon I need to close the windows to capture that cool air, close the blinds and get things buttoned down to keep the house cool this afternoon. I guess I'd better get myself out the door and taking good advantage of this cooler morning air.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night was a rare occurrence for me... I actually went out to dinner with a wonderful group of ladies for the time in over 2 years! Everyone that went was currently, or had been involved, with the flower shop... with me being the only one that has not actually worked there.

We went to a local Japanese steakhouse. It was tucked into a strip mall with a "dollar-type" store and an auto parts store for neighbors. Once inside, you'd never know that you were in a strip mall at all. We were seated at a hibachi grill with 2 grilling areas with the entire space seating about 30 people. Anyway... I was the first in line to our table because of the way we were situated in the waiting area. I ended up sitting at the very end of the bar in our area, right where the hibachi chef would be standing and our food would be waiting on a cart, ready to go on the grill.

Everything started out well... we all got our drinks. Then we placed our order... and then they brought out our soup and then our salads. The usual stuff... then they brought out our food cart... loaded with all our entrees. I was the "odd person out" as I ordered the chicken and steak combo. Everyone else ordered seafood. I could feel my face getting red just thinking about my iodine sensitivity. We all also received 2 sizzling shrimp as an appetizer. It was good... I did go ahead and eat it.

Then the chef put on all the veggies and got them steaming up.... and as part of the "show", he diced up zucchini and would pitch you a piece to catch with your mouth. If you were successful, you were rewarded with "free sake"... I was on the end... I passed on catching veggies, as did the rest of my group. Then the chef came around with the Sake... as I was opening my mouth to say "No, Thank you"... he began to pour it in my mouth... I was trying to get him to stop, but it took a moment for him to understand that I was saying no. Just what I needed... Japanese alcohol! I have no thyroid, I cannot process alcohol. It ended up making me feel sick to my stomach... and it was hard to eat my dinner and have fun while my stomach pitched and rolled every few minutes.

I didn't finish my dinner, and I was the only one to not take my left-overs home. We talked about dessert... and it was decided that a few of us would order and we would share deep-fried cheesecake. My order came... and my friend Jackie and I both tasted it... and didn't like it. It was greasy and tasted like the oil it was cooked in. I asked the girl to take it off of our bill... and the next thing I knew... I was talking to the manager. He tried to convince me that it was a great delicacy and that I should be enjoying it. I told him that both my friend and I took a bite and neither of us like it.... it was yucky and I didn't want to be charged for it. He finally relented and gave me my money back.

We all enjoyed our evening... and we had a great time talking and laughing. The only 2 things that were not great, happened to me. But I am thinking that it was just one of those things where the stars lined up just right! I was so looking forward to spending time with these ladies... and I did have a great time with them.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Bits...

We've been laying low the last couple of days, trying to keep DH's shoulder immobile and either on ice or the heating pad with a 20 minute interval in between. At least the last 2 days were more like normal summer days instead of being in the grips of hell fire. We ate well... I made taco salad on Saturday and we grilled some really good rib steaks and corn on the cob yesterday.

Today... DH went back to work. He tells me that he used his left arm much more and took ice packs to use on his right shoulder. He goes back to p/t tomorrow. I was glad to have a little bit of quiet time today after almost 9 days of togetherness. But I was glad to see him come home through the door tonite.... actually it was pouring down rain and I had to take Nolli-dog outside, so I actually met him outside with the umbrella so he could get all of his stuff out of his truck without getting drenched. (Yeah... it was raining that hard! But I don't have to water flowers tonite! Yay!)

I've spent some good cuddle time with both Nolli and Punky today. I can't believe that we've had Punky almost 11 months now. She is so happy and comfortable in our home. Last night, I had Punky on the bed with while I watched some tv and rested my back. When DH came in to go to bed, she will usually stay on the bed for a few minutes and then go and get in her crate. Last night she kept walking up one side of me and I would tell her to go "nite-nite" and then she would go back to the end of the bed for a few seconds and them come back to my face going up my other side. We laughed as she tried to cuddle on top of me. Finally, DH called her to him and she cuddled with him and then went to sleep on his feet. She's such a sweetie... and so funny too.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perc... Perc... Percolating!

Yeah... I've got lots of ideas running through my head. Unfortunately, I can't really share what I've got going on... and of course, that is causing me to lose sleep. I am trying to wrap my head around what I am thinking about and how best to put it all together. (I know... it's vague, and gives you NO Information.)

Besides that... we've been trying our best to survive the week-long heat wave. I am so glad that we put in a second air conditioning unit... I no longer have to be holed up in the bedroom when it's so very hot. We've also been busy keeping the flowers from dying... and keeping Nolli-dog and Punky cool as well.

DH has been home this past week, he has really injured his shoulder according to the physical therapist. Having to work in such dangerous heat with all the repetitive motion in doing cleaning and maintenance work has caused not only his bursa to swell, but the sublangial(?) tendon that runs under his bursa has become irritated, and could easily begin to "fray" and that would really put him out of work for quite awhile. We are praying that resting it and having physical therapy will help. He did go back to the doctor yesterday and the P/A refused to give him a shot. The therapist was extremely surprised by that, given the amount of discomfort and disuse DH was experiencing. Sometimes, his job really is very, very hard work.

Sorry to be missing this past week, now you what I've been up to!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of Air Conditioners and Owwies!

It's been kind of a crazy week around here. We enjoyed a quiet and fairly peaceful holiday weekend. Lots of people went away for the holiday and it really was quiet around here, until dark when everyone lit off their fireworks. We stayed inside trying to keep Pumpkin from climbing the walls, it was her first 4th of July here and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Monday, we decided that we wanted to get away and beat the heat. We packed a picnic lunch and DH packed his fishing gear. We drove up to a small state park and reservoir to spend the day. I had a book that I had started, so I was happy in the shade with a cool drink beside me. DH headed for the water... and he was down there for an hour.
We ate lunch and chatted about how long we were going to stay. I tried to move my chair to a shady spot and was overcome with feeling the heat. We decided that we should go since I have a hard time cooling down. We got to the car and the temperature gauge said it was 104 degrees in the shade. Oh my!

It's been brutally hot... and it's been a real job to keep the flowers watered and the dogs cool. Thank goodness we purchased a 2nd air conditioner for the living room this year.

Poor DH went back to work on Tuesday... down in Philly, where the heat and humidity are worse than it is here. He did alot of repetitive motion in his work and he has aggravated his bursa in his shoulder... having great pain in the smallest of movement. (I can relate very well with having issues with both my bursa and femoral bursa being aggravated in my left knee. Owwww!) I ended up taking him to the doctor yesterday and he's been put on complete rest until Monday. It's a good thing that I've been feeling better and stronger this week... I've had to take over some of the things that DH normally does for me.

So... for now, we are staying cool, trying to avoid the middle part of the house because it's too warm. Trying to keep ice packs, hot packs and Motrin going in the proper sequence for DH... and trying to keep food in the house that won't make me spend too much time in the all too warm kitchen! (I love my outdoor grill!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!