Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hang on to your hats!

Holy Cow! The wind is blowing strong and hard... it's 26 degrees and with the wind chill... it's down to single digits. We had a gust that shook the whole house! I was sound asleep and it woke me up. Poor Nolli-dog doesn't want to go out at all.

Yeah... that's right, I said I was sound asleep. Cuz I woke up this morning looking for a water hose to put out the fire in my throat. It's swollen, red and burning. DH decided to share his wonderful sick germs and I now have his yucky stuff~ bleehhh!

We are going to attempt going to the living Nativity here in the village. It's the least we can do since they are willing to be out in this cold weather and we can stay in the car and not pass any of these really great sore throat germs to anyone else. We are trying to do some of the community things here when we have the time.

I've only got one more favorite ornament to show you all:

This one that a friend sent me because she knows I have a snowman collection. It's a rusty tin heart and has a spring loop. So sweet and cute! I may share some of my santa and snowman collections in the coming week.
Thanks for reading, and be blessed!

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