Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've got it too!

Ham... my wonderful husband, has been sick for the last 2 days. Today... I woke up with his wonderful bug. "Just run me over with a big truck and leave me in the ditch to die" is how I am feeling.
We have errands to run today, I was planning on going to the Holiday Home tour in our little village, and I really wanted to tackle some projects around here. Not today... and maybe not tomorrow either. I will manage to drag myself to the store to buy honey and lemons and maybe a frozen entree so I won't have to cook later. But it maybe that I stock up on chicken noodle soup and just stay in bed.

And to top it off... I had Ham bring up my sewing machine from the basement. I wasn't paying attention to where he put it... and I banged my already compromised knee on it this morning. I don't trust my right knee for anything right now. Ouch!

That's all... I apologize for wasting your time as you read my drivel and complaining.

Just to play nice... here's another one of my favorite ornaments:

This little ornament is made from purple heart maple. It was done on a scroll saw and is one piece. I can honestly say that I did not make this... I don't have the patience it took to do all the drilling and cutting with such a small blade. I would have snapped the blade and the wood... and then it wouldn't have been in one piece.
Thanks for reading, be blessed.

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