Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Randomness... Again... (sigh.)

I am once again a second shift widow. This time I am now home instead of working full-time, so it's going a little bit better. At least I get to see my husband everyday for more than 5 minutes.

Although, my husband has been working very hard... 12 hour days all last week. Plus he's worked the weekends since the beginning of the year. He's so strong and loves the extra work. I worry... but he's insistent on signing up... plus his company does require some voluntary overtime. It's complicated, but if you don't sign up for it, it will count against you in a review.

I've been dealing with health issues again. I have been having issues with my back and my knee. And for the last two weeks, I've been having pain in my side. I went for an ultrasound which revealed that I do have an issue with my liver... Oh, goodie! Time to change up my diet and really work at getting things back to a more normal kind of life. (Whatever that is!)

Life has become a little more quiet now that we are back to one dog. And our little Pumpkin is revelling in all the attention. She is snuggled, carried, given treats, sang to and pampered beyond belief. She's had such a tough life in her first 6 years that she deserves all the love we can give her now. She loves it and is very contented.

The weather has also played a huge factor in my lack of blogging as I haven't really been anywhere except for buying groceries. Really... I don't leave the house except to take the dog out. I have done some work in my craft room... but nothing that is shareable. It's more practice work rather than a project to rebuild my skills.

We had a pretty intense ice storm last night... and it had a lot of wind with it. I had a hard time sleeping with the sound of ice hitting the windows. I did make a nice pot of chicken soup for dinner last night... the perfect thing for DH to come home to after a tough day at work.

DH just called me and he has to work until 3:00 am... he said he was covered in chocolate... even had it in his hair. Poor guy. He was just getting his lunch break at 10:00 when he called me. He didn't say what he was working on... but it sounds like a long night at the plant for everyone.

Thanks for reading... please stay blessed!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This has been a rather tough week for me...

We ended up rehoming Sophie Jean and it has broken my heart. I miss her big, goofy face and her sweet, tender kisses and her big, clunky paws that left bruises on my body. I cried all the way home.

Punky-dog has had a few issues this week... she decided she was upset with us for taking Sophie Jean away. She left more than one "warm little gift" in several places on Sunday and Monday. Thank the good Lord above that I have one of those handy pet steam carpet cleaners! She's settled down and is enjoying being the only dog in the house again. (She's NOT spoiled... at all.   ahem.)

I've been having issues with being cold, not being able to move when the cold air hits me... causing some crazy stiffness and pain in both of my knees. Add the stupid neuropathy in my feet trying to settle into my bunion... and it makes being "mobile" much harder. It makes it hard to walk the dog, and to really get anything done.

I haven't had much reason to go out... we did most of our grocery shopping on the weekend, altho I did have to go and get DH's prescriptions for him Monday night. I am just wondering what has changed that I am feeling all this pain?

I have also been contemplating the desire to get into my craft area and paint. I have several ideas that would like to do... I just hope I don't go blank when I get in there. (I often find that I do go blank once I sit down to start! It's frustrating! More than a little aggravating, no?)

I have been also contemplating working on my cookbook again. It's a project that I started almost 3 years ago and I would like to finish it. I know that I need to work more on discipline and also that ability to cook and photograph the recipes to make an eye pleasing book. It takes time and creativity... and I need to just work on a section at a time.

I've also been contemplating why it is that when I try and go to sleep at night, I find that I am thinking of crazy things such as recounting all the places I lived when I was married to my first husband. Isn't that nuts??? Or laying awake thinking of some of the crazy things I did in my 20's while I was married to that man and how difficult he made life for us. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

Thanks for reading... have a blessed day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

This weekend has been a bit crazy around here... we caught the edge of the winter storm and had about 8 inches of snow down here. DH's family lives in Northeast Connecticut and they received about 40 inches of snow.

During the storm... DH had to be out in it. He had signed up for an overnight shift and ended up working over on his regular shift as well. He came home at 5 and ate dinner and got ready for his next shift. Because it was snowing so badly, I suggested that he leave early and rest at work instead of trying to get there during the height of it. He was going to take the car but ended up having to come back and get the SUV out of the garage and use it to get up the hill. He made it there quite fine and made it home in the morning at 7:30 to shovel and help the plow guy.

We decided to go up to Sam's Club yesterday and do some shopping. We had a ball and really enjoyed our time together. DH is quite fun to go shopping with as he loves to look at everything. He's very patient with me as I decide on what I need for the house. I did happen to find a 6 1/2 qt. enameled dutch oven at a very reasonable price. It did make it's way to our home.

When we got home, there was a call on the answering machine from Sophie's former Foster family. I had contacted them as I felt Sophie was not adjusting to life here as well as I had hoped. We decided to rehome her with their help. They had found 2 families that wanted her and we ended up taking her to her new home last night. It was very traumatic... and Sophie was not going to go into the house with us to meet her new family until I picked up my purse and started inside. Her new home has a large dog as well and a nice large fenced yard for her... and 5 kids to love her. it was hard on her to be cooped up with me with the cold weather and snow.

Today, I tried to sleep in but Pumpkin had other plans. One thing she learned from Sophie is how to wake me in the morning. Today has been a trial with Pumpkin as she is missing Sophie. She has decided to soil the floor on several occasions today instead of communicating her needs...  so I will have to start working with her tomorrow on her manners.

DH has worked today as well... he takes such good care of us. I appreciate how hard he works. I was able to also chat with several former co-workers this weekend, and I am so glad to be able to stay home these days as I heard several stories, all the same, about how hard and hostile the work environment has become. Very glad that I don't have to be subjected to the things I have heard.

Thanks for reading. Please be blessed!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pure Random Bits

It's Thursday... I was going to blog yesterday, but couldn't seem to get anything to come to mind. (Insert "Big Sigh" here.)

We are still in the adjustment phase with Sophie. She is adjustly rather slowly. We feel that she may not be adjusting well as she was very bonded to her Foster family. She's had a few issues with commands and listening. She actually got away from me one morning during the weekend. She would not come and instead, went running across the neighborhood. Not fun in jammies, slippers and a winter coat. She started to run around the entire house... so I stood at the front door and called up to DH to help me. She finally came to the door and ran inside. Crazy girl. We did have a good day yesterday with her being fairly comfortable with noises and the house sounds and wasn't too "barky." We bought her a rawhide bone... and finally got the first real smile out her. She recognized what it was instantly and got very excited about it.

We are all waiting to hear just how much snow we are going to get with the storm headed this way. They can't decided which weather model is correct... but we are going to getting "plowable" snow with this storm... anywhere from 3 to 6 inches or... 6 to 12 inches, but it depends on how it tracks. It's all very confusing to me... all it means to me is that I will not be going anywhere for a few more days. We went and did our shopping last night so we are ready for whatever comes our way.

DH has discovered that he may have some engine problems with his truck. It's been parked in the garage for a week... and he is going to work on it tonight. We will basically be using it for short trips while he tests things out... and so I am adjusting to being a one car family. I told him that it would fine once the weather gets a little better and I wouldn't mind having to take him to work on occasion. (That would be for going to doctors appointments or having lunch with the girls on Fridays!)

Once we get Sophie dog adjusted, I am going to be spending some time in my craft area. It's a little crowded in there right now to have a huge dog at my feet. We need to move Pumpkins crate to the living room in order to move my sewing cabinet... this place is so small... and it shows when I have to plan on where I am moving the dog crate.

Since this post is about random things... is anyone watching "The Bachelor" this season? DH and I have been watching and we both think Sean is being duped and is clearing not making good choices with keeping the drama queen known as Tierra. (Hello... her name is a "crown" associated with being a princess and... DRAMA!) I know... it's reality tv... and it's for entertainment. So... we are being entertained!

I think I've done enough randomness to qualify for a blog post! I am still staying at home... I am fighting a cough and chest pain. I also started a new medicine this month and today I "upped" the dosage per the doctor's instruction... and I don't like it. It hurts my side... very uncomfortable. So... I am on the sofa, wrapped up in a warm throw and have Pumpkin on top of me to warm me up. Life right now is slow and lazy... I am hibernating for the winter! Send a prayer up for DH as he just called me to tell me he's working late... and he's working on Saturday. He's going to be a tired man. Love him so much for how hard he works for his family.

Thanks for reading... have a blessed day!