Saturday, December 27, 2008

Road Trip Review

Since moving to our little village, there are certain things that we once took for granted. Having the pleasure of having a Homegoods or (2) Target(s) in the neighborhood. And we also had a Chipotle Grill close to where we both worked... I often ate my lunch at Chipotle and they knew me and what my order would be when I walked through the door. One of the managers always comped part or all of my meal. I seriously had a crush on Chipotle.

We've been up here for 6 months now. DH often goes down to Philly and there are 6 or 7 Chipotle stores down in that area. I haven't had any good mexican food since we came up here and have wanted to go down to Chipotle for quiet awhile. Yesterday was that day!

We took our time in the morning... being lazy bed bugs for most of the morning. We got on the road a little after noon. We went down to Bethlehem to check out the Homegoods store down there. It was a huge store... but it was also a combo Marshalls/Homegoods. They had a huge lamp section and a fairly good bedding section. Their Christmas and Holiday stuff was super picked over. I was also hoping to find more of the serveware to match the piece that DH gave me for Christmas. We spent a total of $65 and 1 1/2 hours there.

Then it was off to find the Chipotle! We drove and drove... for a whole 'nother hour before we made our way to North Wales. It was a huge shopping center across from a mall. And that center also had a Marshalls and a Homegoods!!!! (DH offered to let me go into that Homegoods... but I was too hungry and tired to shop.

We went into the Chipotle... and it was beautiful! It's not a real big store... there was no line, and we went about placing our order. DH mentioned to the girl on the line that we drove 100 miles to come have burrito bowls... she was a little blown away. When we were at the cash register, she mentioned it to the m-o-d that we drove 100 miles... and he was so jazzed that we came that far, he comped us our entire meal!!!

The food was just as good as we remember it to be! The guacamole for me... was sheer heaven. The chips were fresh and salty... the chicken and the two salsas I love were... so yummy and good. The manager came by twice to check on us and asked about where we lived. We told him that there is nothing this good in our area and that we both had lived and worked near a Chipotle and it back a way of life for us that we really missed.

Needless to say... we went back after finishing our meal and ordered two more bowls to go... along with more chips and guacamole. And the manager comped us on the chips and guac. As soon as I got home last night... I went to the website and left a rave review for Jeff and his store!

It was a fun road trip and I am certain that we will be making our way to North Wales again when I need a Homegoods fix and kill 2 birds with one stone! (DH... you are the best!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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