Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Night Owl!

That was what I was last night... I could not go to sleep for anything. Part of the problem was as I settled into bed to go to sleep, I suddenly developed a dry, wracking cough. And when I coughed, I shook the whole bed! Poor Ham, there was no way he was going to be able to fall asleep if I kept coughing! I had also placed a fairy lamp in the kitchen above the sink yesterday and had left the light on intentionally as a night light. It projected too much light into the hallway for me... as I also have a little fairy lamp in the bathroom as a night light. Also playing a factor is that the Christmas Tree is up and I haven't pulled the living room curtains shut to keep the street light out as well. (I need to sleep in a dark room for some reason.) I was up and down twice, playing on the computer and once, Ham came looking for me. It was a very short night when I finally went to bed and now I am very tired.

I am going to try and go to the flower shop today. I don't know if I should... the wind is blowing and with the new development of a cough, I should stay in and try to rest. I don't need to be out and about, only to get myself really sick with a respiratory infection right now.

As I said in my last post, I am going to be sharing a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments... here is another favorite:

This little mitten ornament is hand wired with a little heart dangling down and the snowman has a gingham scarf. He was handmade as part of a series by me... and his carrot nose is painted on. To have such talent again!

Thanks for reading!


Lisa said...

I am soooo with you on the dry hack you were describing, except I have a lovely completely blocked nasal cavity to go right along with it. Sick sick sick. MUST.POWER.THROUGH..lots of things to do!
love the blog, and congrats on the nuputals, girlfriend!!
coastal nest

Joanne Kennedy said...

Sure hope you are not getting a winter cold. No one should get sick at Christmas time!

Love your ornaments. Very cute.

I'm a night owl all the time. Can't ever sleep at night but sure can durning the day. So if you ever want to chat, you know I'm up.