Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lazy Bed-Muffins... That's Us!

After having such a full day on Friday... we have been having a lazy weekend. We really did nothing yesterday... as we both felt a little strange, both of us had neck aches and joint aches. It seemed like a little bit of the flu for both of us. We took Tylenol and drank lots of liquids. We both felt much better when we woke up today.

Today, our main project was to take all the bagged clothing we had gone through and actually get into the donation boxes at the top of the hill. That was a huge accomplishment... and it felt good not to think about needing the tax write off for it. After that... DH worked on getting some things down into the basement that needed going from the porch. And he hung up some little Christmas gifts that we received. It was an easy peasy kind of day. This week, he will be on call for the entire territory as his assistant manager will be taking this week off. I am hoping that we will survive all that has a possibility of going on!

I am hoping to get a couple of projects done in the next few days... as we will again be spending a 4 day weekend together. (I do better when I get some things made ahead!) And I hope to have a few pictures to share as well.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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