Monday, June 28, 2010

2 Thieving Dogs!

Today was a very humid, sticky day... I could not bare the thought of turning the stove on. So... we went out for dinner! (Like that is a big surprise!) Anyway... DH and I are both chocolate lovers. I tend to go in "spurts"... needing Dove milk chocolate. DH loves Lindor's white chocolate truffles and those truffles that are white chocolate with milk chocolate bits on the outside. We have stashes in strategic spots about the house. And one spot we have them in, is an antique bowl on the coffee table.

Tonite... after dinner, instead of going right into the house, we called the dogs downstairs while we (DH) watered all the flowers. It took quite some time, over 30 minutes and I realized that the dogs were hungry. I went upstairs to fix doggie dinners and when I was done.... I walked into the living room. To my surprise... the candy dish had been raided and there were candy wrappers and foil bits all over the floor. They had munched down about 7 of them. I don't think Nolli-dog was the instigator but he went "all-in" once the dish had been breached and the candy hit the floor. (He's never helped himself to anything since he was maybe 3 years old.)

Lucky for us... white chocolate is the least harmful chocolate for dogs... Punky would need to eat 125 pounds of it, before she would be in trouble. They maybe had about 3 ounces each as there were 2 truffles left on the floor that weren't eaten. Needless to say... the truffle bowl has been moved. Some body will be having "foil laced" poops tomorrow... Yuck!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strange Adventures in Dining Out...

It might be the full moon... but yesterday and today we had strange things happen as we were dining. Last night, we had 3 things happen. The first took place as we were about to cross the threshold of the restaurant. A young family of 3 was coming across the parking lot behind us and as they stepped up on the sidewalk, their young son took a huge tumble on the sidewalk. He pretty much did a face plant with his hands flat down on the concrete... along with his knees. We were both horrified by the sound of it as well empathetic to his pain. He cried briefly, but his Dad told him he was okay and he pulled himself together.

The second thing was as we were seated... the table right behind us had 2 twenty-somethings on a first date. The young man was quite loud as he talked above the din of the noise. We learned so much about him and his opinions... and I will get to all of that in just a moment.

The third thing that happened was after we received our meals. Unfortunately for DH, he had a hair in his food. I tried to get the waitress's attention, but she didn't see me. DH tried to get the hostesses attention... and there were several of them, to no avail. Then I spotted a manager... and DH was up out of his seat in an instant. He came to the table immediately and took his plate. He went and placed an order for another, came over and gave us a discount coupon for our next visit and took a discount off our check. We had a good humor about the whole thing because we were being entertained by Mr. First Date. The waitress apologized as well... and we told her it wasn't her fault.

And then today... we went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. As we were sitting there... the table behind me was finishing their meal. The very tall man sitting right behind me went to get up, and caught his feet in the feet of the table... and went tumbling down face first in to the floor. He missed the table across from them, but he was pretty shaken up. All the men at his table laughed at him. The manager came over and checked him out... asked him several questions and if he were going to seek medical attention. He declined to do so.... no one bothered to check with me, but my back was spasming because his chair hit mine and caused me to jump. What an interesting chain of events.

Now... back to Mr. First Date. He was the kind of guy that I would have excused myself from the table and came back with a headache and left early. (Or called someone to call me and fake an emergency!) When we first got there, he was in the middle of discussing alimony and divorce lawyers... and that everyone needed a pre-nup to be sure they were really into the marriage and planning a life together or just into having a wedding. He had several opinions on divorce lawyers as well... thinking it was better to spend the money on a pre-nup than lose so much more later. He clearly didn't know when to shut his pie-hole.

He also broached the subject of office affairs and who was sleeping with whom and what his take on the whole thing was... he also told the young lady that whom ever he dates should know that she would play second fiddle to his brother, who comes first and she'd better understand that right off. Only if she was laying on the floor bleeding and would need medical attention, would she surpass his brother.

We also learned how he felt about smokers, and how hard he is on anyone he cares about who smokes. He rambled on about the affects of smoking on the body and was fairly obnoxious about that issue. (It was tough to stomach his opinion about the bodily affects while I ate.) We had to listen about his work, how he signs all of his documents at work, and what his name was.

I laughed during so much of dinner... I was quite glad that I was eating small bites because there were many times I could have choked on my food otherwise. I felt sorry for the girl and I wanted to tell her to "run the other way and don't look back"... but of course that would have been rude. We both thought she was sitting there because he had picked her up for the date and she was stranded... but alas, when they finally left, she had driven herself to the restaurant. It was truly an first date nightmare... and one that I am glad to only had to witness with my husband instead of actually be a part of!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to Move On!

I have been trying to move ahead and get on with the business of living. Yesterday was rather difficult for me, dealing and processing the events of the last few days. Between that and the heat and humidity, and DH having to travel for work, it's helped to put me on the edge.

I'm taking the day off today... I've cancelled appointments and turned the a/c down to 68 degrees. Both the dogs and I are camping out in the living room until cooler temperatures arrive later tonight. I do need to go out once to water the flowers as they were overlooked last night.

I am hoping to take a field trip this weekend. I want to go back to the little valley we discovered last weekend and explore it a little more, and take a different road. (And hopefully remember to take a few pictures as well.)

I'm glad that it's Thursday... only one more day until the weekend. And I can't believe that we will be just a week away from the 4th of July. We are planning on staying home that weekend instead of traveling to Connecticut. I'm just not up to staying in a hotel with 2 dogs and dealing with holiday traffic.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once Again, Haunts of the Past

I've have written in the past of a former friend from my old Monday Night Bible study group. She had issues then and continues to have issues. She would often send me nasty and disturbing text messages, usually late at night. I have told her to stop and I finally put an end to it all by adding a feature on my service to block her number.

She has a new phone number... and sent me a new text message yesterday. I went back on and forth with deciding to add her new number to my "blocked" list. I called a couple of people who know her and discovered that she is no longer living in the area that I thought. Upon further investigation, I have discovered the city she is living in, and most of what she's been doing for the last 6 months using Facebook. So, without knowing her exact whereabouts, I cannot get a restraining order as of now. DH wants one... I'm trying to do what I can to avoid anymore issues.

I also discovered one more bit of disturbing information about her. Before my bible study group disbanded for the summer, ( a couple of years back) my friend told us that her father had passed away and she wasn't allowed to come to his funeral because of her stepmother. We helped her with a memorial service for her father. It was very hard to go through and we all felt for our friend. I discovered through her facebook page that her Dad is alive and well and has recently remarried! I was aware of the fact that this person had issues with lying... but this one really takes the cake for me!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I've been M.I.A. again! I just got wrapped up in household stuff, and garden stuff. And I wanted to make a wonderful dinner on Friday for DH after having him out of town for the whole week.

I don't know what happened to Thursday... I think that was a day spent out west of here. Friday, I do remember! I got up early and got my to-do list and went to Wilkes-Barre and did my grocery shopping. I then came home and fixed a fabulous dinner for DH. Steaks on the grill... Panzella salad, sauteed zucchini, and a fabulous lemon creme pie with white chocolate curls. It was all sooooooooo good.

Then on Saturday, we woke up early and I whisked DH away for a fun drive even farther west than we've been and went to an air strip for a "piper cub" fly-in. We were able to walk the flight line and check out the planes. We went to a great piper air museum, met some really great people, and had some good "carnival" food. We were wind-burned, sun-burned, and loving life!

We decided to take back roads home and came across a wonderful Amish area. I wasn't fast enough with my camera and didn't want to drive back, but we came across a farm that was being plowed with a 6 horse draft team... it was a beautiful sight. We came across several other Amish homes, one who was a woods craftsman and he was working a beautiful Windsor bow back chair. We also went through a state forest all on gravel roads. That was a fun trip and we enjoyed the views. When we finally hit pavement again... we came across the swimming area of the state park... complete with a wonderful sandy beach, volley ball court and roped swimming area.

We continued on to back roads into the town of Lewisburg. There is a great restaurant and gift shop with greenhouses there. (There are also tons of antique shops as well, but we weren't headed that way.) We had a wonderful dinner with prime rib and a very good salad bar and dessert, too! We had such a great day. It's one that we will remember for a long time.

Sunday, being Father's Day, we went for brunch at our favorite hotel. We go there for brunch often and for Father's Day, they really put out a great spread. We spent most of the day at home, doing a few things that needed finishing. DH decided to get the weed eater out and work on the over-growth along the stream. He's not completely done, but it does look good out there. At least now he can get down to the banks and start cleaning out the blue-bells that are starting to become overgrown.

After all that work, we were rewarded with some of the local Doe's coming down to feed. They love the berries that grow along the stream and they love the greenery that grows on that side. As soon as it was barely dark, they came to drink in the stream. It was lovely to watch them... we were out there for well over an hour... and of course we were treated to a great light show by all the fire-flies as well. So beautiful... I love that time of the day, as the grass and the trees sparkle with so much light.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Weary Wednesday...

Today started with such great hopes. I woke up with energy and had a mental list of what I wanted to do. I got myself ready and headed out. I drove over the mountain to go to the greenhouse. As I started down the other side, the rain started. Just a few big drops and then it turned to a light mist. I got to the greenhouse and parked across from the 3rd door. I went inside and started to scope out what I was looking for... sweet alyssum to add to some flower pots. I found some... and then the rain really let loose. Big, heavy, fast rain... the sound inside was amazing and amplified. I was stuck there until it started to ease up. I paid for my flowers and got the heck outta there!

I made it home safely in the rain. By the time I came back south, it had passed. I made lunch and puttered around. Then went to the flower shop to visit Miss A. While I was out and about today, I noticed that there are several orange barricade cans and traffic signs being left in strategic places. I wanted to see if Miss A. had any info on when the streets were going to be torn up and how we were to get around this little berg.

Along with my errands today, I walked Miss Punky several times today. Mr. Nolli-dog wasn't interested in going out. I finally convinced him to come out with me around 5pm. I was busy putting the garbage can back in the garage and left him totally unattended for maybe less than 45 seconds. When I stepped back through the door, to my horror... there was my sweet, clean white dog, rolling in something disgusting in the center of the yard! I called him to stop, and he did. But it was already too late. There were 2 large, stinky dark marks across his side and back. The closer he got to me, the smellier he got. I ordered him to go and sit at the door, which he did. I went into the garage again and got one of the old sleeping bags down, made him a bed and brought him in there to "air out". He knows that I am very upset with him. I left him in the garage until I decided to bring his crate on to the porch and crate him there. Only because it's going to rain tonight and I didn't want him to get scared by the noise of the water, or the noise of the furnace going on and off to heat water.

Along with that little 'drama'... Miss Punky decided that she needed to react to what Nolli did and how upset I was at him. She decided that she was going to poop on the floor. She is now crated as well... and tonight, I am questioning my sanity for having 2 dogs. I am feeling like I could easily surrender them... but I know that it isn't going to happen. I'm just upset and it's doubly hard because DH is out of town.

I am weary tonight... it always takes it toll on me when DH is gone for more than a couple of days. On a lighter note... tonight as I was waiting for Nolli to do his evening business... the fire fly show across the lawns were stunning. It always takes my breath away when I see all those fire flies. It will always be a magical time at dusk as the fire flies come out. (Just a little sanity to keep me going.)

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Running on Tuesday

I am moving slow today... yesterday was a beautiful day with much lower humidity. I decided that I was going to enjoy that beautiful weather... and today I am paying the price for that decision. I went west to do some shopping. It's always warmer west of here. I found some lovely flowers in the garden shop and came home with a couple of beauties. I have no idea what they are, but they are colorful and I love them.

Because I had bought more flowers, I needed to go over the mountain to the Ag-way farm store to buy a couple more clay pots and a little extra potting soil. I enjoyed a great evening potting things up and getting a couple of things deadheaded. I also enjoyed talking on the phone to my dear friend Mis N. and catching up on things. I also enjoyed a visit from Mis J. and her sister. While we were out talking... we enjoyed quite a show of lightening bugs as the sun finally set and darkness fell. Both Nolli and Punky were outside with me and they had a good time as well.

I also had things to take care of that DH normally does. It ended up being trash night and I needed to get the can out to the edge of the road. By the time I came in and got all the dirt off of me, it was pretty late... like 9:30. I had missed all of the evening programming on tv. I fixed myself a snack and fell into the recliner to talk to DH about his day. I could barely keep my eyes open. I love that I managed to keep myself busy and active all day so that I could be tired enough to konk out!

Today, I think I need to head to the greenhouse on the otherside of the mountain to find a couple little things I haven't found as I've looked in the garden shops. I need some sweet alyssum or lobelia. It's suppose to rain today... so I need to get a move on it before it gets here! Hope y'all have a great day!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ack! It's Too Humid!

It's Monday morning... and it started very early for us. We spent most of yesterday doing laundry and trying to stay cool. DH packed his bags for a week long stay south of Philly. He left at 5 this morning.

I had a rough night... my back kept aching and spasming. I told DH that I would get up with him at 4:30 to help him finish getting everything ready for his trip. That also meant that I would not be taking any Ambien to help me sleep. I don't know what I actually came to bed and fell asleep, but I know that it was past midnight. Once I had DH out the door and on his way, I made my way back to bed, but sleep didn't come for at least 2 more hours... and I only slept for 2 hours.

It is very humid here right now. When DH and I were outside in the driveway this morning, it was fairly clear. By the time I managed to get the living room cool and get my back to settle down, it was getting steamy outside. When I woke up, it was completely foggy and everything was dripping wet outside. My poor plants look like they were put in a true steam bath and they are droopy and sad.

We knew that this coming week was going to be very humid and hot. DH was concerned that I wouldn't be able to regulate my body temp and could get very sick. So... he went out and purchased a new a/c unit to go in the living room. We love it... and so does Nolli-dog. He spent most of yesterday sleeping on the living room floor in perfect comfort. It didn't matter what was going on anywhere else in the house or outdoors... he was happy and wasn't going to budge from his spot. (Smart dog!)

I'm hoping that I will be able to make it through the next 4 1/2 days until DH comes home on Friday. I hope that my back takes it easy on me and that the dogs cooperate with me... actually, I hope Punky cooperates with me. I don't think that I will be able to get myself into too much trouble this week... it's just too hot to go gallivanting across the countryside!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Container Garden

Ms. Jo over at wrote me a comment about wanting to see my flowers. So, this afternoon, amid all the laundry and errands (DH is traveling all next week) I grabbed the camera and took a few photos to share with y'all. If it weren't for my flowers and the help that I get from DH to keep them watered, I'm sure I'd be a certified basket case by now. (Flowers are what I dream and think about all winter long.)

This last picture is of my favorite "Sprng Flower" it's hard to believe she's been with us for 10 months now.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Inconspicuously Ranting...

I am feeling more than a little sad and I am finding that I am stress eating. I recently talked with my brother... and discovered that what I would consider a "major family event", had taken place and no one bothered to call me. (I know that I wouldn't have been able to travel, but I would have liked to have known.) Once again, someone else decided that I didn't need to be informed. I cannot express enough how much this saddens me... and I am left to ponder why this continues to happen. It shouldn't matter anymore... but it does matter to me.

Anyway... all I can say is that, Yes, I am stress eating. I didn't even realize until this afternoon. It's been over a week, and I have pigged out on everything I can get my hands on in the morning and afternoon. All that weight I've lost, has been packed on again. This also makes me very sad... and it's my own fault. Part of it is also my back issue and how much it hurts me when I move wrong. (Enough to stop me in my tracks... breath-losing pain.)

I don't really know where this blog post is going... I guess I'm trying to vent and rant... as inconspicuously as possible.

I do need to go outside and water my plants and flowers. I need to "deadhead" and I have a few things that need to be re-potted. I don't feel like it... which is a way of saying that if I don't want to play in the flowers that I must be depressed! I am sure I'll feel better in a few days... don't worry... I'll be back soon!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Rainy, Dreary Day...

It's a cold and dreary day here in N.E. PA. The rain arrived about 9 this morning... my flowers are loving the free water. They are going crazy already with the warm and humid weather we've had during the first week of the month. I have a hanging petunia that seems to have all the neighbors talking because it's so full and round and has tons of new blossoms. I've done lots of petunias, hot pink geraniums, lots of lobelia and johnny jump-ups everywhere. It's very lovely and I can't wait to see how it looks at mid-summer.

I went to see the chiropractor yesterday. My back was very stiff... but once he started working on me, my back did go back into place with only a little pain. He put me on ice for yesterday... and for today, I am very happy to be able to use warm heat on my back. I woke up very early this morning... just after DH left for work. I tried to get some stuff done, but it was soooo cold. I could only do a little bit because my feet were freezing. (And my hands, my nose, my core!)

I ended up going back to bed to get warm... I actually did that twice. The first time, I slept until 8:30... and then I ended going back once more to get warm and snoozed far longer than I thought I would. I must have needed it, because I woke up feeling better than I have in several days! I haven't been sleeping all through the night because of my back. It hurts so bad sometimes, it wakes me up even with Ambien!

I've tried to work out on the porch and also going through cupboards in the kitchen, but it only takes a short while and my back hurts! (No surprise there!) I will continue to work in small "sessions" until I get it done. I'm sure that DH will help me when he gets home from work and sees that I've been working on it.

I need to get busy... I'm making spaghetti sauce today... it sounds good for a cold, rainy Wednesday. Oh... And GLEE! I so enjoyed the finale... and I'm so glad that they'll be showing the first season again through the summer. Yay!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh! My Back!!!!

Last week, my chiropractor cut my appointments back to 2 days a week. Apparently, my back wasn't informed of this matter and decided to go "on-strike" late Saturday. Sunday was a day that I couldn't do too much because if I moved wrong, it hurt. Yesterday was so bad, that it took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks if I tried to do much of anything.

I really wanted to stay home this morning and sleep since I haven't slept well in several days... even with the help of Ambien! I made myself go anyway... and I can say that I do feel better after going in for an adjustment and therapy. I will be on ice for most of the rest of today. I can start heat tomorrow, thankfully!

So... once again, I am not able to do too much. I will have to take it easy and slow when I water all the flowers today. (And I'm sure that I won't be picking up Punky and holding her in my lap too much.)

The ice packs are calling me... Thanks for reading. Be blessed!

P.S. ~Sandy... I love the idea of using a shower curtain across the shelving! DH also had that idea when I shared your comments with him! He said great minds think alike. =)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Funny Money Troubles (from NJ)

Today has been a fairly relaxing day... given that after we went to brunch, we came home and put away all the patio furniture, flags, flowers and anything else that could be blown away. We've been under tornado watch all day. We decided to watch a movie and relax as the storms passed over us.

On a whim... (more like God prompting me) I decided to check our bank balances as we had gone to Sam's Club yesterday and spent some cash. I was quite surprised to discover that for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, that we had a large amount pending in holds. The first time was for an electric company and after having a 4 day hold, it rolled off our account. We had the money to cover it... but it still held up almost $500! This time it's for $400... and if we aren't careful, it could mess us up.

DH got on the phone to the bank where it was determined that it was my card that has been compromised. Both transactions were placed in NJ... DH traveled there not too long ago, but his card is fine! My wings will be clipped until a new card arrives later this week. To quote DH... "It's crazy!" Hopefully... the charge will roll off the account and I won't have to dispute the charge and fight to get my money back. DH is gracious enough to let me use his card... he really does love me!

Oh... we have been looking for a pantry to go on our porch... we decided that we couldn't find one we liked that wouldn't need to be modified to hold everything. So, instead we went with commercial grade metal shelving... thus the trip to Sam's. It was a fraction of the price and I don't really need doors on it... and if I did, DH could add them if I really want them. We're really liking having the extra space and it's nice to be able to reach things without having to do acrobatics on a stool or having things fall on my toes. I'm still deciding what I want to store out there, and once I'm done. I'll post a pic of what I've done.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleepy.... Sleepy.... Sleepy

For the last 2 or 3 days... there has been a slight change in my sleep cycle. Where I once slept all through the night, I find myself waking early... to use the bathroom. If it's still dark outside, I can go back to sleep. If it's light out... I an wide awake!

It's Saturday... the "traditional" day for folks everywhere to sleep in. Not me. I was up early enough to see the paper dropped at the end of the driveway. I tried to doze back off on the couch, that didn't happen because Punky discovered that I was awake and she promptly jumped up and climbed into my lap for love and adoration. Before I knew it, DH was also awake and lying across the couch with his head in my lap as he told me about a crazy dream that woke him up.

I read the paper... ate a muffin... puttered about on the computer and then decided to go back to sleep... in the bedroom. It was on the dark side compared to the living room. And no one was in there. So, I got comfy and drifted off to sleep. It didn't last as my peaceful sleep was interrupted by the landscape service... mowing and trimming our yard. (Which should have been done yesterday! Just sayin')

So... now I am wandering around the house, trying to pull myself together. I may need to go to the top of the hill for some fortifed caffeine with one of those Mc-Fancy coffee drinks. I sent DH out to get a hair cut, he wanted me to go with him, but I can't pull it together to get in the shower and become a presentable human being. I don't own a coffee maker, but I may won one before the day is out. (((Yawn))))

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Change of Plans

Because we had house guests over this last weekend, the house has stayed very clean. I was going to go to Wilkes Barre today. I had plans and a mental list. I was going to do the thing I hate most... buy myself 2 new bras. I seem to put that off as much as possible... so today was going to be that day. I was also going to stop at my favorite nursery that is out in that direction. That's a lot of "I was... I was...!)

DH called my cell phone around 11:00 this morning to tell me that he'd received a phone call from our Landlord that he wanted to bring people over to view our house at 5:00! So... I guess he has the properties up for sale again and didn't bother to let anyone else know. (So much for 24 hour notice!) I didn't have too much to do to get ready... just load the dishwasher, make the bed and pick up the newspaper stack in the living room. So... here I sit... can't really do too much and not make a mess. Guess we'll be going out for dinner tonite. And I hope we will know what's going on if whoever is coming is going to buy the property. I really hope we don't have to move... I'm so not up for that!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life and Other Stuff

This is just a quick post as I have a chiropractic appointment in 25 minutes. We have been busy as usual with keeping the home fires burning. There are always errands and things to shop for around here.

Yesterday, after Punky's little episode of pancreantitis... she really needed a bath. I called the groomer and was able to get her in at 10 am. I also decided that Nolli needed a good scrubbing as well, and I can't get him into the tub by myself these days. So... I scheduled an appointment for him as well. They came out looking very clean and fluffy and smelling very delightful! Nolli's "grinch feet" are now gone and his "horsetail" is now trimmed and fluffy. Punky looks good as well... her little feet are trimmed up cute!

It's Thursday, so that means after I get my back done, I need to go grocery shopping. DH has been working down in southern NJ, and that means extra snacks and food in his lunch for such a long day. (Meaning I need more stuff to feed this man!) At least this morning I was "with it" enough to write out a list. So... I'll be out doing that... and going to the doctors office in Bloom to get copies of our old medical records instead of having them shredded. I hope I can get it all done before the thunder and rain hits this afternoon!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Slight Case.

Because it was Memorial Day on Monday... we just had to grill out. I had picked up some nice NY strips on Friday and they had been "aging" nicely in the bottom of the fridge. We seasoned them with some good Himalayan Sea Salt and fresh cracked pepper. I got the grill good and hot and threw them on. They were perfect in 9 minutes!

We decided to eat upstairs in the kitchen... and I fixed all the leftovers from Sunday's BBQ. It was a good meal... and I could not eat all my steak. DH also left a little of his steak for Nolli dog. There was a good bit of steak left over... about 3 1/2 ounces. So.. Nolli always expects to have a little bit of steak, and he's used to getting it. Pumpkin on the other hand... is not used to "people food" and we rarely give it to her. I've been giving her the tiniest of bites when there is left over steak or pork or burgers. She's done ok so far. (You can tell where this is headed, right?)

So... I gave Nolli a nice portion of steak bits on his kibble... and I also gave Punky some steak in her bowl. I was justly rewarded by Punky yesterday. We were at the flower shop... and she started to get sick. I swooped her up and had her out the front door as fast as my knee and back would allow. She got sick... and then I took her over to the grass in our yard... and she proceeded to show me again that she cannot tolerate more than just a taste of anything not dog related. She had a slight case of pancreantitis. She still managed to eat her dinner when DH got home and feed the dogs. Nolli is just fine, of course. He's pretty durable and used to being spoiled with steak bits. I kept a good eye on Punky during the evening and she seemed okay. Today, she's going to the groomer to get bathed and trimmed. I'm taking Nolli to get his nails done. (Altho, he could use a bath too.)

On the "back" issue... I am starting to feel better as long as I don't over do it. I will probably feel those spasms later on because DH forgot to take the trash to the street today and I ended up having to lift up the garage door to get the can out. I plan on not doing all that much today... the house is still in good order, dinner is done and in the fridge for later... so I will take Punky and Nolli up to the groomer at noon and just hang out this afternoon. (I do have the desire to go up to my favorite greenhouse... but I said I was done buying flowers!)

There you have it... it's what's new and exciting in my life! Oh... I didn't tell you that I've been on the screaming baby radar lately. Everywhere I go lately... there is a screaming baby somewhere nearby. The latest was last night... we had gone to Olive Garden for our anniversary. Seated at the next table over was an older man, a very young girl and a baby that was 10 months old. At first we didn't notice them... and then as their food came out, the baby started screaming... first it was more of a holler. Kind of finding her voice. Then it changed to a demand scream and she kept it up. Several of the wait staff did what they could to distract her and quiet her down, to no avail. By the end of the evening after they left, I was so glad to not hear the shriek that would almost make me wince when it went off... and dessert saved the evening... white chocolate raspberry cheesecake!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 Blissful Years!

Today is our 2 year Anniversary... I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. I admire his patience, his caring and hardworking spirit and how much he loves me and our pups.

We've been through alot in the past year... but I can't imagine going through it with anyone else. Between hospitalizations and knee replacement, physical therapy, tons of snow and ice, acquiring another dog, the loss of my Mom and issues with my back, it's been an adventure with my best friend. We love our simple life, we love the peace and quiet of small town life, taking simple day trips to fun adventures to Amish farms and farm markets in our area... to spending time on our front patio in the evenings and watering all those flower pots I keep filling and putting out.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!