Sunday, January 31, 2010

On Facebook...

Let me ask a quick question... Isn't Facebook, if it's your personal page... suppose to be ALL about you and your life? (Or at least what you want to share?) On my facebook page... I have an assortment of friends, former co-workers, my family and DH's family. I share about what is going on in my life with all of them. It helps to keep friendships going...(or so I thought) and builds bonds with people. It has really helped to forge a wonderful bond with one of DH's sisters and his Aunt.

I know that when I share something... even something painful, that if my friends tell me that they are praying for me... I know that they are. I draw strength in that, because I am so far away from my friends and my family. Because most of my friends work... and have families of their own... and have life going on around them, this form of communication works pretty well until one of us has the time to call and catch up on stuff. (And if I called all the people that I communicate with on Facebook on a regular basis... I'd never get anything done!)

Without going into any "gory details"... one of my family members who thinks that they know me... called me out on facebook last night for posting about how I was feeling about the news of my Mom starting to go down hill... and then promptly "unfriended" me so that I couldn't even set the record straight. I was hurt and deeply saddened that someone who happens to be in my family but really hasn't had anything to do with me or my life in any real personal way for over 15 years feels that they can pass judgement on me about things that took place during my very turbulent teenage years... which really didn't have anything to do with my Mom, she just happened to bear the brunt all my issues. Or even some the years after that before I was able to make peace with my demons, go through years of therapy and come out on the other side as a pretty nice human being who happens to LOVE the heck out of my Mother and my family. (I have more than acknowledged my short comings and implored forgiveness and am very grateful and thankful to my sisters and expressed that more than once, even if they don't remember it.)

Anyway... I've decided that this will be the only place that I will deal with this... and if that person reads this... fine! Just know that I call into question: 1. Your Christianity and how your Grandmother would feel about the way you came across... where's your mercy and forgiveness... especially when lots of things have been forgiven? 2. I question your perception and how you live in pretty big glass house. You weren't the best teenager to your mother either... and you weren't the best mother to your own children as you went about your merry way. I too, know lots about you and your character. I know about your drug use, drinking, and all the many men you slept with after leaving your 2nd husband. And that you took my furniture and never, ever paid me a dime for it.... but I didn't say anything. The last time I saw you in person... you were rude and uppity and downright ghetto in your countenance. I've kept my mouth shut... tried to be kind and reach out to you... but, I think I'm done.

That's all I have to say on the subject... I'm certain that I ruffled a few feathers within my family now... I needed to speak my piece and I really just want peace within my family... and I didn't deserve to be attacked that way. Death and dying can really bring out the "ugly" in some people, I hope and pray that when my Mother passes, it will be with peace and surrounded by love... she deserves that.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Blues...

It is so stormy out today... heavy rains have our stream turned into a muddy raging river. And the wind??? It's blowing so strong... all we have heard all morning long is the house creaking and windows rattling and pine cones falling on the roof. It's been quite noisy!

Our weekend was fairly pleasant... on Saturday, we had a nice breakfast and then headed over to Bloomsburg to do some shopping. We had 2 specific errands to run... 1. To find a filter for our vacuum cleaner... and 2. to get DH a hair cut. We accomplished both of those things rather quickly and then stopped into a mattress shop to look around... and we did, along with getting an education on construction and COST! (Holy Cow... it shouldn't cost that much to get a good nights sleep!) We stopped for a quick lunch and then came home. We also rented movies that we couldn't watch... (Red Box) because they were vended for Blu-Ray, which we don't have. Anyway.. I was just getting started to prep for dinner and DH hollered up to me that Miss J was downstairs. She came up for about an hour to visit... we hadn't seen her since Christmas Eve!

Sunday, with the weather low system coming thru... I felt flattened out like a pancake. DH went to church without me... I just wasn't feeling it. I am still having trouble with my knee, and on Saturday, I was just miserable trying to walk. Needless to say... I wasn't in the best of spirits through part of the weekend and will be calling the doctors office today for another re-check appointment. We also managed to get Nolli-dog into the tub and scrubbed up. He is so white and cute and so very happy to have a bath. I would have some great pics of him, except that the batteries in the camera died on me! (Rats!)

This week is going to be a challenge for us... DH is working day shift today, locally in Scranton. Once his day is done... he'll come home to go straight to bed and then leave again at 10:00 tonight to work down near the PA-DE line in Bristol. He'll be doing 3 days of overnight work. He will have Thursday off and then go back on days on Friday. I'm trying to think of ways to keep myself occupied while he sleeps and keep everything quiet for him as well. Packing his lunch and fixing dinner will also be a challenge this week... I know he won't be eating too much.

Oh... just a quick update on Punky... the new food is working out well for her. We've turned the corner, I think. When she is feeling well... she's such a happy little dog! Her personality keeps us laughing and we are also surprised to see what she's going to do next as she becomes more and more secure with living with us! She is a joy and a delight to have! Miss J couldn't believe how much Punky's coat has grown and how luxurious her coat is... good nutrition and care shows!

I'm going to find something to help cure my Monday Blues... I may have to bake something. Of course... the extended forecast for this week... Snow, starting on Wednesday and going through until Monday of next week... and nothing about 28 degrees! (Last week was such a gift!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Thoughts of the Day...

It's Friday already???? This week has flown by! I've done lots of errands... taken care of a sick dog (again) and done a couple of tons of laundry. DH has actually worked locally the last 3 days... and it's been nice to have him be so close by again. He actually gets home during daylight hours, and with the unusually nice weather this week, we've been able to enjoy it!

I've notice something on my stat logs... someone from Chehalis has been reading my blog... It makes me wonder if it's my sister or my niece... Um, comments are appreciated... I'd love to know when you all stop by. I've also noticed a drop in communication within my family. I haven't been making any calls.... and so, unfortunately, no one seems to call me. I just want to say, again, the phone rings both ways! Maybe I shouldn't have told my family that I blog and am on facebook... they can get all the info they want and not have to bother with calling me. Just saying.

With Punky being sick this week... she got another bath. I've been using baby shampoo on her because it's "no more tears" and easy on the skin. She smells wonderful and both DH and I have been comparing her coat to when she first came here... She has a ton of hair now! Her coat is long and thick and lustrous. DH thinks she may have even grown a little, now that she has good nutrition. We're thinking a trip to the vet for a full check up is in order to get her tummy on track. I went to Pet-Smart yesterday and bought her sensitive-stomach dog food. We are learning that her breed can have tummy issues... and any change in her diet upsets her delicate balance. All I know for certain... she feels better and she was dancing and happy last night. She's such a different dog when she doesn't feel good.

We don't really have any plans for this weekend... it's suppose to be nice this weekend... in the 40's for Saturday. I'm thinking that I may go digging around in closets and in the basement... maybe taking a few things to donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army. The A&E show, Hoarders gets me to want to purge any extra stuff... DH has a ton of stuff that needs to go. We talk about doing a yard sale... but I don't think I have the energy to do a yard sale... I'd rather donate it, I think. I don't really have anyone who could help me do a yardsale other than DH, who is so busy most of the time.... so, yeah, I'd rather donate it. (If I keep telling myself that, then I will do it!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Hump Day!

I am so glad that it's Wednesday.... only for the reason that it does bring us closer to the weekend! We don't really have any plans for the weekend, nothing set in concrete anyway. DH's brother and his girlfriend and her kids... are heading this way on Sunday to go to Big Rock near Lake Harmony for a "tubing weekend." They have contacted us... but it's a HUGE IF that we will even meet up. They will be coming right past us... but late on Sunday night. They apparently have "tickets" for tubing between 3 and 9 pm on Monday and are heading back home on Tuesday morning. They want to see us for lunch on Monday at Red Robin. (I don't think it's gonna happen for DH to take a Monday off to go to lunch... especially when vacation time hasn't been added to the books yet.)

I am also thinking... that I need to take Pumpkin to the vet next week.... she has once again had another issue with being sick. Any little change to her diet... and we end up having a huge messes for a couple of days while we get things back on track. I guess I will be donating some of the dog food and dog treats that were purchased over Christmas and the beginning of the month. She really needs to stick to one thing for awhile... (I know... it's my fault for giving her a change!) And let me tell you... we've started leaving her crate door open so she can go to bed when she's ready... and she's left huge messes in the kitchen the last 2 mornings. It's better than if she gets sick in her crate tho... I don't have to give her a bath! But the smell... it's enough to send me packing... I know, you didn't need to know that, either.

Anyway... Punky has had some Pepto-Bismol for breakfast and is resting happily on her blanket on the end of the sofa. I have been contemplating what to make for dinner all morning... if I ask DH, he's no help! I think I may have to start a menu plan so that I don't get stuck in a rut. I'm going to do pork chops and baked potatoes and green beans for tonite. It's easy and I don't really have to think about anything.

That's all I've got for today... nothing really exciting... except for snow flurries as I walked the dogs this morning. Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Dozen...

I was perusing a few blogs and came across this "random list" and thought I would borrow it for today! I'm certain it will give you a little more insight to who I am! (Not that you really want to know!)

My Random Dozen...

1. When was the last time you craved a food--what was it, and did you crave?
I get cravings all the time... DH will tell you! I usually crave mexican food, or chocolate, or pizza! Last week we did pizza, we also had mexican food after church on Sunday... and I had chocolate this morning as a coping mechanism because I had to clean up a huge mess from a sick puppy.

2. M & M's or Skittles?
Always M & M's. - DH is the Skittles fan in this house. And I like plain or peanut!

3. Have you ever read the Bible completely through?
Sadly, no, I have not... I do want to get a chronological bible... I'm thinking that would get me through it!

4. How long does it take you to really wake up in the morning?
I wake up ready to go... unless it's been one of those nights where I didn't sleep much... then it's tough for me... I will need a nap at some point.

5. Have you ever been on a cruise?
Sorta... I was a travel agent for a short while back in the 90's... and I did a "fam tour" on the maiden launch of the Masdam on Norwegian Cruiselines... it was fast and fun!

6. Who is your favorite actress?
It's so hard to have one favorite... I love Julia Roberts... and I also love Sandra Bullock.

7. ______ is something that I will just never understand.
Math... Algebra... I may never get my bachelors degree because of math.

8. How much of a technology junkie are you?
Actually... I was a bit of a techno wiz while at Verizon Wireless.... part of being a CSR or Billing Specialist is to do "tier 1 tech support".... knowing how to do the basics of troubleshooting cell phone issues along with fixing issues with megabyte usage and knowing the difference of having a real issue or if you were traveling and not paying attention to the roaming light on your device!
As far as what I need now... I'm good! I don't have to have the latest and greatest... I will get what I need, when I need it!

9. Do you enjoy selecting greeting cards for people, or is it more of a cultural "have to" for you?
I do like to shop for cards... way, way back in the 80's, I was a merchandiser for a greeting card company... I am always very respectful of the card aisles and am careful when choosing.

10. When was the last time you got a new style/haircut?
I went right before Christmas... did both cut and color... didn't get processed long enough this last time... and my haircut is awful... altho I've gotten lots of compliments. (I just hate the back.)

11. What do you enjoy shopping for most?
Good deals... mostly at TJ Maxx or Home Goods if I can get there. I love buying things for the house... and finding things that DH would like for his wardrobe.

12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house?
Did the dogs go out and have enough time to get it all done... do they have water? Other than that ... I'm ok cuz everything else is off usually.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crazy Week Past!

This week has been one of the weeks for the record books... actually the first half of the month has been like that! We've had a record number of days where we've been below freezing. And to top it off... while we were gone for 1 day... our gauge for our furnace became stuck... and we almost ran out of heating oil. We're fine now... but we really 'squeaked by' on that one.

My Hard-Working Man has really been working hard... lots of long days... some overtime... and of course long drives. Some nights, he only gets 3 or 4 hours of sleep. (Then I spend the day worrying that he will be too tired to be effective!) I'm still not able to carry anything of any real weight... even tho I do manage to get the grocery shopping done and carried up... I pay for that later that night and into the next day. The cortisone shot that I had a week ago has helped some, but I am going to have to call the doctor again and ask for another x-ray as it still does not feel "right" since I stretched my leg and sub-luxed my knee. That said... I've also been feeling the after-effects of that cortisone shot... it's raised my blood sugar like crazy and made me cranky.

We did have some fabulous weather starting on Thursday and going through Saturday! We enjoyed it as much as we could and even went to the mall yesterday. We ended up having dinner at Red Robin (John's favorite!) and a relaxing evening at home. We managed to make it to church today and my HWM managed to get 6 loads of laundry done! I know I said it was a crazy busy week... and it sure felt like it! I've spent tons of time with Punky and Nolli... and also fell into the Facebook hole of time-wasting as well! I haven't really heard from any of my family... but did get to talk to Lizzy twice this week!

That's all I've got for now... I'm missing the opening of the Golden Globes... (there's nothing on tv!) Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FOR TODAY (January 12, 2010)...

Outside my window... it's a winter wonderland... with a drive way full of ice!
I am thinking... that if my landlord doesn't send the plow man, I will call one and take it off the rent!

I am thankful for... my hardworking husband... he fabricated a door for our porch to help regulate the heat in the house... we are much warmer now!
From the kitchen... there are lots of yummy things to eat, including butter cake!

I am wearing... comfy worn jeans, a white t-shirt and my heather Hoodie!

I am creating... not too much other than good food these days.

I am going... nowhere in particular... physical therapy is done!

I am reading... a few magazines that my friend Mary gave me this week.

I am hoping... to start feeling better soon... and to be ready for knee surgery again.

I am hearing... traffic going down the road to the post office and the tv.

Around the house... Nolli is sleeping near my feet, Punky is sleeping on her spot at the end of the sofa...

One of my favorite things... is how the dogs are bonding and Nolli is teaching Punky to play.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Heating Oil delivery is tomorrow, Grocery shopping on Thursday... 'I lead such an exciting life!' ~ We may go out for dinner on the weekend if the weather allows!

Here's a picture thought I'm sharing:

Pumpkin watching TV on her Dad's lap!

I always wonder about how she was treated before she came to us... her life is so different now, she's learning to be a regular dog! She's very bonded to me and follows me everywhere!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!
(Holding on to my hat as the wind comes up to rattle the windows!)
I was just outside... the oil delivery came today! It's snowing too!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Requesting a Transfer!

I know I am getting old... I can't handle the cold anymore! I asked my DH to ask for a transfer to Hawaii. (I know we won't get it... but still!!!)

Because of my knee and the cold... I don't go downstairs too much, unless it's to walk the dogs. I never go in the garage. (Or the basement.) DH got home from work last night... and proceeded to shovel snow... (over 6 inches, and we were only suppose to have between 1 and 3 inches.) He went into the garage... and noticed that the oil tank gauge read **ZERO**! It's was 14 degrees and it's Friday night~ OOOOOOHHHHHHHH CRAP!

So... we went into "Oh Crap" mode... and figured out that heating oil and diesel fuel are actually the same thing... except that one has Red dye and one has Green dye... and the stuff with the Green dye is more expensive because we have to pay the highway tax on it! He went up to the truck stop at the interstate with his 5 gallon can and filled it up... 3 times. We now have about an 1/8th of a tank and that should last us until Wednesday when our delivery comes. DH did go in to the garage on Tuesday... and we had over an 1/8th of tank showing... but he thinks the gauge was stuck. (Makes perfect sense since everything else around here is broken down or Mickey Moused together anyway.) (Yes, we should move!)

Today... he's been busy trying to fix any air leaks that he may have missed when he was trying to winterize the house. He's found a few. I have been literally sick from the stress of it all... my head hurts and I ache all over and I just want to be warm and move to Hawaii. I miss the days of not having to worry about a stupid heating furnace. (But then I don't miss the days of having to pay the ridiculous rates that BGE customers have had to pay in the last 3 years.) I do miss having a woodstove or a fireplace... and I do miss having an electric water heater instead of something tied to a boiler. Life in these parts is different than anything I remember in my life... and I've lived in a lot of different places.

So... that's where we are, for now... using expensive oil until our delivery day... because... if we had them do an emergency delivery... we wouldn't be eating for the next 2 weeks!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a Quick One!

I only have time for a short post... I'm heading out the door to Bloomsburg to see my Knee Surgeon this morning. I am still having issues with pain in one area that shouldn't be there. I was discharged from physical therapy on Thursday... and my therapist recommended that I go back for a re-check! Since I "popped it" over a month ago... I still have lost mobility and my quality of life isn't what I had hoped for. I'm going to stop by the p/t office on my way and get a written report of my "lack of/or backward progress."

It's bitterly cold... we've insulated as much as we can... hung plastic over every window and vent! We've even purchased an oil-filled electric radiator to use in the back of the house... it gets toasty warm back there! We do okay during the day, but when the sun falls outta the sky... we are freezing. And then there's the wind... -5 wind chills really suck when you have to wear shorts!

That's all I have time for! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Blues...

We were all set to do pretty much "nothing" yesterday for New Years... but it never quite works out that way. My big plans for the day were to take Pumpkin and Nolli with us when we went to Lowes to pick up a couple of things. Nolli loves Lowes!

I ended up waking up with sneeze after sneeze and feeling rather "cold and flu-ish!" My HWM decided to make me some breakfast and he did do a good job of cooking bacon... (and getting grease everywhere) and getting me feeling like I could walk upright again.

I also went on facebook... and discovered some sad news from a friend. My friend Dave, who played his violin at our wedding, has a younger brother named Dan. Dan is a tall, strapping, good looking dude with a kind heart and a wicked sense of humor! He always puts people at ease with his winning smile and twinkling blue eyes... and he could put the "spin" on any party he was at!
Unfortunately... this young man was at the gym on Thursday, and after feeling ill while on the treadmill, got off of it and collapsed. There was a doctor there, who performed CPR... Dan went to the hospital but never woke up. To say that I am deeply saddened is not even adequate. He was a newly wed, to a beautiful woman who teaches 3rd grade and has so much joy in her spirit. I hope that this loss does not squelch that spirit.

And to top off the day... Pumpkin has been quite ill... we gave her a rawhide chew the night before... and she tossed all her cookies in her crate in the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day trying to help Punky... she had one accident because I didn't take her cue to go out. We spent the rest of the day trying to help her out.... I gave her 1/4 of an Imodium... and we were careful to watch her body language. She had another episode of tossing her supper in her crate. We ended up getting some Apple Cider Vinegar from Miss J, and giving Punky some Vinegar and Honey diluted in water with a syringe. We all ended up wearing some of it... but it settled her down until 5 this morning... when she hurled in her crate once again!

Punky's little belly is rumbling and grumbling this morning. I gave her a bland meal of hard boiled egg, rice, oil and salt. She really ate that up! She also had about 20 cc's of Pepto Bismol too. She's resting comfortably in her spot at the end of the sofa now... her brother is laying near by for moral support! (Sweet Nolli!)

Knee-wise... I am having trouble with my knee... it's feeling like it wants to lock and it's painful when it gets past a 90 degree angle. I am having pain when I try to go down the stairs and it hurts to try and extend it straight... so I am sleeping with a pillow again. I see the doctor on Tuesday and it can't come soon enough.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!