Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

It's been a crazy time in the last 36 hours here at Sugarloaf Cottage. John had to go hither and yon yesterday... and then had an emergency night call at 9:00 pm. (That night call is a blessing!) He was out for 5 hours... and he made it home just as the ice storm moved into the valley. When we woke up this morning, it was really nasty out. DH's supervisor called and said the roads were really bad where he was as well... and they would be having an emergency snow day.

That was okay... but then the supervisor called and said that one of the U*P*S sites was having an issue... so out the door went my husband. The only good thing I can say is... it's moved from freezing rain to straight rain, weather wise. It's Christmas eve... and I don't know when he will be home. (But at least it's not a Philly site, he was suppose to work down there today.)

We are pretty much ready for the holiday.... and I am doing some last minute baking. I have more cinnamon rolls to do for gifts and for us. We are looking forward to being together for the next 4 days. We are also looking forward to the New Year and what God has in store for us.
Merry Christmas to all... I'm heading off to the kitchen now!

Thanks for reading... Be Blessed!

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