Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life... This and That...!

This week has been a syringe filled, pill stuffing week for Punky and Nolli. They have yet to have any dog treats and only yesterday had kibble mixed with the rice and beef mixture they have had for dinner all week. Today after coming in from a walk... Nolli kept sliding across the kitchen floor. He has spaniel blood lines and gets quite furry under his feet... it had gotten to be a little too long, so we headed to the groomers to get doggie pedicures for both Nolli and Punky. It is always an interesting trip to the shop as Nolli is so social and wants to meet every person and every dog. Pumpkin, on the other hand, prefers to be held in my arms and really doesn't want to have any interaction with any dogs... people can scare her as well... but big dogs freak her out.Now that we are back home, Nolli is quite pleased to have had an outing and some pampering. Punky is in her crate and isn't too certain that she likes me right now.

DH is home resting tonite... he had quite a week this past week. He worked 63 hours this week, had 2 night calls and also had 6 hours of drive time everyday. (So much for that light duty stuff.) He slept so hard last night, he barely moved. It's been a hard week for both of us, as we haven't really seen each other and I've had to take up the slack for his absence.It would have been easier to have him out of town the whole week instead of him leaving in the middle of the night, and making sure he had clothes out for each day, and having things ready to be loaded into his lunch pail. It was a pressure filled week in so many ways.

For me... this week was "end of month" for me... and trying to bring as much money in as I could along with collecting on my 60 and 90 day buckets. I was at over 25% at the beginning of the month. My percentage for yesterday was at 14% and I still had credit cards and a huge check to apply after that. My book closes at 5pm on Monday and I can't wait to see what I end with... I'm already below what I ended with last month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I hand this location over with things buttoned up quite nicely on November 2nd. I can hardly believe that I have been working for 8 weeks... I don't get my new location and team until December. That means I don't have conference calls until after my location rolls over... Yippee!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wow... It's been CrAzY...

It has been more than a little nutso around here for the past week. DH has gone back to work... on "supposed" light duty... but it's not. (Yes, I'm holding my tongue.) I've been working like crazy and trying to keep up with the house and the dogs. I also had a HIDA scan on Saturday morning... and felt sick on Sunday and the radio-active contrast showed up on my face yesterday.

Add to that... a weekend of Punky being sick... and not letting anyone know. It gets worse... I woke up to find both dos having been ill during the night. They were both very pukey... and I gave my "little green machine" a huge workout. I took Punky to the vet after work last night... and he gave me 3 different meds for both dogs. It's been a bit of a challenge to get medicine down both of them... but Nolli has been a trooper for me and has let me pop pills down him and give him nausea medicine in a syringe like it's no big deal. (What a Good Dog he is!) Punky doesn't like the liquid medicine at all.

And... Poor DH... his work schedule this week is a real nightmare. He's up at 2:30 and on the road by 3am... and his supervisor has no mercy. It's grueling, ugly and really unfair. It feels a lot like retaliation because of DH being injured... I wouldn't put it past the (a$$-hAt, cough, cough) idiot to do something like that. We are only on Tuesday and feels like it should be Thursday... and I can't wait for Friday! I'm looking forward to just being home and doing stuff around here for the weekend. I don't want to go anywhere, and I don't want to do anything but be home and put things in order around here.

Thanks for reading, be blessed!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm sorry... I have been missing in action this week. It's been a little crazy around here. I ended up being really sick last Sunday and Monday. I missed work on Monday... a huge no-no! And because I missed work, I ended up working extra hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was exhausting... I managed to work an extra 6 hours to make up time. I would have been able to make up the entire 8 hours except that I had to take 30 minutes for lunch.

Also this week... DH went back to work on Wednesday. He 's on light duty with a 10 pound weight limit for the next 4 weeks. His supervisor doesn't seem to understand the concept of light duty and sent DH to a job that required him to do welding, pulling an air compressor around and to replace an overhead chain that weighs 80 pounds. (Does that sound like light duty to you? Yeah, I didn't think so either!) DH went to physical therapy and the therapist was quite worried that DH could suffer a set-back if the light-duty order is not followed. DH had great discomfort, swelling and pain in his shoulder on Friday... he couldn't work that day. Hmmmmm... I think someone needs to get a clue about light duty and causing someone additional harm when they refuse to comply with a doctor's note. (Don't even get me started!)

Yesterday was spent getting things ready for the next couple of weeks... getting groceries, trying to find a pharmacy that carries a certain manufacturer of medicine that will work with DH and his blood pressure. We used to get it at Wal*Mart, but they have decided to carry another brand because it's better on their bottom line. They have decided to carry a brand that does not work... it has to do with the fillers that are used that cancel out the affects of the medicine for DH... and even after writing to them, they don't care... and won't be carrying the one that DH has used, any longer. So much for really caring about your customers, Wal*Mart.

Anyway, while we were out... we were able to enjoy the fall colors at their peak. Last year I missed it because of my knee replacement. It was so nice to go down quiet country roads and view such spectacular color. It was very windy and quite cold out... but it was fun. Today, we are going to be starting with winterizing the house, getting plastic over the windows and making sure that the storm windows are pulled down. I know that I will be quite soon placing an order for winter heating oil as well... bye-bye money!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On "Catch Up" Duty

That seems to be what I've been doing since I was sick on Tuesday... catching up on everything that fell behind by being sick on one day and taking half a day off on the next. Work is work and I'm behind. It will show on my conference call tomorrow... not that I'm looking forward to it.

This week has taken us to see Doc Williams for DH's post surgical checkup. He got a light-duty work release for the next 4 weeks unless something else happens. We are in a holding pattern with the company until at least Tuesday... then we should have an idea of what we are looking at as far as DH going back to work.

I've been trying to get things caught up around here... I am never finished with everything. I really do feel that we do need a housekeeper to help me keep up as we will still have to do physical therapy 2 times a week. There are so many things to do... and just not enough time... I'm sure that you all can relate!

We did have a little fun yesterday... we went garage-saling. We found lots of good things at some great prices. We hit an estate sale that had a few good finds... I bought 2 pin-up lamps, both vintage and in good working condition. I also found a vintage hooked rug that looks great on the porch. We also found  a great basket with a hinged lid to keep throws and blankets in... wonderful for 3 dollars. We had a great time... and had breakfast out after we went scouting. The last place we went had a great wicker settee and chair and side table with cushions for $10... but we couldn't fit in our car. It was a great deal... maybe next spring I'll find one like it... but I know it won't be $10!

Today I have been trying to take it easy... and I've slept alot. I felt sick most of the afternoon... I've been more than a little cranky... and I am hoping to go to bed early tonight.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home on A Sick Day.

When my alarm went off this morning... I was met with not only the crazy noise it makes, but also a pounding headache. So much so, that I knew I was not going to be able to function enough to even get ready for work, let alone drive there and sit at a desk with tons of noise all day. I went out to my desk and zipped off an email to my boss. (I couldn't even find her phone number.)

It was because of last night... I was pretty tired and fell asleep on the sofa while curled up next to DH. I only snoozed for maybe 15 minutes, but knew I had to get to bed. I got in bed by 10:15 and promptly fell asleep with my wonderful ear plugs and my blessed dosage of ambien. Sleep came fast and hard. DH woke me just around 11:25... he needed help with Punky. She had gone out to her crate in the living room and had a seizure. He was trying to get honey down her to keep her blood sugar from plummeting from expending all that energy. She takes awhile to recover from those events and needs to be calmed. So... that's what we did. I held her, cleaned her up, and got her back to her happy little self, including a walk to go potty.

When I finally fell back into bed... it was after 12:30... and sleep was not anywhere near by as I laid there with Punky by my side. It's no wonder why my head hurt so badly this morning. I have spent almost the entire morning in bed, listening to the rain and snuggling with my little red dog. I don't know what to do or what we are facing as this is her 3rd seizure in the past year. I did some thinking... and it's possible that it's diet related. We don't have any problems unless we go off our routine and I break down and give her something that she really shouldn't have... like a bite of bacon or chicken. So... it could be my fault that she's having issues. I will have to be more vigilant about no treats... though it's so hard to say no when looking at that sweet, adorable face.

It's a cold, damp and rainy day here... makes me feel as though I was back in Washington State. We did break down and turn on the furnace today. We just needed to take the chill out of the air. Soon, I will be calling for one of many oil deliveries to made through out this Winter season. My head still aches just a little bit...but for me to go to work now would be futile as I would have to leave to take DH to his physical therapy appointment. This is his last one before he goes to see the Surgeon on Thursday.

Is it just us... or is anyone else having an invasion of creepy crawlies? ... we just killed a HUGE spider in our living room. And DH hates spiders... they creep him out and he will do anything to avoid them. I just knocked it down out of the drapes and thought I had it under my foot... but it crawled out from under it... and DH nailed it with his shoe. Yuck! (Don't we live an exciting life around here?)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Soooo Busy... I'm Spinnin'!

This past week has gone by in a blur. Work is going pretty well so far. Friday was a rather intense day as the entire office was down to using one printer that is on it's last legs. We had a new one at the front... but somehow it's not working at all.

Moving on... I was pretty tired yesterday, so we went out for chinese food. We got there before the big dinner rush and we were able to get seated with our favorite waitress. She's around 70 and her parents were doctors. She has always been wonderful to us since we first moved here... and we hadn't seen her for awhile. Last night was hugs and well wishes as we left... she took good care of us and we were happy to have seen her.

Today... was super-duper crazy busy. I tried to sleep in, but Punky had some crazy dream and howled in her sleep around 5:30. She woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. I got up and went to try and go to sleep on the sofa so I wouldn't wake DH up. I snoozed in front of the tv after falling asleep after 6:15. I woke up at 8:00 with Punky licking my face and hand... so much for sleeping in. I took her out and then got dressed... heading up to McDonalds for breakfast from the drive-thru and brought it home to DH. After that, DH got dressed and we headed to the Amish market up in the Pocono Mountains.

We found our usual eggs and butter, smoked sausage and produce. We also found some great pumpkins, squash and beautiful mums. We came home... and I went straight to work. I had to clean up all my summer flowers and get all my flower pots and containers and terra-cotta pots put away for the winter. It was a little sad for me to pull up all the flowers and fill up the wheel barrow with all that stuff. I got things put away and moved. We also decided to do some painting... our doors all needed some spiffing up and we got that done too. We finally got finished just before 5:00.

Tonight, I am back from going to dinner with DH and stopping to pick up a couple of things I needed for work. I'm looking at a pretty big to-do list for tomorrow... but I'm certain I will be moving quite slow while I do it. All I can say is... I'm glad my day started out with a large mocha! I'm sure I'm gonna need one tomorrow too!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!