Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sweet Surprise!

I was out and about this morning... trying to beat the rain and wind storm that the weather forecaster said was coming. I didn't make it. I was almost done... and stopped at the discount market to pick up a few things that we can save money on... like butter for $1.99 lb and my favorite cookies that are $2.69 at one store and a whopping $3.99 at our local village market.

So... the down side of that... was that I did get caught in the rain... and I had my matching Vera Bradley umbrella with me. And the wind came along... and broke my matching umbrella!!!! I was soooooooo NOT HAPPY!!!!

So... onward I went... knowing that my $29.00 retired umbrella was toast... and that I was going to have to stop at the Post Office... cuz I haven't been there since, ummmm... Tuesday?

I expected to have the normal amount of stuff... but there was a little yellow tag! It was a package pickup tag! And it didn't say I had to sign for something! (Darn IRS!)

I went to the window to see what I was going to get... because I haven't ordered Anything in weeks! It was a little package addressed to me... from my Sister! She never does things like that! I was so surprised... and I love what she sent! I know that we have at least 4 more weeks of bad weather coming... and I am going to use these like mad!!!

Look at this!!!!

Two of the most adorable hand crocheted caps that can be worn as berets! I love these! I can hide my grown out roots... since I can't seem to find someone who can color my hair correctly!

And I added a couple of pins that have been sitting in my jewelry and accessory drawers~~ and they are soooooo cute!

I could have used these this morning to cover my rainsoaked hair
and spared the entire village of having to look at me!

It incredibly sweet and unexpected and I know that tomorrow, when I go out of the house to do errands with DH... I am wearing one of these! (And it's funny... the more that I live here, the more back to nature and "crunchie granola" I become! (Can you be crunchie granola and still be a cottage-style junkie?) Right down to my rag wool socks and birkies... trudging off with my shopping basket full of green bags to carry it all home! I don't even think too much about my old life... the one with brands and labels and "designer stuff" that I thought I had to have. I think this one is going pretty darn well... if I do say so, myself!

Thank you, Dear Sissy for such sweet gifts! I love them and love that you thought of me!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Heidi said...

THANK YOU!!! for stopping by my blog! I LOVE to have people over and i say that all the time, but its TRUE!!! We had 7 inches of snow in less than 2.5 hrs yesterday - it sucked....
Hope you keep stopping by!!!! I love the company and usually have coffee and cookies at hand - real and cyber ones!! LOL

Egghead said...

Suzanne you look adorable in those hats. How sweet was that?

Mrs. G. said...

They are both darling!