Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This was fun!

I totally borrowed this idea from another blog that I read... I love this and I could expand on the idea quite easily.

Questions for you: Food Edition!

1) Think about the best meal you ever ate in a restaurant. What was the restaurant?

2) What is your favorite kind of cheese?

3) What is your favorite varietal of wine?

4) Have you ever eaten foie gras? If so, did you like it?

5) What is your favorite flavor of potato chip?

What are your answers?

Here are mine:

1. My most favorite meal is a tie... the first being a meal that was at a corporate awards dinner in Portsmouth NH... the restaurant was called 71, set in an old church. The food was amazing... and I had steak dijonnaise that was wonderful... with the best steamed shrimp ever. And to tie that is The Melting Pot... it's fondue... nothing more needs to be said!

2. We are cheese eaters at this house... but if I'm gonna splurge... I love Emmenthaler Swiss or Gruyere`. We eat a lot of colby/jack for grilled cheese too!

3. I don't drink wine. (I can't... no thyroid!) But if I did... I like a good champagne cocktail. I mostly drink diet pepsi or lemonade.

4. Yes and Yes... it was at the same corporate dinner... the chef really knew what he was doing... it was so flavorful and rich... not a lot of people ate it... but it was really good!

5. My favorite potato chip is Utz Honey BBQ. I love those... sweet and smoky! Hubs likes the crab chips they do as well... I can't eat those...

That was fun and I can't wait to read what your answers will be!

Oh... it's snowing here... we are going to get around 3 inches today, more tomorrow and on the weekend too. I'm ready for winter to be done. On a personal note... please keep those prayers a'comin! I have applied for several jobs... and need one! Please join me in seeking what God wants for me to do. Thanks!

Thank you for reading! Be blessed!



Jeanine said...

Hey girl, noticed you are a cheese eater....I have to share with you the most unique cheese I have EVER eaten....It was cheese that had a coffee (yes coffee) rim. Oh My was it the best cheese I have ever ate! I had it at the Rio and the server said she had no idea how they got it. I looked on the internet and found it under "cheese with coffee rim" Anyway, I thought I would share it with you, you GOTTA try it!

Suzanne said...

Hey Jeanine! I haven't heard of that cheese... but we have a Wegman's up the road (20 miles) and we may have to go and see if they have some of that! Thanks for the idea and for stopping by!