Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Makes Me Crazy!

This morning... we took Barbie, my Malibu into the dealership to be serviced. It seems she's developed a seepage around a seal under the crankshaft. (Sounds like a girl problem, right?)
Anyway... I drove her up there, with DH following behind me. The only time he used his turn signal was when we were getting into the left turn lane in front of the dealership! Yep... I'm telling and tattling!

When we left the dealership... we had a "discussion" on using turn signals. He insisted that he uses them all the time. I insisted that he does not... and regularly does not use them when he drives my car with me in it. That just drives me crazy!!!!!! (yes, there are 6 exclamation points... that's how crazy it makes me.) I told him that not using turn signals is the a telltale sign of a poor driver. He used the "excuse" that he has a psychological hangup about using them around me! HOGWASH, I said!

He didn't speak to me the rest of the way home. And when we got out of the truck... he looked at me and said, "I still love you." My reply... "Love has nothing to do with safety issues... but then it does! So you can be mad at me all you want... Cuz I'm right!"

That's how this Tuesday morning started off... We both need more sleep... (he had a night call last night) and on top of it... I walked into the living room when we got back from taking the car to find Nolli dog sleeping all cute on the sofa. (He's not allowed to sleep on the couch.) BUSTED!... That's what I told him, quietly... just "Busted"... and he jumped off... with his little tongue sticking out, looking so cute!
I will be back later today to share one of my most favorite comfort foods... it seems that yesterday was about comfort foods for me. DH said he didn't like bread pudding... he doesn't like banana pudding either, because one of his aunts always seems to use the worst stuff when she bakes... (and he gets so grossed out.) So, I made my version of bread pudding for him. He loved it! See y'all in a little while!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

goodness! such a silly love spat :)

but i'm also anal about safe driving, too, because it freaks me out that someone i care about/love could be hurt by a driving mistake that was SO easy to correct/prevent, you know?

and isn't it always SO fun when you get him to try something that he has sworn off for the rest of his life, and then finds out that he absolutely loves it? :D