Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kindness for Sweet Sunday Love

Today was our day to do all the things that we didn't get to yesterday~ that would primarily be a.) laundry and b.) groceries. Before we did that... DH made me a great breakfast of bacon and and scrambled eggs. (He's such a sweetie!)

We got everything together and started out... we timed it perfectly, there were very few people in the laundry today. So... we were done in about 2 hours! Then we set off to do grocery shopping. We decided to go to a discount grocery that wasn't too far from where we were. We went in... and did a fair amount of shopping... and got it all packed up in our own bags and boxes.

As we came out to our car... there were several others leaving and a few cars waiting to get parking spaces. The gentleman who parked next to us... offered to take our shopping cart. He was so nice. And as we were getting the last of everything put inside the car, an older lady approached us and asked if we were from this area. I said that yes, we were. She told us that as she was trying to get out of her car... a lady in a very expensive car pulled in next to her. She was trying to pull her car door close to her as she got out of her car... and the other driver wouldn't wait and hit her car door. She was now locked out of her car and her purse and cellphone were also inside. (The other driver was upset that she may have scratched her car!)

She asked if we would mind taking her across the valley from where we were to a turn around near her house. Of course... that was no problem, we just needed to move a few things around in the back seat. We took her over to her home... she said she had a spare key to get in and would call her daughter to come and get her. She was so appreciative and wanted to give us gas money... of course we said NO... not necessary! It was nice to be able to help someone out... and have it be like the old days... when you didn't have to be concerned about safety. (I think it was because DH and I were together.)

We've had a great day... we got tons of things done in spite of the fact that I was awake last night from 2am to 5am. I finally made myself something to eat... and once my stomach was full and I got warm... I finally went to sleep until about 9ish. Of course, DH tried to be as quiet as he could.

Thanks for reading~ Be Blessed!


Pearl said...

suzanne, you and DH are so sweet to do this. i miss days like that, when acts of kindness were given freely, without that nagging voice in the back that NEEDS to be there now, warning you "are you sure?"


JO said...

Suzanne, I love reading your blog. It is so gentle and kind, always makes me smile.

Your and your dh sound a lot like how my dh and I used to be. Not that we wouldn't love to still have days like that, but somehow 5 kids overshadow things.

Someday... sigh... meanwhile, keep posting. Your blog is a breath of fresh air, about the simple things in life.

Egghead said...

It does make your day doesn't it? I mean helping someone from the goodness of your hearts. You guys are great.