Friday, February 20, 2009

Weather Report

Yesterday... we had a little bit of everything around here. I would look out the window and it was sunny... so Nolli and I (well, me, cuz his is built in) raced to put on our coats and go outside to play for a few minutes. Then it would turn all cloudy... the wind would come racing up... and it would either start to snow, sleet, rain or all 3 at once! Yuck!

My DH finally made it home after an 11 1/2 hour day yesterday. He was soooo tired. He went straight to the shower... and then sat in his chair to work on his paperwork and notes. I made hin take a break at 6:45 to eat and he went back at it on the computer until 9. That's a long day!

Nolli did get to go to the flower shop... he's been in a great, playful mood.

I think he had a case of the winter blues!

oh.... the night before, I made chicken noodle soup... and gave him a small bowl as a treat after he ate most of his dinner. He cleaned out the bowl! So, last night, I heated up some leftover soup for him... and added that to his kibble. (I took care not to give him any onion) That silly dog at the whole thing... so I gave him seconds... and he scarfed that down too! He was so happy and silly after that.

When DH took him out last night... the wind was so bad... that it blew both of them across the grass as they stepped out the door. I'm glad it was DH that took him... if it was me, it would have knocked me down... and I'd still be out there, laying in the yard, trying to get up!

The wind is still blowing like crazy... around 30 mph. I have things to do... but I may stay in and not do them!
That is the end of the weather report for Sugarloaf Cottage... (back to the news desk... j/k!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Pearl said...

oh my goodness, suzanne! i hope you stay safe!

you are always such a doll, staying positive amidst that horrid weather! :)

Suzanne said...

Pearl... it's a crazy weather day... it's blowing so constant, that I don't want to go out! Poor Hubs is working down in Philly today... I can only imagine what his drive up the turnpike is going to be like! (I imagine it's gonna "rock and roll" ;) )