Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow... a rare treat!

I just talked to my DH... he was on his way home from work! He's less than an hour away! (And yes, I am using a ton of exclaimation points!!!!) You see, he worked a good 4 hours of overtime yesterday. And the idiot who is his supervisor, won't let him take it as overtime. And demanded that he drive to work in Philly today! So, DH got up and left for work early, drove to Philly and worked for 1! hour!! And now he is driving home... That's a 2 hour drive, each way... to work 1! hour!! To cover 4 hours of overtime, that we could have used $$$ wise! (I don't think I need to tell you how crazy angry this makes me!!!)

.... Ok, I'm stepping off the soap box now.

So, once he gets home and gets cleaned up... we are going to do fun things!! Like... laundry! And like.... grocery shopping!

And by doing that... it will let us have a peaceful, lazy Valentine's Day and we won't have to go out and deal with other crazy people on one of the most commercial holidays ever invented!

(oh... did I just type that outloud?)

So... I will see y'all around, later on today. I will be back to check on comments and see what y'all have posted on your blogs! I will... I can't help myself! I'm addicted to y'all!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

~Oh... if y'all didn't catch my PS from yesterday... my hand is doing much better... only a little bit of swelling with the redness... still tender to the touch tho. Blistering has also gone down!



Pearl said...

glad your hand is feeling better!

and grr... why won't he let your husband take it as overtime? you may want to research your state labor laws and see if you can still get him to pay you overtime.. because he's trying to manipulate it so that your hours worked are not actually being counted.

noble pig said...

That would make me crazy too! Happy Valentine's Day.