Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snails Pace, Again!

I am moving (and typing) very slow today. I, ummmm, had a slight accident last night. While I was taking dinner out of the oven, I was distracted by talking to DH. I was removing a covered casserole... filled with braised beef tips and as I placed it on the counter, the lid slipped and I steam burned 3 fingers on my left hand.
My Hubs is amazing... and he took good care of me. My burns are mostly 2nd degree, and with quick attention and constant care last night, my blistering is actually quite minimal today. The worst of it is just above my nail beds to up past my first knuckle on my ring and middle fingers. I spent all evening and all night on ice to help with the pain. I also had a few pain pills from my last surgery... and that took the edge off. I slept about 3 hours.

We woke up to extremely high winds this morning... we had a gust that came through at 62 mph... so, I am only sleeping in little cat naps today. Winds make me nervous... my ex-brother-in-law had a 100 foot douglas fir fall across the entire length of his house during a 70 mph windstorm. Lucky for them, it fell on the front side and not the back, where all the bedrooms were. We did have a few "widow-maker" branches fall on the driveway... but they missed our vehicles, luckily!
I'm off to see if I can fall asleep again... I am grateful for a caring husband that takes such good care of me! I will be fine... just a little uncomfortable for a couple of days is all!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

P.S. ~ I am feeling better this evening... I have some swelling in my fingers and up my arm, the blistering is much better due to some great burn gel DH has in his first aid kit. I hope to be able to sleep tonight. Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers!


bee'nme said...

Hey Suzanne! So sorry to hear about your burn - ouch, that HAD to hurt...! I pray it heals quickly! It was good stopping by and getting caught up with your life - take care and God bless!!

Hugs & Blessings,
Becky S.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh that sounds terrible! There is just nothing quite like the pain of a burn! Hope you start feeling better.

Pearl said...

oh suzanne - i'm sorry you burnt yourself! i hope your fingers feel better, soon!

Jeanine said...

Girl! You have to watch where you are going, coming from someone who trips over her own feet! Take care of yourself! Watch for fever! Feel better my friend!