Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been Craftin'!

Once upon a time... very long ago, in another lifetime.... I use to have my own business. It was a crafting Co-op... and I had a couple of wood workers, a few dried flower people, a few antiques, some quilters and some decorative painters... that would allow me to fill several different booths at various gift shops and crafting malls, where I could "merchandise things" and it gave me time to paint and do a few things that I liked. (It was also the later half of the decade known as "Suzanne rarely ever slept.") I did pretty well... until the market became so glutted that I felt I couldn't continue. I stopped painting... sold most of my art supplies... and then I moved to a whole 'nother place and really didn't have the space or the time.

Fast forward to now... I do have a little bit of space. I do have a little bit of time... I don't really have much left in the way of art supplies. But I did uncover a really cool box of stuff left over from catering a wedding rehersal dinner before I moved. In it contained... ummmm.... 10 hydrangea candle rings that I used on the tables... (with some great hydrangea placemats and napkins) and some other cool stuff.

My wonderful DH took me to Wilkes-Barre... to get a few things to make some great little projects to decorate our house with!

Here we have (an over-exposed) Hydrangea wreath that I hot-glued this afternoon. I love how it turned out and it will be a great addition to our guest room.

I found this little broom in the bottom of the same box. The ribbon and flowers were also in the box... I had once fashioned these as tiebacks for a living room window... now they adorn this little broom to hang in the funny little spot between our door and the closet door.

And lastly... this vase was from Valentines Day when DH gave me flowers... and I really loved them... and I found some great silk tulips and a few other things to do an arrangement for my dining room table. I will eventually show them on the table, after I get the rest of the things put away from my projects. It was great fun and it's nice to know I still have the "eye" for design altho I see some "tweaking" that needs to be done on this vase arrangement.

Now, I guess I need to break out the paint brushes and buy some supplies... and see where it leads me!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



This Little Hen said...

looks like you are on a good path, keep the creative juices flowing!

Melissa said...

Very, very sweet!

Many Blessings,

Pearl said...

you are so creative!