Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh... that's why!

My last post was a bit of downer.... and now I understand part of why I feel so bad. I am officially a "couch camper" with the flu! (I guess I was waiting to have a couch, so I could have a place to feel sick without disturbing my DH during the night.) I havn't had flu like this in a long time! But then you really didn't need to know that, right?

Now that he's gone off to work... Nolli and I are going to go back to bed and I am going to rest. Nolli would make a great nurse if he could bring me something to drink or fluff my pillows. He's such a cuddle bug anyway... but when you're sick, his instincts kick in and he's stuck to me like glue! Here's to hoping I feel better so I can enjoy some of the warm weather we are suppose to have this weekend!

Thanks for reading... be blessed! (Keep those prayers a 'coming!)



Elizabeth Carole said...

sorry to hear you are sick, the flu is awful! I only had the stomach flu once and that was a long time ago. I am sitting here blogging you and I should be doing homework! so I'll sign off for now.

Pearl said...

goodness suzanne :( i'm sick, too - god there must be something going around in the blogging community :)

hope you feel better, beautiful!

Lisa said...