Sunday, February 1, 2009

Divine Blessings

I have blogged before about the prayer of Jabez, that it is my daily prayer. Sadly, sometimes I forget about that little prayer and get to wrapped up in life and my everyday worries, and I don't use that small prayer. Which we all know, leads to letting it be my way... and not God's way. I find that I get frustrated and anxious when I forget... and fall right into the "old trap and snare" set out for me.

I have been going back to that little prayer. And we have been boldly thanking and praising God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us. DH has had some amazing God moments this past week involving a coworker... God is hearing our prayers and great and mighty works and small and mighty works are being done. God does hear and knows the desires of our hearts.

That being said.... Some of you will recall that I was to go on one of my little Craigslist adventures and it didn't turn out, the person changed their mind about what they were going to sell. I was heartbroken because I really liked what they had listed. I continued to search on Craigslist, but things were either too much or too far away. So... I set about praying for what God would have for us.
Yesterday... we decided to get out and enjoy the sunshine and some warmer weather. We went about 25 miles north... to a large Salvation Army Thrift store. I love looking for good treasures. We went in and browsed... (the furniture section was quite bare). I did find a couple of good things. I love and adore hydrangeas and am working on my guest room. I came across this wonderful canister that will go up on a shelf in that room:

I also found a vintage candy dish... perfect for a little spot in that room as well:

We also found DH a few (3) pairs of almost new pajama pants... his favorite things to don after a hard and cold day at work. We went to the register to pay... and while we were there, I asked about what was the best day to come and look for furniture. The clerk told us that furniture is put out all the time and we would have to keep trying. So, as I pulled my money out to pay for our things... the doors from the stockroom open and out comes a sofa! I told DH... and before he could finish the words, "Let's go look at it"... I was gone!

I raced over before anyone else could ask about it... it was perfect. They didn't even have a price tag put on it yet. We waited for it to be priced... and discovered that it was a Simmons full size sleeper sofa. It has no stains, rips or tears. And the price was only... $75!

We bought it and then had to come back with the truck. It was soooo exciting for me. And it had God written all over it. It fit perfectly in the back of the truck... the other piece was overstuffed and wouldn't have fit in hind sight. The colors are perfect for all the other pieces of furniture that we have. And we were able to get help bringing it in to the house from our neighbor... who has been gone for over 2 weeks. Here is my delightful find!

Here's a look up close at the Jacobean pattern... I love it!

I am so happy... we will be having house guests in March and I was so worried about not having a place for everyone to sit and visit! God knows the desires of our hearts and he hears!

Sweet Sunday Love... open your heart and see what God can do!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



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i'm so glad you found that sofa! what a blessing :)