Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kitchen Show and Tell

I love to use old things in my kitchen... and I love to have new stuff too! Hubs has started to cook with me in the evenings... and it's always a teaching time and also a story time. He wants to learn techniques and recipes in the event that I cannot or am unable to cook for some reason. I am going to share some of my "equipment" in all of it's not so wonderful glory!

This is most of my little workspace. It's not very big... but I have years of training in working in tight spaces. (I wouldn't know how to act with more counter space! Oh... Heck, Yes I would!

This is a mix of old and new... vintage biscuit cutters, antique salt grabber, vintage salt shaker... new measuring cups for *Pampered Chef, along with their spoon rest, my maple pepper grinder that I've had for many years and some new measuring spoons!

This is a close up of my salt grabber and biscuit cutters... and my rolling pin... handed down from my mother. (They don't make them like that anymore!)

Here's my salt shaker... found at a lovely old barn antique shop... I use lots of antique ball canning jars for storage... and I love my little juicer. I also have a larger one that was passed on by my Mom.

The items here are all things that were passed down to me.... the small roaster is from my Nana. It's a savory roaster perfect for 2... (This had a small 3 pound pork loin, rubbed in Herbs de Provence and surrounded by quartered onions in it for dinner last night.) Also, an old vintage galvanized colander and just a couple of the cast iron skillets my Mom handed down to me. All used with love... it's a joy to have such kitchen treasures.

I love this old enamel pitcher... it's from an old grange hall. I don't use it much except to water plants these days. My favorite cutting board is underneath it... a Target find... and I am wanting to go and get a few more of them. Also my 2 favorite knives... the front one is a kitchen aid santuko knife, the back one is a 6" chefs knife from Gerber... I bought it at Macy's Cellar, way back in 1982. It's traveled to many places with me... I even took it to the Dominican Republic when I was a team chef. Behind it are 2 new items... a new wire whisk and a small hand grater.

I adore small bowls... I love to use them for food prep and for simple garnishes to add on the side. I have more... somewhere... packed in a box or lost!

This is my prized possession... my kitchen aid mixer... it's an older model. I would love to have a newer one... the bigger artisan model with the bowl on the stand. But this does what I need it to do... which is to make great cakes, breads and awesome mashed potatoes!

That's my show and tell for today... I would love to see what y'all like to use in your kitchens. I have a ton of other stuff... but I didn't want to get carried away. (And I didn't show you my pots and pans... they aren't "calph" but they are good stainless steel and I've had them for almost 10 years. Maybe on another post!

Thanks for reading... and letting me show you some of my fun stuff! Be blessed!



jesse said...

Whoaaa, I love that vintage biscuit cutter! And that old version of the KitchenAid mixer... I really miss that. Great kitchen!

Pearl said...

i love the colorful cap bottles on your countertop! so efficient and artistic!

Suzanne said...

Pearl... my spice rack is actually a vintage wooden coca-cola crate. I use to have great pepsi one from my college days... but it got "misplaced" during one of my moves in the last 4 years.

Egghead said...

I love the vintage things you have collected. You are very lucky to have so many things from your mother. I have the round biscuit cutter with the red knob. I also have a Kitchen Aid mixer that looks much like yours. But my bowl looks a little different. Great post.