Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where Did That Come From???

We've had a busy day today. We had a late supper after doing all this crazy stuff! And then we settled down to watch part of the Oscars.

I always have my cell phone with me... and I usually play Chuzzle while I watch television... cuz I am addicted to it! Before I started to play the game, I went ahead and checked my email from my phone... becuz I can! I had one new email... and it was from a product review site! Asking me to do a review on my site?!? It was for something really stupid and when I told my DH about it, he was dismayed about it... he sweetly reminded me that he feels that this blog is really just our online journal... about our life. (He so gets me!)

Just so y'all know... my sweet DH took me to Wilkes-Barre twice this weekend to get craft supplies. He also went through my boxes in the guest room and found our extra wedding invitations so that I could complete a page in our scrapbook... and then carried all that stuff down to the basement for me. We are very close to getting our guest room done... and of course, he's right there with me in making all the decisions of how it's going to look. That is what I call some true Sweet Sunday Love... complete with him taking the dog for a walk after dinner!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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