Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new adventure!

I didn't post yesterday... because I was knee deep in Spring Cleaning. We did go out for breakfast on our way to Lowe's yesterday. We were going just to buy new caulking for the bathtub... I ended up getting myself something that I said I was going to wait on...

because I want to make homemade mayo for DH. I made some as soon as I got home... it's really good and I will be tweaking the recipe a little before I share it with you.

We cleaned and I polished and dusted... and we did laundry... 7 loads including all the rugs and a few quilts too. And DH took the shower doors off the bathtub and he cleaned everything and recaulked the tub. It's going to look fabulous when he is done! We ate dinner at Wendy's on the way home since it was 7pm. We were both pretty wiped out!

Because we had done so much yesterday... we decided to go to the local flea market this morning. I knew that there was one here, but hadn't heard of anyone talk about it. So, we decided to go and then pick up donuts for breakfast after. It was fun and we found several real bargains and we can't wait to go back.

Here's a look at some of the goodies that we brought home~

Some vintage salt and pepper shakers... they were marked at $6 and she let me have them for $3! I have a another set similar to these... it will make a nice addition to my hutch.

I have a small collection of monax petalware that my Mom split and gave to each of us girls and I have been adding to it through the years. When I unpacked it after storing it for many years, a few pieces had been broken. I found the above dinner plate for $5.

I had one of these platters as well... and it was in pieces when I unwrapped it. We found this one for only $10! I was so overjoyed to be able to replace it!

I am always on the lookout for old ball canning jars... especially the wide mouth ones with lead lids. I love to use them to store dry goods on counters and to use for dressings. This one was only $1 and he had a few more. I will probably go back next week and buy the rest of them. =)

I love and adore bird houses... and I had quite a collection... but they have gone missing in the last couple of moves... I have a feeling that one of my old roommates has them... and we all know that possession is 9/10th's of the law so there is no sense in trying to find out who has them... but DH spotted this and felt we needed to have it for the guest room... since it's got fish on the roof. It was a fun find for $5!

That's our adventure for today... we still have to put things back in the bathroom... the house is almost all clean... I think I have just a little bit more to do and we will have a sparkling clean house! That is always a good accomplishment and one that fills both us with happiness as DH is as much a part of it as I am! And that makes for some Sweet Sunday Love!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

oh those vintage s+p shakers are ADORABLE! i also love the new cuisinart toy! hehehe aren't these so fun?

i think it's funny how, when we're young, a new toy is a doll or a stuffed animal or an easy bake oven. now, it's coffee makers, kitchen aid mixers, food processors, etc. :)