Saturday, February 14, 2009

A few Miscellanous Things...

In my last post... we were heading out the door to do things like a.) laundry and b.) grocery shopping. We did neither of those things. We, in fact, did other stuff...
We took Mr. Cannoli to get his nails done... as they were quite long. I was expecting him to come out without his "Grinch Toes"... but they are still intact!

Then, since DH had done an oil change and full inspection on my car last weekend... we decided that he needed to go to the dealership and discuss his findings about a seal that is bulging and has a slight seepage. The car is still under warranty and if it needs attention, it should be done now! So... Miss Barbie, the Malibu will be going into the shop on Tuesday.

I did also go over to the flower shop... the girls were neck deep in orders. There were tons of arranged roses all over the place. It was lovely. I stayed over there until 7pm. I had DH bring them pepperoni rolls to tide them over until they were done with orders for Saturday morning. I wasn't feeling well... again! My hand was hurting, as was my elbow, of all things.

When I got home, I had DH look at my arm... I had some kind of a raised red welt... it looks like a reaction to a bite of some type... or a reaction to the lidocaine in the burn gel I am using. Needless to say... he doctored me up and I took more Benadryl... and then drifted off to "La-La Land".

Today... I still needed Benadryl... and my arm is swollen and achy. I did manage to get to the flower shop to check on the girls... they had done a very good job with all the sales they had. They had pizza delivered and were looking forward to going home to sit down and relax. DH came in while I was there.... I had not taken my phone with me and he wanted to check on me since it had been a little over an hour.

He spied a beautiful tulip vase... filled with tulips, stock and caspia and mini white roses... that came home with us as my Valentines Day gift. (He is wonderful... and I adore him!)

Tonight, he cooked dinner... spaghetti (with my sauce from the freezer) and garlic bread. We are feeling happy and blessed and well loved!

The rest of the chores that were mentioned in the beginning... those will be taken care of tomorrow!

That's all there is for now! Thanks for reading! Be blessed!


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Pearl said...

i'm glad you had a lovely day :) your DH sounds like a prince!