Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Sunday Love...

We had a fabulous day yesterday... making Pepperoni Rolls. DH helped me with some of the kneading as I doubled the recipe and it was a heavy, stiff dough. (It also ended up kicking my tail, my spine was very sore after I was done with everything.)

I ended up taking a nap around 4ish... I climbed on to the bed with my NASA pillow and tried to get comfortable. Once I did, I went out like a light! My DH quietly went into the kitchen and made dinner for us. He did really well.... he did Kielbasa and rice and vegetables. It was wonderful. Later, he went out and got dessert... Louisiana Crunch cake and French Vanilla Ice Cream.

This morning... because he knows that if I wake up early, I stay up. So, when he got up... he took his pillow and his book and went on the couch to let me sleep longer. Once I woke up... he started breakfast and made bacon, eggs and toast. Later, we decided that since it was such a gorgeous day... we needed to be out in it. We took a little road trip up a mountain... and I will tell you all about that at a later time. We then came back home, grabbed Nolli and took him to the dog park. I took my camera, but my batteries died before I could get very many shots... and I forgot to pick some up before we came home.

And tonight... DH decided to make dinner for me again. It was simple and nice... and I feel very loved. I've had the weekend off, as it were... from cooking dinner! That is very "Sweet, Sunday Love!"

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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