Monday, February 9, 2009

What are You from?

I am from tree swings in the back yard and riding bikes to the pool on hot days, or playing dolls out on the far back lawns.

From mountains, pine trees, and neighbors helping neighbors... and never missing a time when the church doors were open.

I am from sisters and a brother, sharing chores and getting hand-me-downs. From Great-great Aunts, grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, cousins, large family dinners on Sunday, remembering Nana playing the organ in church.
I am from memories of Hollywood movie houses, parades on New Years day, beach houses and winter cabins.

I am from Christmas lights, baking cookies and traveling into the mountains for a tree. From new Easter dresses, egg hunts and piano lessons.

I am from camping, fishing and S'mores. Trips to Oceanside, Encinitas and to Big Bear. Visits to Orange County... before there were gates for family photos and knowing there were secrets being kept.

I’m from small town Washington, high school football and baseball, and berry picking in the fields during teen years. Kittens in barns, hunting and fishing and haying season. Going to the lake to water ski with friends.

I am from broken bones, and broken hearts... bare feet and home canned green beans. Air conditioning was an open window, crickets singing me to sleep. From grasshoppers in jars, hide and go seek and freeze tag under the street light on the terraced lawns.

I am from pictures fading in albums, always having to pose . From marriages that failed but always trying to be happy. From planting a garden and digging potatoes, to great county fairs and the midway.

I am from hard working folk. Lemonade in the summers, oatmeal and wood heat. From constant moving and remodeling, fences, skinned knees, and old canning jars.

What are you from?

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Jeanine said...

HELLO from Big Bear!!!! Just saw your note on the pioneer woman...from one fan to another....thanks for the little note about traveling to our town!

I'll keep in touch and look forward to reading your blog!

Pearl said...

hello :) i am from del mar, which is about 15 minutes or so away from encinitas :)

Egghead said...

I love this Suzanne. I heard this at a funeral a number of years ago and thought it was such a neat idea to sum up a life. That is why I wrote mine and I see we have many things in common. Isn't it so grand to see that we are not alone.