Friday, January 30, 2009

Red Dye #40 update...

I went out last night with DH to run errands with him. We took Nolli dog with us. We had to drive about 35 miles north to Harbor Freight so he could replace some broken equipment for his work truck. While we were out... we decided to stop at the "golden arches" for some dinner so that I wouldn't be cooking dinner at 7:30.

I normally get a double cheeseburger, and only eat a few french fries. Because we had Nolli with us... and he loves chicken nuggets... I got a #10. (That has 10 nuggets, so I could split it with him.) When asked about any sauce, I chose the hot mustard, not even thinking about Red Dye #40 and how it would interact. By the time we got home, I was in an ever deepening flush, along with itching that was gonna make me go insane! I guess there must be some yellow dye in there that has decided to make my life miserable.

Needless to say... I took some Benadryl... but I was still itching by bed time and took an second one. I did not wake up until 11 this morning. I remember the alarm going off... and DH getting out of bed... and that's about it. The redness has dissipated and there is only minimal itching. So... now, my new hobby will to read every box label I have and see what I can and cannot eat! Who knew! I guess my Mom's wish for me to eat only whole foods is about to come true... now all I need is a job that pays me a ton of money so that I can afford to shop at Whole Foods or Wegmans... those guys are expensive! Although my little market here in town, they do have an organic section... and for the most part, we shop along the outside edge of the market anyway.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

i'm glad you're feeling better! haha benadryl knocks me out completely, too :) it leaves me so drowsy, dazed and confused.

and yes, it appears that eating whole foods would be the best way to prevent from ingesting something that you didn't know about..
*hugs* :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Pearl! I am still feeling dazed and confused!!! That's the perfect way to describe it! :)