Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Quiet Day

It's been a quiet day around here. Ham had to get up at 5:30 to be out the door at 6:00 for the drive down to Philly. (Per new company policy, the first hour and the last hour of his drivetime is now on his own! Grrrrr....) After getting everything ready the night before... it doesn't take me long to assemble his breakfast and lunch. And today... little dog slept in... it was too early for him to go out.

I did the usual domestic chores... and tried to go back to sleep around 7:30. I was watching the Today show with little dog curled up next to me to keep warm. That lasted until about 9:00am when Ham called. He wanted to know if he had any open warrants for his arrest... his Area Supervisor told him that he had looked him up on the Maryland Court System and that he had open warrants. I told Ham, that... a) there were no open warrants at all... b) the only thing that would be open would be for child support... and c) his Supervisor was an A$$hat that was being a friggin jerk and was extremely unprofessional!!!

I must have stewed and fussed and fumed around here for a good hour... it's a good thing that I am so far away from the head office.... That took some rude, impudent NERVE to 1) actually look someone up that you work with, and 2) actually tell them about it and admit to looking up everyone in the company!!!! What a total a$$hat.

On a lighter note... I went to the flower shop today. It was extremely quiet. J had received the first shipment of Valentine's product and it was great fun to go through it and shelve it with her. After we were done... we did the right front window and it turned out lovely... for really having nothing to work with. We did a huge wicker vase filled with two-tone pink peonies on a pink backdrop covered with white tulle. It is very pretty and screams "Flower Shop" as you drive by.... Oh, to have the money to buy this little shop and transform it into something wonderful... that would be a lovely thing.

Tonight... we are in the midst of an ice storm. The snow came early and coated everything... then it started to freeze. Now we have a heavy, frozen fog coming down... it should make for an interesting morning with lots of delays. Ham has to drive to Philly again tomorrow at the request of the a$$hat. I made something really good and easy for dinner... Hawaiian Meatballs, herbed rice done in the microwave, and fresh peas. It hit the spot and was ready as soon as Ham was done cleaning up from a dirty day. I also made a huge bowl of buttered popcorn... done the old fashioned way, on the stove. It just tastes so good that way, with real butter and good salt. The perfect anecdote to a rather rough, but quiet day. Ham has walked Nolli tonight and says that the driveway is coated with ice... poor guys.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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