Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's still cold and icy...

The cold and snow continued this morning. I managed to stay in and try to stay warm. One of the issues I have with living without a thyroid is that I can chill quite easily, and once I am cold, it takes time for me to warm up again. (Along with that, if I get too warm... I cannot regulate it and I get overheated. Rarely is there ever a middle balance to it.)

When I get stressed... the cold issue increases for me. I was very stressed last night... in hearing that my brother and his family are going to ride out the flood at home after being asked to evacuate. They did it last year... because they only had a 5 minute warning. This time, they came around very early door to door and asked people to leave. They brought some of their appliances and cars up to my sisters. What really stressed me was that my brother dropped his phone into a puddle... and there is no insurance on it. He's on my brother-in-laws plan and he would have to purchase a new phone at full price... or maybe with a 20% discount. They have had their phones for a year. I told him to go on ebay and buy another one to replace it and I would take him through how to activate it when it came.

I'm off track here... that was One stresser for me. The other is the fact that several people that I love and tons of people that I know are going through a tough night and day, waiting for the rivers to do what they will to a sweet little town that is still recovering from a 100 year flood from last year. I was up til the wee hours of the morning, on facebook and on several other websites, watching the river gauges and praying. I finally had to quit around 3ish sometime.

DH knew that I was stressed... and he quietly got up for work, dressed and filled his lunch box without waking me or Nolli. He even left me the sweetest note about it. I did wake up at 6:30, and he was long gone. So, I walked Nolli and we went back to bed to watch the early morning news. Because I was so cold... I stayed in bed until 11 this morning trying to rest and get warm. Tonight, we are trying to relax... I'm trying to stay off facebook... I want to see pictures and I have a friend that works at my old church... she's been taking pictures of the Skookumchuck River all day. If the river goes as high as they think it will... this is gonna be a bad one!

I'm exhausted... thank goodness for leftovers for dinner. DH is such a good man!

Thanks for reading... Be blessed! ~Suzanne

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