Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts of the day...

It's been an exciting and emotional day for me.... I am one of the right side of the fence that happened to support our former President. I didn't always agree with his policies or politics, but he was the Commander-in-Chief and I respected him. (I think it has to do with his respect for his parents, and I admired them as well.) I am pretty sure that it all comes from the years I spent as a "Navy Wife" and knowing that the president is the boss of all it!

Anyway... I was glued to the TV set, like millions of other Americans. It was fun and cool to check out Facebook and see the status updates that many of my friends and former coworkers were making... some had the opportunity to attend the inauguration and the parade. That's so exciting. And of course, knowing that had we been in Maryland... we would be going through the traffic nightmare that everyone who lives or works near the 295 parkway, Route 1 or I-95 were enduring as well. (I told DH that he would be having a heck of a time if he needed to go to Beltsville today.)

I must say that I am fascinated with Michelle Obama even more... she was very beautiful today and I also loved the dress she wore for the Neighborhood Ball. I have a soft spot for chiffon and organza. The first dance... was WOW... & *HOT*. It was romantic and you know that they are a real team and he loves her. It's wonderful. And it makes me proud of my own husband, cuz he openly loves me like that.... and I think it's going to put husbands everywhere on notice, that romance, respect and partnership is where it's at... and they had better step it up!

Back to the emotional part... I still felt a deep sadness for the Bush family. I know that they are going back to private life... but we as a people (and the media as well) could have been a little more gracious. The Obamas were very gracious... first with Michelle and her red ribbon boxed leather bound journal... and also the President Obama taking the time to thank "W" for his years of service... very gracious and classy.

I am weary... can tv watching actually make you tired??? I did go over to the flower shop today. J was very happy for the visit and we discussed the inaugural as she listened to it on NPR. It was nice to visit and discuss presidents. J told me that when she was 10, she saw Kennedy come to her town to campaign, and didn't realize until he was elected, who she actually saw! I have only had the experience of seeing Clinton come to our small town, way back when, when they were doing a whirlwind bus tour on the west coast. He spoke at our little parking area in our downtown core.... it was crowded... I got a better view as they left town on the bus... I gave my ticket to a coworker who was a German national... and had decided to become a citizen and would be voting in the election for the first time.

Anyway... this whole piece is not just fluff... I remain on the fence... I will watch and see if change is really going to take place. I will be supportive, but cautious. I really hope that the change we will experience is change for the good of the nation... and not just change for the democrats in office... who have been taking alot already and really only want to leave us with the change in our pockets.

Thanks for reading... Be blessed...



Pearl said...

thank you for this post :)

Suzanne said...

Your welcome. It's just my "take" on everything at the end of a long day!

Lisa said...

I too watched and felt a kind of sadness for the Bush family. What a thoughtful,nice gesture from Michelle O to bring a gift to Mrs. B. Nice indeed. Hugs From Maine

So blessed! said...

Same feelings here. I actually teared up when I heard the crowd begin to boo when Mr and Mrs B walked out of the White House. That just broke my heart for them. Very emotional day!

amy said...

although i respect your opinion and i do think that everyone deserves respect, i do not feel sad for the bush family. it is really hard to feel sad for them when george w. did so much (hopefully not irreversible) damage to not only this country, our standing in the world, our school system (i work in it and first hand know what NCLB and it's lack of funding has done to our kids), our psyche and feeling of self-worth as an American (again, I'm only speaking for myself), among many other things. I understand you supported him and feel kind of sad that the majority of americans didn't seem like they respect his "service" but the fact that he was so incredibly self-serving, egotistical and refused to read the news/listen to the feedback that America was giving him during a time when we NEEDED to be a part of the decisions being made was downright wrong.

There is a reason that more than 75% of this country disapproved of this country. There is a reason why my parent's crazy right-wing, never ever ever would NOT vote republican neighbors voted for obama. they were sick of the bulls&it. i don't feel sorry for a man who did nothing to help the poor and instead chose to help the rich. I don't feel sorry for a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is going off to hang out on a ranch he never really had to earn to pay for. i feel bad for the many, many low-income, urban students who have been forever changed b/c they grew up with that man as his policy for the majority of their life. i feel worse for them b/c they are going to have to pay even further when they attempt to access higher education and have no way of paying for college b/c of this economic mess we're in.

i don't think obama is going to be the messiah, but there's no one that could do a worse job than the last guy. that is why we've all bought this "hope" thing w/ obama - b/c ANYTHING is better and we can only go up (even if it's just a small step up) from here.

with all do respect i say good riddance. i actually feel bad only for the 2 kids of gwb. they had to really deal w/ alot of stuff when the world hated their dad and that must've really sucked.

sorry, this is heated for me and i couldn't not write... thanks for feeling cool to express your opinion. it takes balls to say what you said.

Suzanne said...

Just to let you know, Amy dear... I worked in the school system in the 90's under the Clinton Adminstration... directly with low income families... preschool, and teen dropout retrival and pregnancy. I am extremely aware of the issues faced by low income families, so the issues you present are not all the fault of the Bush Administration... Clinton didn't do too well either. You are also entitled to your opinion... but do go around assuming that I don't know anything... because, actually I do. I spent 10 years working in a very liberal college system... so I think I can state my case. I never said who I voted for in my piece... just that I still have respect for the office and the office holder.